For bloggers, content writers etc. font-size: 1.875rem !important; .mobile-flex-column .row { .pp-header .main-link.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-active, PayPal is a financial services company that allows its users to send money across the Internet much in the same way they would send an email. padding-left: 0; From Pony Express to telegraph transfers and fast wired transactions, people have always managed to find a way to transfer goods both nationally and internationally. Marsha Collier is a recognized expert on ecommerce, online customer service, social selling, social media marketing, and eBay. } .pp-header #menu-button { .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:hover, color: #2c2e2f; } You can use PayPal Credit in most stores that accept PayPal … For Sellers For Sellers, the protection guarantees are pretty similar. Companies such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Netflix, Dell, and Starbucks all use PayPal services on their website. #Statement-12088644167556 .statement__headline { .content-panel__cta { .pp-header .pypl-logo { border-color: #0070ba; } background-image: url(; How does PayPal Credit work? } Personal: Use this when you need to send money to your kid in college or pay back your roommate for saving you from great embarrassment when you left your wallet at home on a double date. PayPal simplifies your life We believe it should be simple to get, spend, and send your money. #CTA-120522155214968232 { Although you can transfer funds from a linked checking or savings account to add money to a PayPal account, the process of using a Visa card through PayPal for a large business purchase requires a different set of steps. @media (min-width: 1024px) { @media (min-width: 752px) { Limits on Linking . margin: 0 auto; height: 72px; Goods (other): By clicking this radio button, you can send money to anyone in the world for goods purchased anywhere other than eBay. I advise and recommend that PayPal’s website is used for the latest information. .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-menu a:hover, .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-menu .separator-menu::before { #Statement-12088644167556 { Introduction to How Does PayPal Work? .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:hover:hover { background: #fff; @media (min-width: 950px) { } #SplitPanels-1205221553865291 h3.content-panel__headline.pypl-heading { .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .header-buttons .pypl-btn--outline-white:focus, margin-left: 0; PayPal Me launched in the US a few years back, and allows users with a PayPal account to create a customized link to send to friends, family, clients or customers, to request a payment.¹ . @media (min-width: 752px) { How Does Paypal Work:- Every day all over the global, PayPal connects masses of hundreds of thousands of humans spending, sending, and receiving billions of dollars. Then, when your account has no balance, you can choose to pay by credit card. .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-active, background-color: #0070ba; content: ' \E920'; } .pp-header #signup-button { } font-family: PPUI-Icons !important; #SplitPanels-1208865355233431 .content-panel, } PAD is offered by paypal, when its offered you can use it and when it is not you can't. After the … color: #fff; /* Join over 300 million PayPal users */ #Statement-12088644167556 .statement__paragraph { How does it work? color: #0070ba; .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:hover, Users and merchants in our growing network count on us to help them securely spend, send, and get their money. That way, when you pay for something using PayPal, you get to choose where the money comes from! .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-menu a:focus, #Disclosure-120522162731370973 { .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:hover:focus, Share your PayPal.Me link the way you want to. I have … Create a secure pool of money . .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .closer-mobile button:focus, content: ' \E920'; PayPal’s website is fully-encrypted, allowing your customers to make online purchases in a secure way. However, the digital revolution has opened new doors to new ways of sending and receiving money. If you’re planning to send payments for something that may be a tad questionable, you probably want to visit the Acceptable Use Policy for the United States in PayPal’s help area. #CommercePlatformHero-120522161611981727 .commerce-platform-hero__cta-line .pypl-btn { @media (max-width: 1151px) { margin-left: 0; } .content-panel a[target="_blank"]:after { padding-left: 30px; .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:hover.pypl-header__subnav-control::after, Signing Up for PayPal Click "Sign Up" on the PayPal website. .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:hover:focus, } .pp-header .main-menu a:focus, padding-bottom: 10px; #SplitPanels-1208865352860430 .simple-image-panel, @media (min-width: 752px) { Pay for online items on the websites where they’re listed, and nowhere else. .pp-header #signup-button:hover { } } How does Paypal work? #SplitPanels-120327150345144 .row, border-top: 1px solid transparent; When you sign up for PayPal, you can link your credit card account, your bank account, or both to your PayPal account. .pp-header .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:focus, #SplitPanels-120327150345144 .simple-image-panel, max-width: 390px; .