2,075. Very excited about this foundation doe. Trouble will stay in extended lactation indefinitely. We are members of MDGA (Mini Dairy Goat Association) and our goats are registered through them. Dairy Goats for Hobby Farming, Urban Homestead, or Off the Grid - Self Sufficiency and Independence! The Lamancha goat is a member of the Capra genus, specifically Capra aegagrus hircus (sometimes called Capra hircus), like all domestic goats. Hazel freshened with a gorgeous, well attached udder and nice milkable teats. Born 2 weeks after a large group of kids an almost 3 weeks before the  next group, we were her playmates! The Nigerian Dwarf is a small dairy goat breed. Some goats may produce 2qts day but have a short lived lactation period. Lovely FF udder! Very excited to watch her grow and mature! Many with small homesteads find these goats to be the best of both worlds. A smaller goat than a standard, and only a little larger than a dwarf, the mini is an excellent producer. There are even clubs and associations for avid Mini-Mancha owners. We are so pleased with her FF udder and look forward to her 2nd freshening. An average good Nigie will produce 1+ qt  a day, and lactate for 10 months. S:  Peachtree Farms Will  (registered AGS), Trouble is now a Virtual Show Finished Champion. Due to her incredible capacity she will be bred for a yearling FF to kid in 2021. Her dam is an excellent producer with a beautiful udder and Bingo sure seems like she will follow her wonderful mom. The breeding that produced Julia is being repeated for 2021. I am planning on breeding her in a few months. ~A well bred mini  is easily capable of producing  6-8# per day  higher % doe's may yield more. Her dam can be found on our reference page and her Grand dam on both sides can be found in our Lamancha pages (current and reference). She was bred at 7 months and kidded as a FF on her first birthday! Her doeling was retained. We were even more impressed with her as a 2 year old and 2nd freshener. We have high hopes for this doeling! 4th freshening again triplets ( all 3 bucks) . American Lamancha, or more commonly, simply Lamancha or LaMancha, is a formally recognized breed of dairy goat, first bred in California by Mrs. Eula Fay Frey about 1927. As she matured we could clearly see how she became the herd protector in her group. The combination of the high butterfat from both the Nigie and the Lamancha gives rich, creamy milk. Charlie sure did put his stamp of that chocolate color added with the higher percentage of lamancha, we really see the characteristics we were hoping for. At such a young age she showed such beautiful conformation. Currently many of our members have family members--sons, daughters, husbands, wives, grandchildren and even moms and dads--who are serving or have served in the US Military. Trouble is a favorite here on the farm! Very excited about this young doeling's future. ~Breeding those first generations as skillfully and carefully as one would with any other breeding program. Mastitis issues are extremely rare. Hazel is a F1 registered grade Mini-mancha. The face is straight and with the ears being the most distinguishing characteristic of the Mini-LaMancha. She has done very well in the show ring, but is a wonderful milker on top of that! Some have reported their mini's breed year round, however, we have experienced  them as seasonal breeders. She is super playful and is always good for a jump in our lap! Their small stature makes them a wonderful choice for the family pet. Possible discounts if bought in a package. The Lamancha goats have been a well kept secret in the large dairy goat world, however that secret is starting to get out! Very pleased with her mammary. LaMancha x F1 Mini = F1 F1 x F1 = F2 F2 x F2 = F3 F2 x F3 = F3 F2 x F6 = F3 F3 x F3 = F4 F4 x F5 = F5 F1 x F4 = F2 If you're still confused feel free to contact me. We borrowed back Charlie ( Kopy Kat MML Bold Legacy-  Lamancha) after we sold him to sire the litter. Well bred Miniatures can produced up to 6-8# (3/4-1 gallon) per day by their 2nd freshening! SD: GCH Little Tots Estate Rosmarinus 2*M, Not shown in 2019 due to her already earning her restricted leg, 3rd place 2YO Sr does both rings (11 entries in class), 5th and 3rd in highly competitive large 2yo classes, Udder pictures at 2 weeks fresh as a FF 2YO. I just want to make sure I'm clear on this, if someone could verify. Bingo grew so well she is the youngest doe we have ever bred. She is a hardy eater with a real hardiness for such a young goat. For those that have seasonal breeders the Nigerian is a great way to fill in for the times when the seasonal goat needs to "dry off". We are very excited about Bingo! The benefits of a mini are many. We love this very dairy, beautiful girl. Some will give 1 qt but have steady consistent lactation. As with any goat, they will reach their output level by 3rd freshening. The does height averages at around 71.12 cm at withers and the male stands about 76.2 cm at withers. ~Our priority is NOT higher generation, ear type. Our LaMancha does are Abbey (senior doe, really rather nice), and Lily and Choco (promising jr does out of Rolex), and Leilani (Honeysuckle x Abbey) who is Linebred on Becca's Tucson from her Heart Mt. She is sweet, calm, always making her way to give love. We had hoped to get a pic of the 4 generations all together. She is also incredibly wide & growthy like her dam, a trait we like to see in Miniature Lamanchas. There are two types of LaMancha ears. ~A correct erect eared mini is better than a mediocre elf/gopher eared mini. V show- 2019 Fall single entry yearling milker. Due to her incredible capacity she will be bred for a yearling FF to kid in 2021. They love their human family and are very good at making sure you give them their well-deserved