Beyond meeting cylinder safety guidelines, we also ensure gas stability by cylinders packages with gas types. Adhere to all company policies and safety procedures and guidelines. Customer owned Bottles will have a "Slick Neck" Meaning there is No name on the Neck Ring around the Valve. I haven’t had a chance to look at the bottles I asked the guy to send me a picture so I could try to ID the bottles than I will call the local distributor (if there is one for that brand). Hello grizzzly, I only wish I knew for myself a definitive way to tell the difference. Airgas and Scott-Gross Company jointly announced on January 26, 2009, the settlement of a lawsuit relating to a cylinder exchange program operated by Scott-Gross’s wholly owned subsidiary Thoroughbred Industrial Cylinder Exchange. They used to tell me if I wanted my bottles back it would take 3-5 days or I could take one of their bottles right then and never see mine again. Tower is a privately owned manufacturing company uniquely located in rural Texas looking for the next generation of young leaders to join our … Price match other companies (Praxair, ESAB, ILMO, etc.) "Slick Neck" bottles can be filled or swapped anywhere. Monitor status of customer owned cylinders brought in for filling or hydro-test purposes. Usually they just take my old and swap it out with what ever brand that LWS is using. As to "owning" a bottle in our area, you buy the bottle size and type, and whichever bottle is in your possession is "your" bottle. Posted: (4 days ago) Airgas, an Air Liquide Company, provides a wide variety of high- and low-pressure gas cylinders designed for safety, stability and customer convenience. It is secured with strong glue. I deal with ETOX who is owned by Matheson Trigas. So, you don't own a specific cylinder, you simply swap them for a full cylinder at your local supplier. 800-242-0105 Order Emergency Service 24/7 . In the area that I am located, one of the suppliers has the bands where the protective bottle caps screw on smooth and showing no markings and painted a light purple to indicate an owner bottle. We draw on decades of industry experience to determine which gases can be safely contained and transported in which type of gas cylinders. Failure to return cylinders will result in additional charges being billed to the department. Airgas Cylinder Purchase and Return Requesting a cylinder pickup is processed through the ConnectCarolina eProcurement page. Hello Al, we have an Airgas distributorship here in Longview, WA. The neck ring is applied over your existing neck ring. Best regards, Allan. Airgas Cylinder Returns Preferred Method: Returning a Cylinder without Ordering a New Cylinder Email Airgas at or contact Airgas Customer Service at 919.876.6710 Please provide the following information: Learn more about Airgas… This helps protect the integrity of the gas and the package. I guess if You get desperate, You could slick up the company bottle neck rings with a Dynafile and a coat of paint. I have always called bottles owned by a welder blanks because there is nothing stamped or embossed on them when I take my bottles to be filled or exchanged I ALWAYS specify I want to get back blanks and if they refuse I leave. Once I tried to swap out a bottle that I owned and the old cuss store owner wanted me to prove I actually owned the bottle. Whether you are refilling your propane-fired grill tank or moving supplies from one construction site to the other, it is crucial to employ these tactics to transport and handle small cylinders safely. We provide many different types of pure gases and gas mixtures. Customer-owned bottles - bring 'em in & they fill them. I believe they identify theirs by size, some being considered privates and others leased based on the size. All of my bottles are Slick Neck, meaning I own them.In this area, all Slick neck bottles are Yellow. Maintain and upgrade industry product knowledge and company branch standards and procedures Maintain a neat and presentable store through good housekeeping. 800-265-1375 I started out years back with blanks years back and over time in a pinch or two I've let them slide for various bottle brands of the sort from airgas to linde, ect. They keep a Supply of "Slick Neck" Bottles on hand to swap out. Services for Bulk Customers. I usually get my compressed air from my compressor and only pay for the electricity. Airgas, Inc. is one of the nation's leading single-source suppliers of gases, welding equipment and supplies, and safety products. 