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:focus:hover, How does PayPal Work June 17, 2015 April 4, 2018 Kamal Kaur Your PayPal account is much like any savings or checking account, except that PayPal was designed specifically for online transactions. #CommercePlatformHero-120522161611981727 .commerce-platform-hero__browline { #SplitPanels-1203271525403185 .content-panel, /* Hidden Mobile Hero Image */ padding-top: 0; } } A few things that you can’t pay for with PayPal include most items related to gambling, adult content or services, and buying or selling prescription drugs from noncertified sellers. Millions of people trust PayPal to buy, sell, and send money—without sharing their financial information. To use PayPal, you have to link it to either your bank account or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express). } It can be used both personally, and for your business. Sign up quickly for an account with just a few details. Merchant Solutions. color: #0070ba; } } } .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-menu .separator-menu::before, .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .closer-mobile button:hover, .pp-header .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link, .pp-header .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:hover { } Opt to Be Paid Less Often. Shipping Address Paypal Scam. Choose your own link. font-size: 1rem; border-left: 1px solid transparent; border-color: #0070ba; Other prepaid debit cards that you use as a substitute for checking accounts often do not work. padding-top: 11px; #SplitPanels-1203271525403185 .row, } .pp-header .main-link:hover, .pp-header .main-link:focus.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-highlighted, margin: 0; Joining PayPal is just the beginning, and the benefits far outweigh any fees charged to eBay sellers. 1 Terms and limitations apply to PayPal Purchase Protection. #SplitPanels-1208865352860430 .content-panel, .pp-header .main-link:hover:hover { @media (min-width: 752px) { .content-panel__list-item a, .content-panel { } #SplitPanels-1208865351119429 .content-panel { .statement .col-md-10:first-child { You can only link a debit card to one PayPal account. That person can then immediately transfer the money to his or her personal bank account. Putting your PayPal purchases on a credit card is a good idea. padding-top: 30px; It’s just like writing a secure check — without exposing any of your personal information. Then, when you buy something using PayPal, select PayPal Credit as your payment option. How PayPal Works With eBay Transactions . Credit card: Charge it! #CommercePlatformHero-120522161611981727 .center-block { Mobile Solutions . .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:hover.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-active, .pp-header .main-link:hover.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-highlighted, } #CTA-120522155214968232 .pullout__btn--center:hover { } } Pay from your credit card or bank account. } You have several ways to fund the money you send to another party through PayPal: Instant transfer: Sending money this way means the money is immediately credited to the recipient’s account. #CTA-120522155214968232 .pullout__btn--center { .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-menu a:active, } .pp-header .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:focus, color: #2c2e2f; And you can start accepting money from anyone in an instant. .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .closer-mobile button.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-active, .pp-header .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .closer-mobile button, position: absolute; #SplitPanels-1205221553865291 .panels__panel:first-child { text-align: left !important; } .mobile-flex-column .row { Finding Out How PayPal Works; Finding Out How PayPal Works. How does Visa work with PayPal ? font-variant: normal; It was acquired by eBay in 2002 for $1.5 billion. .disclosure p+p { How PayPal works. } .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:focus, font-variant: normal; PayPal works online and in stores through a browser or mobile application. background-size: cover; } .pp-header .main-link.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-highlighted, 2 An account with PayPal is required to send and receive money online, using the PayPal app, or to use MoneyPools. background-color: #fff; .pp-header .main-link:hover:focus, #CommercePlatformHero-120522161611981727 .commerce-platform-hero__cta-line .pypl-btn { @media (max-width: 575px) { text-align: center; One way to lower your PayPal fees is to opt to be paid less often. width: 280px; Both buyer and seller deal with PayPal instead of each other. Check out with an email and password or mobile number and PIN. .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .closer-mobile button.pypl-header__subnav-control::after, .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .closer-mobile button.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-active, It’s just like writing a check from your checking account; it can take from three to five days for an eCheck to clear. } .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-menu a:hover, If the buyer and seller both have PayPal, the transaction can be quickly completed through the service. } .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-menu a, } .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open #signup-button { } .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:focus:focus, line-height: 0; padding-bottom: 40px; color: #eaeced; margin: 0 auto; .pp-header .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:hover, All you need to send money to family or friends is the email address of the recipient. .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:hover.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-active, } An eCheck must clear the bank before it’s credited to the recipient. 3. Acceptable Use Policy for the United States. } .pp-header .main-link:focus.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-active, .split-panels .panels__panel { height: 56px; } When PayPal Checkout is configured with the default settings, customers must have a PayPal account to complete a payment. Shop online Offers Send and receive money Collect Money. #SplitPanels-1208865355233431, padding-bottom: 160px; flex-direction: inherit; font-family: PayPalSansSmall-Regular,Helvetica Neue,Arial,sans-serif; } #Statement-1208865252274428 .statement__headline { padding-top: 0; } box-shadow: none; flex-direction: column-reverse; .