attention. D:  Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO (F-1). Always doing her own thing. looking forward to her 2nd freshening in 2021! Available. The Lamancha is filled with personality and intelligence. ~Breeding for  quality,  production, and confirmation. We … Her dam is our very loved Millie, a NOA doe. This lil gal technically is a 1st gen, but has 3 generations behind her. … This lil gal technically is a 1st gen, but has 3 generations behind her. Strawberry is a doe that we were drawn to soon after birth. ~There are times you go forward a generation and times you go back a generation to focus on a particular trait being improved upon. Very excited about this doe! ~Our PRIORITY is a solid correct udder, high escutcheon, proper leg placement, teat placement, and the  dairy characteristics. Zephyr- the Smiling Goat is missed. There are many factors that need to be understood to get the maximum output on your Nigie. Growthy as a kid she blends perfectly with our standard lamancha kids. All 3 went on to be herdsires. Millie has had both std lamanchas (registered as rec grade) and mini's (registered grade minis). They tend to "disappear" into the herd. The only doe out of Triplets we were just tickled to have this doeling! Because they cycle every 3 weeks, breeding the Nigerian to kid when it is most convenient for the family's dairy needs is a huge benefit. LaMancha In the early twentieth century, it was noticed that some individuals in large herds of Spanish meat goats had very short ears. This wonderful goat is well known as the "earless" goat. Born 2 weeks after a large group of kids an almost 3 weeks before the  next group, we were her playmates! Like all smaller goats, they are gentler on the land, eat less, are easy to manage and are great in small family farm/homestead environments. Miniature Lamancha (Mini- Mancha)~ Mini's can be registered, we have both registered and unregistered. She is super playful and is always good for a jump in our lap! Sadly we lost Zephyr (Great Grand dam) shortly before these pics were taken, and never got the chance at the amazing heritage she left. One is elf eared, the other has upright. Res Grand Champion Jr Doe Virtual Fall Show 2017. The LaMancha is the only breed developed in America, making it is a truly "made in America breed". That is a lot of milk in a small package! She is no stranger to the house! Personality wise, I think Lamancha is mellower and easier going and quieter. The Mini-LaMancha is well known for their docile, even temperament and a steady production of fairly high butterfat. Having the ability to stagger breedings means you will never have to go for a period without milk. She was born to be a show girl! Because they, every 3 weeks, breeding the Nigerian to kid when it is most convenient for the. . Purebred Lamancha does typically cost between $350-$700. We are so excited about this breeding! Not handled as much as Penny but still very friendly. She is 75% Nigie and 25% Lamancha. . It took a little bit of talking to get this girl. Shortcake will be bred for 2021 kids as a 2YO FF. Choco has Kastdemur on both sides of her pedigree, a nice very-dairy young doe with a beautiful pedigree, and she is named for her solid chocolate-brown coloring. More milk than a Nigie and slightly less than a full size standard, yet all wrapped up in a small package. She is super quiet and very loving yet never needy. Mini Lamancha Buckling. Strong milk lines, correct structure, and strong general appearance. Doeling retained and buckling sold to a breeding program. I'm talking like taking running leaps at 6' fencing and leaping over the top. GCH Thunder-N-Sky Sunrise 1*M. SGCH Vineyard View Kane Amidala 1*M. SG Vineyard View Kauai Lychee 10*M. GCH Vineyard View Kauai Ginny 4*M. Vineyard View Tender Roni 2*M. Vineyard View Vicco Ginevra 3*M. Rafter Diamond L Puanani 1*M. Vineyard View Hoku Caldera 1*M. Rondi is an ex, Wings & Caprines Bingo ismynameO  (F-1) 50/50, Center- Udder at 16+ Months into lactation ~. Many that start out with Nigies can be very disappointed with the low volume of milk that many produce in their first lactation. The Nigerian has the best feed conversion and produces more cheese per pound due to their high butterfat. Very excited to watch her grow and mature! So very excited to see Dreamy grow into a young junior doe. Despite their small structure they are wonderful producers of rich creamy milk. Left- Milked out for BUiS-  ~ Center- Udder at 16+ Months into lactation ~ Right- Milked out for BUIS, Trouble's first show MDGA Floyd,VA 2019   Judge James Oller, 2nd in both rings behind one of our other jr does. This genetically dominant characteristic appealed to some dairy breeders, who used dairy goats of several breeds to develop the LaMancha breed. Many with small homesteads find … Strawberry's daughter naturally would be named "Shortcake". First two: doe is 7 years old lamancha Sannan cross usually has triplets. Both dam/daughter are simply lovely! Champion Senior Doe. Rondi is an exquisite doe! Sire: Matthew 21 Milton F1. A kid may be registered as a first generation but look closely, there may be 3, 4, or more generations behind that 1st gen. ~1st and 2nd  generation minis often have teats placed to the outside rather then centered, this is common and is an area that takes  great skill to improve. We are looking forward to her development and future breeding. Sass as a kid was sassy (hence the name) with style! 4. The face is straight and with the ears being the most distinguishing characteristic of … Julia is my baby girl. LaMancha Does. The breeding that produced Julia is being repeated for 2021. Kidding with ease all 3 freshenings, triplets each kidding. Feb 17, 2016 #1 . Gopher ear. Available now as bottle baby for $50, or weaned for $125.