Cheetahs have long black lines from their eyes to their mouth, called tear lines. Cheetahs have become threatened due to loss of habitat (a place where they live) and decreasing food sources. A mother cheetah usually has 3 to 5 cubs but up to 9 cubs can be born. A cheetah’s predators are lions and hyenas. Cheetahs do not like to fight. Cheetahs are rather dog-like, medium-sized spotted cats with long legs and slender, but muscular, bodies. This enables them to spot their prey from a distance of up to five kilometers. Cheetahs are such cool animals and run seriously fast! Many cheetah facts are related to facts about all … Please read our Disclaimer. If you’re a lover of animals, cats or knowledge then you’ll love these interesting facts about the adorable speedy big cat, the cheetah. 20 Funny And Short Poems About Friendship For Kids, 9 Interesting Lord Shiva Stories For Kids, List Of 19 Top And Best Schools In Bangalore To Explore, Top 10 Mythological Stories For Kids To Read. Missouri State History – US History Facts, Tony the Tiger Fun Facts (He’s Grrrrreat! We all know the well-known fact that the cheetah is the fastest animal on land. Is It Safe To Eat Sushi During Pregnancy? Cheetahs are mammals and part of the cat family. That’s hardly a surprise, seeing as though they look like a cat! However, there are more interesting facts about this spotted animal that can whip up your child’s interest. Unlike other cats, they stalk their prey for only a short while and chase them for about 30 seconds. … Cheetahs Are Carnivores. The cubs stay with the mother until they are about 16 to 24 months old. Cheetah Facts for Kids The cheetah is known for being the fastest land animal on the globe. The best thing about cheetahs is that they are very friendly towards humans. Cheetahs are 1.1 to 1.4 meters (3.5 to 4.5 feet) long from head to rump, and their tails add an additional 65 to 80 centimeters (25.5 to 31.5 inches). Unfortunately, Cheetah cubs have a high mortality rate. The female cheetahs are solitary animals except when they are raising their cubs. Welcome to the home of all that's cool and interesting when it comes to our fascinating world. Just think about that, that is faster than the speed limit. This is mostly due to threats from other carnivores, such as hyenas or lions that share the same habitat. Here are 19 Interesting Cheetah facts. After 6 months, the females will leave on their own and the males will stay together for life. It is believed that these protect them from the sun’s glare and give them a clearer long-distance vision. Given their relatively smaller size, cheetahs prefer to hunt smaller prey. The Cooper’s Cheetah, also known as the King Cheetah, was first spotted in 1926 and has since been found in the wild only about five times. Cheetahs are mammals like you, which mean that they are warm-blooded. The scientific name for cheetah is Acinonyx jubatus, while the word cheetah is derived from the Sanskrit word chitraka, meaning “the spotted one.” Cheetahs are generally social by nature and tend to live in groups. The exceptional speed of the cheetah is caused by a number of things including having strong and powerful hind legs, and an incredibly flexible and muscular spine which allows the cheetah to not only sprint quickly but also makes them very agile. The fastest creature on land can reach a speed of up to 70 miles per hour in just  three seconds! The female cheetahs stick with their cubs for up to a year or two, while the male cheetahs typically form a group known as a “coalition” and hunt together. The current conservation status of cheetahs is “Vulnerable” on the International for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. You Can visit my site at You can also see more about cheetahs at . Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Cheetahs are carnivores and live off other animals they find on Africa’s plains, including rabbits, … Cheetahs usually live much longer than other wild cats, such as lions. Read on for some cool cheetah facts so you’re in the know! They … They purr but their most distinct sound is … A few (very few), are left living in Iran. They generally inhabit Africa and the Middle East. In fact, they try to avoid larger prey, and if threatened by larger prey, they tend to give up. Top 4 Pregnancy Fears And How To Overcome Them? Cheetah Facts For Kids Fun And Interesting Facts About Cheetahs. A cheetah has between 2,000 to 3,000 spots! The mantle makes a cheetah cub look like a honey badger and makes them blend into tall grass, which helps keep them safe from threats like lions and hyenas. In the