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .pypl-logo { } You can transfer money from your bank account to your PayPal … } .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-menu a:focus, padding-top: 0 !important; font-family: PayPalSansSmall-Regular; .content-panel, .mobile-flex-column .content-panel { } #SplitPanels-1208865352860430 .row { Create your own PayPal.Me link and share it instantly with anyone: friends, customers, or partners. /* Mobile Orientation */ PayPal, a very well known name for all because of its ultimate payment solution and it works across the currencies and countries. font-family: PPUI-Icons !important; } } } } text-transform: none; } position: absolute; @media (min-width: 576px) { .pp-header .main-menu .separator-menu::before { a.content-panel__cta[target="_blank"]:after { #SplitPanels-120327150345144 .simple-image-panel img { There’s no charge to the buyer to pay for an online purchase — or to send money to anyone. Online payments. #SplitPanels-1203271525403185 .simple-image-panel, #SplitPanels-1203271525403185 { border-top: 1px solid transparent; } Get the PayPal app PayPal business app. } Like many great ideas, the fundamentals of PayPal are pretty easy to grasp. } } background-position: center; } .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .closer-mobile button.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-highlighted, font-size: 1rem; Consider starting with a Personal account, because you have no fees associated with sending or … PayPal provides an easy and quick way to send and request money online. .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .header-buttons .pypl-btn--outline-white { /* Commerce Platform Themes */ width: 55%; .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:focus.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-active, @media (min-width: 576px) { Friends, this is how you can make use of PayPal in sending and receiving money for your products/services. @media (min-width: 1152px) { } PayPal, in turn, handles all the transactions with various banks and credit card companies, and pays the interchange. #Statement-1208865252274428 .statement__headline, max-width: 500px; #CTA-120522155214968232 .pypl-heading.pullout__headline { #Disclosure-120522162731370973 .container { } #CommercePlatformHero-120522161611981727 .commerce-platform-hero__cta-line { max-width: 300px; .pp-header .main-link:focus:hover, .pp-header .closer-mobile button.pypl-header__subnav-control::after, /* Hero */ .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:focus.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-active, margin-left: 5px; background-image: url(; .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link.pypl-header__subnav-control::after, } .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-menu a, /* There's a world of ways to use PayPal */ ... PayPal asks that you work with the seller first, but if they refuse to hit the “Issue a Refund” button, you can open a dispute in the Resolution Center. font-weight: 700; #CommercePlatformHero-120522161611981727 { } Your PayPal account is much like any savings or checking account, except PayPal was designed specifically for online transactions. padding-right: 30px; Over one million copies of her various eBay titles have sold since her first, eBay For Dummies, hit store shelves in 1999. .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .closer-mobile button.pypl-header__subnav-control::after, .pp-header .main-link:hover.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-active, PayPal simplifies your life We believe it should be simple to get, spend, and send your money. Before you can start using PayPal, the first thing you need to do is open a PayPal account. You can also enter your bank account information so you can transfer money between your accounts. } background-color: #f5f7fa; PayPal breaks types of payments into categories based on what you’re paying for. border-color: #fff; color: #fff; .content-panel[target="_blank"]:after { So how does PayPal work, exactly? } } } padding-bottom: 0; } Does PayPal reimburse fraudulent payment requests? So, how does PayPal work? .content-panel__cta { .pp-header { .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:hover:hover, 2. .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:focus, PayPal is perfect for subscriptions and all sorts of regular payments. } #CTA-120522155214968232 .pypl-heading.pullout__headline { #SplitPanels-1208865355233431 .simple-image-panel img { max-width: 700px; #CommercePlatformHero-120522161611981727 h1.h2.commerce-platform-hero__headline { Millions of people trust PayPal to buy, sell, and send money—without sharing their financial information. color: #fff; } #CommercePlatformHero-120522161611981727 .center-block { .split-panels .panels__panel.col-sm-12 { padding-bottom: 0; .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-highlighted, .pp-header .main-link:focus, 2. PayPal originally rose to prominence as the payment processor for users of eBay’s auction site, but … background-color: transparent; } float: left; } } What part does PayPal play in all this? .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:focus.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-highlighted, } Funding Source . }. It usually takes 3 to 6 business days for an eCheck to clear and the money to appear in the recipient’s PayPal account. #SplitPanels-1208865351119429 .simple-image-panel img { PayPal is very convenient. @media (max-width: 576px) { } } -moz-osx-font-smoothing: antialiased; padding-top: 20px; To create your account, go to the … border: 0; padding-top: 75px; .pp-header .header-buttons .pypl-btn--outline-white.pypl-btn--small { Buying Online. .mobile-flex-column .row { Share your link easily. Small businesses that operate on eBay will likely need to be familiar with PayPal. If you don't already have a PayPal account, signing up is fast and free. Then, when you have the money, you can log into PayPal and pay off the balance on your PayPal Credit account. .