I decided it was a great deal so I purchased the discounted mattress instead of paying full retail. He also explained that, being a Swedish company, their inspection standards for exporting are not as... shall we say, fastidious? Management that does nothing to help. Those looking for a deal for the materials used find their mattresses compelling for their lower prices, but there are many that describe durability and firmness issues with their mattresses that lead to discomfort or poor sleep. From what I have seen in my recent searches for a fiberglass-free memory foam mattress, almost all brands DO have a fiberglass wrap underneath the mattress cover. IKEA, the low price furniture store also offers mattresses that you can pick up in store or have delivered. Gave it 5 months before exchanging. They short-delivered the most crucial piece, the mattress. Their stuff is cheap because it is CHEAP. We are going to return the mattress as there is clearly and issue with it. A visual would be like if you sat on the side of the bed and it doesn't return to original shape. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. You didn’t know that, did you? The employee put what I wanted in the system and told me that it would be ready downstairs when I was done shopping. With no phone call all week I started calling on 10th. Simply excellent quality at a good price. The employees told me it was being taken care of, when it clearly wasn't. If you make the mistake of removing the cover from your memory foam mattress you’ll know immediately whether it includes fiberglass or not because the small shards will cover EVERYTHING. The company is committed to using sustainable and healthy materials when constructing their mattresses. I've purchased a lot of furniture and random things for the house over the years and some items are more long lasting than others but honestly I would recommend taking your money and going elsewhere. You dread the mass of people, long lines, and the inevitable frustration at putting together any furniture you happen to purchase. It was wasting my time that I have to return the paid mattress and get in line to checkout other one. The employees in the store and at check out have always been helpful and nice, but my first experience with "Home Delivery" was terrible. A week and a half ago I ordered my mattress and king size bed. We tried standing the bed up to get the gel in place but the lumps are still there and it feels like we are sleeping in a hole with rocks. The cons: Durability complaints and firmness disagreements make some feeling duped. I have to do better than IKEA. I went to Ikea yesterday to buy a king mattress and frame. This is a feedback and review specifically of the Orlando FL IKEA Home delivery experience. If you’re a hot sleeper, this is *the* brand to buy. I will never get anything delivered from here again. The pros: Slim mattress at a competitive price point. Many have described sagging mattresses over a short period of time. Also it’s extremely heavy, hard to lift corners to put the fitted sheet on. Agree with comments below. On July 4th, 2016, I purchased a foam mattress from IKEA Emeryville. Very happy with the matrand mattress. I like their desks, chairs, and bookcases, but their mattresses on their bed frames are uncomfortable. Horrible customer service!!!! New Puffy Mattress Review. So we go with the backup choice.. whatever, it looked OK. Second, the chairs.. totally out of stock. It made my life a hell of a lot easier. Is he the gangster or are they all? IKEA's customer service was so bad, I was waiting for 1 hour to finally someone answered my call. I bought this for my granddaughter. Mixed feelings, will keep it (it’s a hassle to return it) for now. They offer a selection of foam, latex-blend, and spring mattresses for the price conscious shopper. They have an authorization number to re-do the return because it wasn't completed the first time. It shipped out on May 30 and was delivered to us on June 20. At first it was WAY too firm. We have to rend a car that will cost us over $100 and shipping of $100 is also gone. My husband however likes it. And the price was double . THE WORST experience EVER! Firmness. I have been on hold twice for over two hours. It is unprofessional!! Simply awful in every aspect of service. I took it to google, "Emeryville Ikea" and there I found reviews of people also coming home with bed bugs. Spring for a real mattress. Due to the life expectancy of all mattresses it made most sense to get this one. The comfort & support are great & equal to other brands but at half the cost. I called the bank. It's been OVER TWO MONTHS since I ordered this mattress and I don't have it. I paired it with a platform steel bed frame and the support is excellent! We bought the firm king sized mattress with the extra mattress topper and like another reviewer, we found it to be very firm at first but loved it anyway because we could move without disturbing each other. First we bought the firm Hesseng which was a bit too firm, and when you first lie on it I can guarantee it will be the firmest mattress you have ever slept on. So the only thing they could do is refund me my money. Then 3 scheduled NO SHOWS since then. Katie says. Everything is like cardboard, no wonder it breaks so quickly!! 