Middle East, cheetahs would even accompany the royal hunt expeditions in the 7th century AD. Cheetahs have served as hunting pets of humans from about 3,000 BC. They rely on their speed—up to 70 miles per hour—to catch their prey. They have been known to inhabit areas at elevations as high as 4,000m (13,000ft), too. Black tear-shaped streaks on the face help to reflect the sun when hunting. Fun Facts About Cheetahs. Cheetah cubs have long tall hair that runs from their neck all the way down to the base of their tail, called the mantle. All rights reserved. Ready for some more fun animal facts. It’s the fastest animal living on earth. Cheetahs Can Weigh Up to 150 Pounds. Cheetahs do not roar like lions or tigers. A mother will stay with her cubs for 18 months then she will leave them. Cheetahs are in the cat family. LIFE SPAN. They have brilliant eyesight. No Broccoli for Me! They have a unique black tear mark that protects them from being blinded by the sun. Although they don’t have a hump, cheetahs are similar to camels. However, there are more interesting facts about this spotted animal that can whip up your child’s interest. They are one … 21 Fun And Interesting Facts About Cheetah For Kids. Interesting Facts About Cheetah For Kids. However, when hunting in groups, they are capable of hunting larger prey, too. It acts as a rudder on a boat, especially at high speed! - Source 2. Cheetah Fun Facts for Kids: # 1. It is believed that only 7,000 to 12,500 are left in the wild. Most of these big cats live in eastern and south-western Africa. Today, this cat is found only in sub-Saharan Africa and Iran but once it dwelt across Africa, Asia and … Cheetah Facts For Kids Fun And Interesting Facts About Cheetahs Animal Facts For Kids We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Cheetahs, like other big cats, are carnivores. This protects their eyes from the sun and allows them to see long distances. They use their excellent eyesight to look for prey, then sprint to pounce on them. They only see fast-moving animals as prey or threats. Cheetahs are often confused with leopards, but they have long black stripes on their face, and their spots are much rounder. We all know the well-known fact that the cheetah is the fastest animal on land. Cheetahs cannot roar but instead meow like house cats. Normally, these big cats weigh around 35 to 65 kilograms (77 to 143 lbs). However, there are more interesting facts about this spotted animal that can whip up your child’s interest. The cheetah’s elongated spine and vertical shoulder blades allow it to stretch by as much as 30 feet. Cheetah Facts For Kids Cheetah’s are truly fascinating creatures. cheetahs can accelerate faster than a Ferrari. You certainly wouldn’t be able to catch up with them. It means ‘spotted one’. Cheetah Facts for Kids Cheetah is a big cat which lives in the dry forests of Africa. The long tail aids the cheetah in steering and changing direction while running. A cheetah can weigh up to 160 lbs. Please support Cool Kid Facts by emailing or sharing! A cheetah can weigh anywhere from thirty nine to sixty kilograms. Communism vs Socialism – What’s The Difference. Zoos around the world are raising cheetah … That’s so sad! Well, the cheetah’s name definitely describes it well, don’t you think?! Can’t Roar. The spots are blotchy, and three full-length black stripes run from the neck to the tail. Cheetahs are part of the big cat family and while they can’t climb trees, they can run faster than any other land animal. Welcome to Cool Kid Facts - Fun Educational Facts. Cheetahs can run up to 60 miles per hour (about 97 kilometers) in 3 seconds, but they can go even faster. Wow, that really is far! A Free Resource For K-12 schools, homeschoolers, teachers and everyone who loves to learn! They will give up their prey if a larger, more aggressive animal approaches them, so that they avoid a fight. They have coarse, short fur that is yellowish tan in colour and covered in solid black spots. And yes! 21 Fun And Interesting Facts About Cheetah For Kids. Cheetahs have non-retractable claws which dig into the ground, giving them a better grip at high speed. Cheetahs are excellent hunters, thanks to their athleticism and eyesight. A baby cheetah is called a cub. Cheetahs can run 70 mph The Cheetah can reach its top speed in just 3 seconds! Cheetahs have lightning speed and excellent vision, making them natural and competent hunters. Both male and female cheetahs are called cheetahs. A mother cheetah usually has 3 to 5 cubs but up to 9 cubs can be born. Their long tail provides them with balance. The Cheetah Girls