2. Rings will be plain steel; not colored. The filler won't fill them if they are out of date, but they can test them, fill them if they pass and bill You for the test. They do trade you either their slick-necked bottles or their stamped/embossed bottles depending upon which ones are brought in to them and the "swappers" status, commercial/rental accounts get the lease/rental ones, Joe Blow owner gets the slick-necks. See Airgas USA Llc 's products and suppliers Thousands of companies like you use Panjiva to research suppliers and competitors. AirGas treats me like a king, even though my monthly purchases are tiny compared to many of their customers. Representatives are available M-F, between 8am and 6pm ET. **Glue or adhesive is NOT INCLUDED. For starters, though, give your LWS a call and pose that question to them. These can include healthcare institutions, fire services, military services, … They have purchased quite a few gas companies, and will [in My experience so far] fill/exchange a cylinder if the name on the neck ring is one of the company names they own. Speed 5 / Price 5 / Quality 5. WELSCO always fill mine when I was over i Arkansas. The address on the W-9 is not a remit to address, please use the address found on your invoice. Never move … Steel and aluminum high-pressure cylinders. • Search for “ ReturnCylinder ”. For all other inquiries please contact Customer owned Bottles will have a "Slick Neck" Meaning there is No name on the Neck Ring around the Valve. Their lease bottles have their company name embossed onto or stamped into this ring otherwise. It was a slick neck bottle. This vendor is great, that's why I gave it 5 stars! The counter guy flat told Me that they would likely give Me a cylinder with one of their names on it, to try and keep the busness with them. I just eat that rental as another expense, I don't even pay attention to it but going out of town I always worry bout running out of gas and having to open a local account, put up deposits or what have you just to finish a job. Depending on your gas and application needs, we can provide you with many different packaging options: Your safety is our priority. te. Agree Airgas had previously avoided a $5.9 billion hostile takeover by Air Products and Chemicals. In the end game, it all depends on the company You are dealing with. The gas is also free, it is simply a by-product of the burretto I ate the night before. Airgas has been mentioned. Many Airgas customers use propane to fuel other aspects of life beyond home or commercial heating. Then they have you trapped, You can only have your Owner Bottles filled by Air Gas. Available in various sizes, our cylinders meet specific customer needs in a wide range of … Florida-based carbon dioxide and dry ice distributor Carbonic Group, owned by John and Herb Hinely, joined Airgas Carbonic effective July 2 nd. Independents also tend to be more lenient than the big players (Airgas and Praxair around me). We provide many different types of pure gases and gas mixtures. Cylinder packs are also available for applications requiring multiple cylinders of compressed gas. Air Gas has their name on ALL bottles whether Owned or Leased. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience and help us improve our websites. Another thing to pay attention to is making sure you either get your bottle back or another slick neck. One thing is FOR sure, if it has a collar with another suppliers name, you ain't gonna get it filled. I purchased some of my cylinders from individuals, a few from Airgas and some were given to me. As part of migrating Tech Air and Tech Air subsidiary customers to Airgas, an Air Liquide company, your MyTechAir account moved to on September 30. They smooth it all out with a Tiger Disc. Baomain Pneumatic Air Cylinder SC 63 x 300 PT 3/8, Bore: 2-1/2 inch(63mm), Stroke: 12 inch(300mm), Screwed Piston Rod Dual Action 4.4 out of 5 stars 17 $48.99 $ 48 . Peter McCausland, Executive Chairman of Airgas, said: “Today’s history-making transaction is the culmination of more than 30 years of growth and value that we have steadfastly delivered to Airgas shareholders – it is a proud moment. Angleton, TX. That’s why all of our cylinder sizes, materials and valve types are determined by CGA, DOT and TC guidelines. You right, the LWS still does the Testing and inspection. In addition to the gases you need, Airgas provides gas equipment for nearly every application imaginable. The only benefit for the LWS is that NORMALLY, a Rig Welder will go in and buy a bunch of other stuff that they would not stop for otherwise. If it isn't a customer owned bottle, there is usually a company name in raised lettering on the collar. I just Swap them for another. I got My larger cylinders by swaping up when exchanging [with a counter guy I could work with] and by buying privatly from individules. Then they have you trapped, You can only have your Owner Bottles filled by Air Gas. Can be used as reference for gas bottles containing industrial, welding and medical gases. As far as inspections, no need to since I just exchange them when its empty. • Click Vendor Cat alog and select Airgas. ... 