2021-2022 Slumber Search $1,000 Scholarship. She explained that my order was never loaded to the truck. They still haven't answered, i think it's ridiculous to wait 2 hours to speak with someone 3. Here, we have discussed a few of the most common reasons why compel mattress manufacturers use fiberglass fire barriers in sleep products. I call IKEA, they are after all the ones I paid, they arranged this delivery. Do Puffy Mattresses Have Fiberglass. I was unable to refuse the product because the document I signed stated IKEA wouldn't replace the product because it was "as-is", so I'm stuck with the dirty smelly mattress. We were told the original delivery time was no longer correct. All you need to decide on is which suits your body and budget to enjoy high quality sleep for years to come. She loves it. It is very comfortable. This is a very difficult situation." That was now 4 days ago. The company is committed to using sustainable and healthy materials when constructing their mattresses. Again call, hold for about an hour only for them to let me know they have to reschedule the mattress delivery. I will update you as it unfolds. He loves the mattress. So, we ended up buying the Tromsdalen mattress pad to go on top. Do all mattresses have a flame retardant? So I did call back in an hour and was told that I did not have a delivery scheduled and that neither the dispatch nor the driver was picking up the phone. You can get some really great finds here, and the furniture lasts. By and by, the first scheduled delivery occurred and an item was damaged ---more time on the 888 number to arrange replacement item via a new case number. You’ll develop allergy symptoms such as coughing and sneezing since your body is fighting to rid itself of the fiberglass strands. Only downside was they lowered price by 200 dollars right after we got ours. At times we are compensated for the links you click at no cost to you. The price was right too. A mattress is a very individual item, so I am sure many would love it. by Kevin July 23, 2018. 4. He replied coldly and sternly, "Sorry sir, but that is all we can do. This was the worst customer experience ever. “You never would have thought that by taking off a cover, you would destroy thousands of dollars of stuff and your whole life”. We bought the Haugsvaer in a firm after trying it out in the store. A case number was created for me to apply for a credit to back to my card and schedule the chest delivery. Nowhere on the receipt does it say anything about paying the difference. Never slept better. (Adhesion failure in corner butt joint, if you know the jargon) This was annoying but not worth the trip to return it. easy peasy. This is the 2nd time we got HD, the 1st one was on-time and within promised window. May all benefit! The only downsides I can see are that a) it's super heavy (52kg) which will make turning it a chore and even makes fitting sheets on it a little tricky and b) its one-sided so you can't flip it. The mattress arrived at my home with no plastic, and an additional large round dirt stain on the corner at the head of the mattress, and another stain on the "pillow" top of the mattress. Again I spoke to Michael who gave me the run-around. When I asked for an explanation he simply said, in a matter of fact tone, "Your order is lost and there is nothing I can do" Wow. That was the worst customer service I have received anywhere. We are extremely happy with this mattress. And when I called customer service, which by the way is the worst, I was told it takes anywhere from 10-14 days but in the store they said it'll take 3-5 business days. They agreed to take it downstairs and when I came down I found it left in front of neighbor's garage. It is the detailed product analysis and research of this product. Since I only have a small car, I took the mattress over to home deliver, and paid an additional fee for it to be delivered to my home. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. Puffy Mattress is 100% handcrafted in United states and regarded as one of the most comfortable mattresses out there. Money lost calling out of work, I have been sleeping on a blowup mattress waiting for my bed! After my last terrible experince spending too much money on a horrendous Harvey Norman, King Beard, I cant recomend this highly enough. The Nectar Mattress boasts an 11″ frame with its signature three-layer all-foam bed which has a gel-infused memory and support memory foam as well as a quilted cover. Many of them include a layer of fiberglass underneath the cover that serves as a flame retardant. I also love our new Brimnes bed. IKEA? Horrible horrible experience. I asked the delivery guys why there was no plastic cover and they replied, "we told them the customer asked for it to be wrapped in something so it doesn't get dirty," and they said IKEA told them it was "as-is." You would pay thousands for this type of mattress in any other store but not at IKEA!!! We bought a Hesstun Queen Firm mattress amost two years ago. Great bed !!! The Mausund is IKEA's latex mattress with 85% latex and 15% synthetic foam. Long story short, I've now been back to Ikea 4 more times since the initial purchase and return date and still nothing has been resolved. It is just below 5'' tall and quite firm, which makes it ideal for a temporary mattress. Do All Fiberglass Containing Mattresses Pose the Same Risk? Sometime the cover even includes a zipper for manufacturing purposes that you aren’t meant to open. Fortunately, this product does not have memory foam either. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. There was a large selection to check out some were softer and some were firmer, this one I chose was in between the two and It is an excellent. Soo much happier now... Hesseng medium firm was the one we looking for 6 months.Firm but soft at the same time,it keeps stable your body temperature.I can t feel my wife movements during the night because of the self springs.Latex keeps the body relaxing.Best price for value.thanks ikea!!!! They gave me a cash refund. We sincerely hope that whatever your interaction with this site, that it is helpful and timely for you, and that the product information here guides you to the best outcome for your daily life. Boy was he right! The reason they gave us that they couldn't locate it in the warehouse! Moral of the story - careful of HOME DELIVERY folks at IKEA Orlando FL. Other times the fiberglass isn’t clearly mentioned, often hiding behind names like “silica”. With an internal coil support system as seen in innerspring mattresses, hybrids can utilise 4 types of coils: Bonnell, continuous, offset and stolen coils. But the mattress I ordered from IKEA caused my neck and back pain. My apartment is a mess because I have nothing to put my stuff in!