started out as a 2003 Summer Line-Up movie for Disney Channel.Within the two years of release, it gained one of the biggest fan franchises in Disney history as well as on the soundtrack charts having a Double Platinum soundtrack and high-rated DVD release. A female cheetah gives birth to anywhere from two to five cubs at a time. Cheetahs have a high set eyes in their small heads to help them survey the surrounding for prey. Those black tear lines on either side of a cheetah’s nose function like a football player’s black face … After cheetahs catch their prey (food), they will bring it to a shady hiding place so other animals don’t see it. How cute is that? This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. The exceptional speed of the cheetah is due to its strong and powerful hind legs and great flexible and muscular spine which makes them very agile. Cheetahs are the fastest land mammal in the world! They usually purr while they are grooming or are around other cheetahs. The cubs will stay together for another 6 months. While there are four subspecies of the cheetah based on the geography in which they are found, there as many as 36 species of cheetahs. ), Christmas Facts For Kids (Fun & Festive!). However, it is estimated that there are less than 7,100 adult and adolescent cheetahs in the wild today. Read on for more interesting cheetah information. The tail acts like a boat’s rudder, controlling and guiding their direction, when running. You had to learn and practice these skills that seem so easy to you today. However, it does not have a lot of stamina and can only maintain top speed for a minute or two. Female cheetahs live alone unless she is caring for her cubs. The fastest land animal, the only animal that can turn in mid-air, one of the big cats that can’t roar — read on for more such interesting facts about cheetahs. The Cheetah is the fasted land animal on earth! They can see up to 3 miles (nearly 5km) away! They don’t drink a lot of water! Not only how the move and act, but also the way they look. They have long black �tear lines� running from the inside of each eye to their mouth. Unlike all other big cats, Cheetah can not roar. Cheetahs were heavily distributed all over the world about 20,000 years ago. Their long tail helps maintain stability while running at a fast speed and changing … Did you know that cheetahs are comparatively smaller than other wild cats? The name ‘cheetah’ comes from Sanskrit word ‘variegated’. It is an African Cheetah with a  rare fur pattern. The pattern of spots on each cheetah’s body is unique, much like our fingerprints, and these spots help them camouflage during a hunt. Adult cheetahs are the fastest animals on land and can run as fast as 70 … That is a lot of spots. The Latin name for the cheetah is Acinonyx jubatus. Read on as we tell you some fascinating cheetah facts for kids. They measure from 44 to 53 inches in length. Then she will leave them. Cheetahs Are Super Fast. A mother will stay with her cubs for 18 months. Cheetahs are sometimes mistaken for leopards but a cheetah’s spots are more round and they have long black lines that run from their eyes to their mouth called tears. A fully grown cheetah’s body can have anywhere between 2,000 to 3,000 spots! Cheetahs are also one of the oldest animals in existence. They have small heads and muzzles; large nostril… We all know the well-known fact that the cheetah is the fastest animal on land. The spine curves so much that it allows the back feet to move in front of the forefeet. Today, however, it is illegal to have this animal as a pet in several countries. Adult cheetahs weigh from 90 to 140 pounds (40-65 kg), and are around 4 to 5 feet (112-135 cm) in length. So there you have the coolest facts about these awesome creatures! They also communicate with each other by making small chirping sounds. We hope these interesting facts increase your child’s love for this vulnerable animal. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Just like their speed during the hunt, cheetahs eat fast as well. In fact, they can run at speeds up to 75 miles (121 kilometers) per hour! When you were a baby, you couldn't feed yourself, play games, or talk, though you're probably very good at these things now. They have a white belly, and a dark stripe that looks like a tear on both sides of their faces, cheetahs have round dark spots on their fur. Cheetahs weigh between 69 to 140 pounds (31 to about 64 kilograms) and can be 4 feet (1.2 meters) long. Cheetahs can run as fast as 70 miles per hour, which is about as fast as a car drives on the highway! Fun Cheetah Facts for Kids Learn more about the cheetah by reading these fun cheetah facts. 