1 MS PALLET CUSTOMER OWNED, CYLINDER IMPORT FROM U.S.A VIDE BE NO. If a walk-in shows up with one of the lease/rental bottles or a lease/rental bottle from some company other than Airgas, they will either refuse to refill it or confiscate it if it is one of theirs and the person who brought it in isn't an employee representing one of their commercial accounts or a renter of it. • Click Add to Cart. For additional help with Cylinder Collars - Customer Owned, call 800-264-7793 and we'll be happy to assist you find the information you are looking for. Staff may personally move (self-transport) compressed gas cylinders by hand & foot between buildings and in connecting spaces (i.e., hallways, elevators, etc.) 99 A leased Bottle will bave the name of the LWS that the Bottle is leased FROM on the Neck Ring. Use standard cylinder dollies to transport compressed gas cylinders. Airgas Customers. I know arc & gas is a pain with your own bottles. While dollies are preferred, cylinders weighing 11 Kg (25 lbs) or less may be hand-carried. I own about 20 cylinders of various gases. PP 26/18Filling of Customer Owned Medical Gas Cylinders Throughout Europe there are a number of customers that own medical gas cylinders and request that they are filled by a third party. It looks like its going to be next weekend before I get to talk to this guy in person. Never had any problems. I think that is why bottles are so cheap to buy at Airgas, they are only gonna sell you one with their name on it. Since it is somewhat of a challenge to tell the difference, if I were to buy bottles from a private party I would specify seeing their bill of sale from the original purchase or possibly get their drivers license number, pictures of their residence, and any other sort of way to identify them and be able to get back to them if I found that I had been snookered. All are Airgas bottles or its affiliates . By continuing to use our website, you agree to our use of such cookies. I have had to really jump on them about nor brining me blanks a few times. Powered by mwForum 2.29.2 © 1999-2013 Markus Wichitill. I am pretty sure the law reads that they must be in date to be filled, not just to be used, so You are stil legal expired, but can't fill until pasing the test. But they will fill a customer owned cylinder of any size. Good luck and best regards, Allan. Office Administrator Airgas Southwest Region January 2002 – September 2010 8 years 9 months. Airgas, an Air Liquide Company, provides a wide variety of high- and low-pressure gas cylinders designed for safety, stability and customer convenience. Depending on your gas and application needs, we can provide you with many different packaging options. • Company owned assets, Airgas converts all CGACompany owned assets, Airgas converts all CGA straight 590’s to RPV • Customer owned assets we suggest an RPVCustomer owned assets, we suggest an RPV conversion. Need to raise my $500 account limit to $7500 (for the 302, Spoolmatic, Suitcase, O/A outfit, etc.) For larger quantities of hydrogen and helium, high-pressure tube trailers are available. tech R & D / Engineering , Medical Device 08/05/2014 . We use this compressed gas in our assembly divisions. The packaged gas mode includes: the supply of gases to customers in gaseous form in cylinders; in liquid form in less-than-truckload quantities of bulk, also known as microbulk; or in liquid form in portable cryogenic vessels known as dewars. Be the best version of you! Available in various sizes, our cylinders meet specific customer needs in a wide range of industrial, medical and specialty gas applications. 7 68594 DT 22.05.2007 B/E NO 5805995 DT 31.03.2018, EXPORT OF 8 EMPTY ALUMINIUM CYLINDERS FO R FILLING VARIOUS MIXTURE GASES & RE-IMP ORT (CYLINDERS ARE EXPORTED ON … I guess if I did run into that issue they refused to swap they wouldn't get any of my business period. Airgas won't sell a cylinder over 40 CuFt [the guy told Me]. Airgas® LaserPlus Gases ; Refrigerant Gases; Process Chemical; Hydrocarbon Processing Gases; Portable Cylinders; Portable Calibration Gases . A leased Bottle will bave the name of the LWS that the Bottle is leased FROM on the Neck Ring. I have never had a certain company refuse any of my bottles maybe I have been lucky. I am leasing all my bottles, I have come to realize I need to own them just to deal with the traveling situation. Airgas has been pretty good about filling my bottles and giving them back with no issues. They do have "owner bottles, slick-neck" that they keep amongst their bottle supply and the stamped or embossed neck bottles which are their lease/rental ones. "Slick Neck" bottles can be filled or … Compressed Gas; Our company purchases large quantities of compressed gas from Airgas. The guy at ETOX told me he knows a bucnh of guys who have done that. Seems like to me the whole thing about having a blank hasn't been quite the issiue I thought it would have been when traveling. Packaging options to meet your needs A special message for Tech Air customers. They also take care of re-certification of any out of date bottles without additional cost, their