There are several advantages to reducing the amount of wall damage when hanging mirrors and other large frames, with the most obvious being less repairs down the road when you decide to repaint or move your mirror. This looks great! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial to frame a simple bathroom mirror. The goal was to cover the beveled edges of the mirror as well as the mirror clips. I’ve been wanting to add a frame to my bathroom mirror ever since we moved into our home, but wasn’t sure how to do it since we also have the mirror clips that extend out — not the flat type. Jason, my husband, doesn’t get too worked up about decor in our home. They can hang flush with the wall, take up less space and can be hung behind doors or in closets. Have a great week! I’d use one with a neoprene gasket to protect the mirror. You don't even need any special equipment to get this done, just a trip to the hardware store. Tip: Keep your circles at least 3” away from the edge to prevent any mastic oozing out; nothing kills a floating mirror … Do you want a clean home? In order to secure the frame to the mirror while the glue dried, I used double-sided indoor mounting tape. I can’t wait to do this!! Bathroom Mirror TV Cost – A bathroom mirror with a TV costs $311 to $2,799. To give the blocks some stability, you can stick them to the wall with masking tape. Use a level to ensure that the mirror will not hang crooked. Thanks for the step by step how-to! We will definitely need to try this instead. Lay out lengths of trim on flat working surface. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We ripped the 3/4-in. Here is a link to some mending plates on Amazon that are close to the ones I used. This tied in perfectly with … Check out my tutorial to frame a simple bathroom mirror! And I keep walking in the bathroom (which I once hated) just to look at the mirror. An easy-to-install French cleat hanging system is another mounting method to consider when learning about how to hang a heavy mirror. Fasten one eye screw at the left side and 2 inches higher than the vertical center of your mirror frame. Saving this post for the future project! How to Build a Custom Mirror Frame Step 1: Cut the Frame Casing. Cut the Baseboards. Skills Required: Beginner. And you can’t tell it is a “frame”. I love the idea of using the mending plates! Frameless mirrors are a great addition to any bathroom or bathroom. Step 3: Glue The Frame To The Wall. To keep the frame in place while the adhesive is drying, use strips of painter’s tape. roundover bit—but this step is optional. Step 4: Glue the Frame to the Mirror. All free printables offered are for personal use only. Next, sand the wood so it’s nice and smooth, be sure not to sand the angled cuts too much – … Use a miter saw set at a 45-degree angle to cut your boards to the appropriate … And it adds a nice industrial touch to it. This post contains affiliate links. The finished product looks like the mirrors came framed and were mounted on the wall! Then remove the backing from the double-sided tape on the mirror. Hold the mirror against the wall in your desired position and mark the top and bottom corners using a pencil. Framing A Bathroom Mirror. I love it! Improve the value of your home with this easy to follow tutorial on How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror with just a few supplies! . I have been wanting to frame our bathroom mirror but have been wary about mitering the corners. I’ve seen probably a half-dozen tutorials all over blog land showing you how to frame a bathroom mirror featuring amazing transformations simply by adding some molding around the edges.