1-5 Cheetah Facts 1. Cheetahs are not strong predators, but they are fast. The cubs will stay together for another 6 months. The site includes the animal's diet, habitat, reproductive behavior, geographic location and the conservation status. Lions, Leopards, and Jaguars are all larger and heavier than cheetahs. Kids. The is designed specifically for kids so that they get to know some of the most interesting & amazing facts about animals. They are threatened by several factors such as habitat loss, conflict with humans, and poaching. Cheetahs can reach speeds of 60 miles per hour within 3 seconds and ultimately reach speeds up to 75 miles per hour. Cheetahs are considered a threatened species. It is very flexible, meaning the cheetah can take longer strides and move faster. Amazing Facts About the Cheetah Built for speed, cheetahs are slender, with long thin legs and a long tail. Although they are predators, cheetahs are not naturally aggressive. There is something majestic about a large and powerful feline. A cheetah’s tail can be as long as 80 centimeters and tends to be rather flat. They are the fastest animals that live on land. And, unlike the other cats, cheetahs can’t climb trees. Cheetahs were kept as pets and trained to help people hunt in Ancient Egypt. Female cheetahs live alone unless she is caring for her cubs. © 2021 Cool Kid Facts. We have lots of info on a range of topics for you to read, enjoy ... Read moreCool Kid Facts Like leopard, cheetah has black spots all over its body. They have a big chest, a narrow waist, and powerful muscles in their hind legs. With a life span of 10 to 12 years, the cheetah is basically a solitary animal. Besides its speed, a cheetah can also change direction mid-air during a chase! However, they usually hunt only during the day, unlike other larger animals, as they have poor night vision. Cheetahs usually eat soon after the hunt. Cheetah fossils in Africa date back to as many as three million years ago. Only 10% of the cubs make to 1 … With its long legs, elongated spine, long tail, and adapted claws, cheetah’s … Everything about the cheetah is built for speed, from their non-retractable claws that act like cleats for traction, to their long tail that works like a rudder to help them change directions quickly. Cheetahs hunt in the day time. Any ideas what that means? Cheetahs are not as selective about their habitats as other cats and can be found in any area with prey, good visibility, and fewer larger animals. They weigh only about 45–60kg. A Cheetah purrs and does not say grr. Cheetahs usually live 7 to 10 years in the wild and 16 in captivity. Cheetahs are carnivores, meaning they eat meat. They let out a chirping noise when they feel threatened and they purr if they feel happy. A … Read on for some cool cheetah facts so you’re in the know! They have over 3000 rounded black spots … They eat wildebeest, warthogs, birds, zebras, gazelles, deer, antelopes and impalas. The cheetah was first scientifically described in 1775 by German naturalist Johann Christian Daniel … While a lion has an average lifespan of about 10–14 years, cheetahs have been known to survive for more than 17 years! It may be hard to believe, but cheetahs do not roar. The top speed of a cheetah is around 113 km per hour. Cheetah cubs are the same and depend on their mom to protect and teach them what they need to know to survive, the same way you depend on your parents. Informative And Fun Facts About Horses For Kids, Interesting Facts And Information About Parrots For Kids, 6th Week Pregnancy: Baby Development, Symptoms And Ultrasound, 10 Best Pre/Play Schools In Chennai For Your Kid, 8 Benefits Of Dates During Pregnancy And How They Ease Labor. Inside a cheetah › The body of a cheetah is well-equipped to allow it to reach top speeds of around 70mph (112kph). Big Kitty!!! Who knew cheetahs would have something in common with birds! As a result, they get along great with us. All Rights Reserved. Their scientific name is ‘Acinonyx Jubatus’ which comes from the word ‘chita’. Cheetahs derive their fluid requirement from the food itself and usually drink water only once in three to four days! The scientific name for cheetah is Acinonyx jubatus, while the word cheetah is derived from the Sanskrit word chitraka, meaning “the spotted one.” Most of these magnificent creatures live in Africa. But its tail is about 33 inches long. After 6 months, the females will leave on their own and the males will stay together for life. Inside a cheetah › Which is the fastest