facility here is outfitted for that very purpose. All parties agreed to dismiss their various claims and counterclaims without any admission of wrongdoing by any party and without certification of the … However, I dont pay rent. If it has a Name on the Collar, I can ONLY have it filled at THAT particular supplier. They seem to cater to rig welders when it comes to bottles. Air Gas has their name on ALL bottles whether Owned or Leased. Available in various sizes, our cylinders meet specific customer needs in a wide range of industrial, medical and specialty gas applications. They have both ultra-sound testing and hydrostatic testing facilities onsite. The acquisition was finalized and announced on May 23, 2016 and Airgas is … Regards, Allan. Radnor, PA - Airgas Inc. today announced that its Airgas Refrigerants, Inc. plant in Smyrna, GA is successfully operating an on-location cylinder recertification facility, following approval from the U.S. Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration. Open account - approved in 24 hours. within buildings provided it can be done safely. Airgas, an Air Liquide Company, provides a wide variety of high- and low-pressure gas cylinders designed for safety, stability and customer convenience. • In ConnectCarolina, follow the menu path: Main Menu > Finance Menu > eProcurement • Click Create Requisition. I definitely wouldn't meet someone in a parking lot and conclude a purchase only to find that refilling them would result in confiscation or a "sorry I can't fill those for you" from your LWS. Up here in Canada, up to an 80 is usually customer owned, with larger cylinders if the collar is blank it is a customer owned bottle. Yet another supplier, just outside of my area, but close enough that you could possibly have someone bring their bottles into our area, has their company name embossed onto this ring and yet these are private bottles.  Learn more. Use gas cylinder size chart to determine sizes of compressed gas tanks. I can get a Slick Neck filled or Swapped anywhere. Mountain has been servicing its loyal customers in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains outside of Sacramento for more than 12 years. That's my $.02, I would like to know a better way too, so I'll be watching to hear from others. Work designated or voluntary overtime as … Companies like Airgas-Mid America typically own the cylinders they distribute, which hold at least 100 cubic feet of oxygen, and rent the cylinders to customers, according to the complaint. 4 Pack Customer Owned Neck Rings Welding Bottle Cylinder Tank Oxygen Helium This is a 4 pack of "customer owned" neck rings. The following safety precautions apply: 1. Airgas charges its customers for products, such as oxygen or nitrous oxide, as well as for the use of equipment, like cylinders, to hold these products. Portable Calibration Gases and Carrying Case; Safety Equipment. In addition, Air Liquide offers liquid gas mixtures in high-pressure piston cylinders. - yes they do. Apparently there definitely isn't a one size fits all response to the owner/lease bottle situation. I pay 8.00 a bottle for Air and about 30-35 for gas. Get Your W-9. Allen and Cactus accurately described what my experience has been with local suppliers in the past. How can I tell the deference between a lease bottle and a customer owned bottle. As the leading U.S. distributor of industrial, medical and specialty gases and hardgoods, Airgas has a focus on quality products—but we recognize that it's the quality of our people that make our success possible. Exchange customers' cylinders. My supplier simply exchanges my empties for full cylinders. They are one of the suppliers that I spoke of in my first post to this thread. Needs to improve: Company owned cylinders cannot be swapped out unless you are with airgas. Airgas will not even get in the ball park of what my supplier is filling them for so....I got to do some asking about the slick necks and see who around here will not give me any bs. Cylinder exchange for customers with techair/ Tower Extrusions Airgas/McGinnis or customer-owned in Olney, TX is seeking young professionals with business and engineering degrees looking for an exciting opportunity with a growing company. Good luck there grizzzly, hope it all works in your favor. All of my tanks are customer owned but most have my supplier's stamp on the neck because he's who I choose to buy my gases from and my cylinders have essentially been "adopted" into his company's circulation. IF you buy owner bottles, Make sure there are NO welding supply names on it and you will have no problems. No way would I pay rent on them it would be over $200.00 per month just on rental. Airgas. Pay back 100% on second fill • Valves RPV tampering CGA threads oilValves, RPV tampering, CGA threads, oil contaminates Air Liquide supplies low-pressure cylinders that are ideal for flammable gases such as acetylene and propane.