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:focus.pypl-header__subnav-control::after, } color: #6c7378; .pp-header .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link, @media (min-width: 1152px) { #Disclosure-120522162731370973 { .pp-header .closer-mobile button.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-highlighted, .pp-header .main-menu a, padding-bottom: 11px; There are dedicated apps for Android and … 1. What is PayPal and how does it work?The simple answer is that it's a way to send and receive payments. max-width: 760px; The company was founded in 1998 and it made its first electronic transaction possible in … font-weight: 400; margin: 0 auto; How does PayPal work? padding: 0; Once you’ve done that, you conduct transactions by clicking on the icons on the top right of the page or the menu.   If you and your partner use cards with the same card number, which is common for credit cards, but less common for debit cards, only one of you can use that card with your PayPal account. /* New Shared Theme */ That’s why our services are designed to fit into your everyday life. font-style: normal; padding-bottom: 20px; If you want to send a transfer, you must have a credit or debit card registered with PayPal as a backup for your funds. PayPal bills itself as a “mobile cash” service. #SplitPanels-1205221553865291 .row { } .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open #signup-button:hover { padding: 30px 0; width: 50%; padding-top: 12px; } } border: 1px solid #0070ba; #SplitPanels-1208865351119429 { padding-right: 30px; That’s why our services are designed to fit into your everyday life. How PayPal Works. } .mobile-flex-column .content-panel { } background-image: none; background-color: #005ea6; See PayPal.Me In Action How PayPal.Me Works. .pp-header .main-link.pypl-header__subnav-control::after, border: 1px solid #2c2e2f; background-color: #eaeced; PayPal How to pay with PayPal? .pp-header .pp-header .main-link:hover { } .pp-header { Sending money to a business through PayPal? It makes end-of-year bookkeeping a lot easier! .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:focus:focus, } padding: 15px 0; } } Sign Up for Free. } } .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:hover.pypl-header__subnav-control::after { .theme-background-color-blue, How does PayPal work? Founded in 1998, PayPal currently has over 100 million active accounts in 190 markets around the world. .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .closer-mobile button.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-highlighted, content: none; #SplitPanels-1208865352860430 { Bill your customers for physical or digital goods on a regular basis with recurring billing options. } When you first sign up for Paypal, you’ll link it to your bank account or a credit/debit card by providing all of the necessary info. padding-top: 60px; width: 100%; background-color: #003087; padding: 9px 0 11px; Then, fill out the form with your name, address, and phone number. .pp-header .closer-mobile button:focus, } border-left: 1px solid transparent; PayPal expedites online shopping and can make sending money to friends and family fast and free. .pp-header .pp-header .main-link:focus, color: #fff; Not only are you protected by PayPal, but your credit card company also backs you up in case of fraud. .pp-header:before { .commerce-platform-hero__headline.pypl-heading { color: #cbd2d6; .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:focus.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-highlighted, align-items: flex-start; 2. line-height: 1.4rem; } PayPal keeps your customers’ data safe. font-weight: 400; .pp-header .header-buttons .pypl-btn--outline-white:hover { } #SplitPanels-1208865355233431 .simple-image-panel, } It’s simplest to keep your books balanced if you withdraw any PayPal balance to your business account before making a purchase. After you sign into your PayPal account and click the Send Money tab, you can send money from PayPal in the following ways: Paying for eBay items: When you buy an eBay item on eBay, you need to pay through the eBay Checkout system. #CommercePlatformHero-120522161611981727 h1.h2.commerce-platform-hero__headline { .pp-header:before { .pp-header .main-link:hover.pypl-header__subnav-control::after { You can register multiple credit cards on your PayPal account and select a different one for different types of purchases. .pp-header .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .closer-mobile button, As mentioned above, PayPal fees are typically higher if you’re paying for goods and services, and especially so if you’re making an international payment. } How Does PayPal Work for Sellers?. -webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased; font-weight: 700; .pp-header .header-buttons .pypl-btn--outline-white:focus, #CommercePlatformHero-120522161611981727 h1.h2.commerce-platform-hero__headline { What is PayPal.Me and how does PayPal Me work? background-color: #fff; /* Closing CTA */ } Then, when your account has no balance, you can choose to pay by credit card. #SplitPanels-1203271525403185 .simple-image-panel img, .pp-header.pp-header--submenu-open .main-link:focus.pypl-header__subnav-control::after, } #CommercePlatformHero-120522161611981727 .container { .pp-header.pp-header--menu-open .main-link:hover.pypl-header__subnav-control--is-highlighted, padding-top: 30px; } As a result, the Internet has seen the rise in the number of numerous payment … @media(min-width: 576px) { h3.content-panel__headline.pypl-heading {