Clicking on Tickets brings up a sub menu and to find out the price of a ticket you have to click on ‘Buy tickets’ which brings up the regional sub menu and then a more detailed listing of the full range of tickets by location. I won’t add to the list of things that are wrong (though it sure is tempting), but it seems to me that what they’ve done is to use the same basic information from the old site (good maps, dismal timetables) and simply restructure it all so that it’s harder to find. The Arriva web site is even worse if you are say on holiday. Browsers. I could not be bothered to waste my time trying to find them, Who an earth thought that mess of a web site was sensible ?. It gets a one star rating from me, and that’s being generous. Just to say that we live in Norfolk and are away from home. Transforming Travel seems to be going back to local identity with the Buses of Somerset,First Kernow,etc.. The research was recently undertaken by Arriva buses to … Required fields are marked *. The bus passenger, who is from Stonegate but … Take a read of this extract telling you all about the exciting new website, which doesn’t seem to know the difference between “you” and “your”: But that’s just detail. One has to hope for better. This brings up a sub menu. Click on a route number and the pdf of the timetable that fills your sceeen is as inexplicably bonkers as the route listing. At work I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told that the train I’m driving is going to XYZ (rather than ABC) by people who present an app page to me to demonstrate that I don’t know where I’m going, only to be utterly bemused when I point at the relevant bit of their app and say “It says 2 changes there, look, so where are you changing at?”, and who then are quite surprised (and sometimes get quite huffy) when touching the screen shows the breakdown of the journey with all the various trains they’re supposed to be catching after they get off mine at A or B or C I believe that Cowie were originally motor dealers (of various sorts) who moved into public transport almost by accident. That’s simply not true. waiver request by mail to Bus Operator, Exam No. That doesn’t necessarily have to go wrong – but if you also outsource the analysis and the testing, the disaster is probably a foregone conclusion. Click on ‘Download timetables’ and you get a quite mind boggling listing of every bus route Arriva operates in route number order – except not route number order as you and I would understand – no, this is route number order as though we are computer language geeks. It’s a pity this useful information isn’t made more accessible rather than expecting customers to commit to a ‘Buy tickets’ tab before being able to find out information on prices. So, for example, if you click on route 1 Chesham and High Wycombe, this shows only those journeys numbered as route 1 with departures from Chesham Broadway at 06:05 through to 08:31 then nothing until 15:06 and then departures through until 21:15. Putuj povoljno i sigurno, modernim autobusima s besplatnom WiFi uslugom i … Christmas has come early for transport users in County Durham, with Arriva North East opening their brand new, state of the art depot in Belmont. Arriva’smuch vaunted new website and app were launched yesterday. Bring back the previous website famed for its mediocrity and clunkiness. So tough. There’s a grain of a good idea in this – IT people don’t fully understand the real world, let’s be honest, and managers are of course ‘busy’ doing other things. Receive local news and access bus service updates for your chosen area; The Arriva Bus App features bus services throughout the UK, except for those operated on behalf of Transport for London. It Inferior in EVERY SINGLE WAY to the old design and completely virtually UNUSABLE on Desktop/Laptop!. Download the Arriva Bus app for this feature and many more. Why not call the tab ‘Ticket prices’? And from that viewpoint, this site is objectively spot on. Sie können das E-Ticket auf Ihrem Handy in der Arriva App speichern oder ausdrucken. And also have a look at Sanders Coaches in Norfolk. 4 minutes) and time (e.g. 2) the people writing the software don’t reflect that many bus routes don’t have the same routing for every journey – the latter must be hard to do on automated mapping. Launching in partnership and funded by residential homebuilders Redrow and Henley Camland, landowner of Whitecliffe, Arriva will provide a new flexible bus service that can be booked when required, providing flexible and cost effective public transport with the convenience of a private taxi. At least it wasn’t offering comlete gobbledygook. Could not get a price for a day ticket so bought a return on the bus. Yes, the timetables are dreadful – but it’s not 1974, anyone not in the bus industry is using google to plan their journeys on their phone. b) salaries for developers are significantly lower than in Western Europe. They won’t change anything – they’re too obstinate as a company to take any feedback or suggestions on – but will come unstuck in MK in the next two weeks when the penny drops, despite being warned for a month, that only having one bus timed to reach the second biggest comprehensive in the country on time will cause kids to be left at stops and panicking. But the bad news is they’re not easy to find. This seems to be an issue with a lot of routes. Our new Arriva UK Bus app will make it easier than ever to connect with the people and places that matter to you. It doesn’t work. as Arriva don’t operate there. Many people around where I live are elderly – and they are the ones who actually use the buses from here – and hardly any have access to on-line timetables or journey planners. . It was established in 1938 as T Cowie and through a number of mergers and acquisitions was rebranded Arriva in 1997 and became a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn in 2010. Travelwest web app. Good review but I felt you were far too generous with one star! It’s clearly been designed and signed off by people who simply don’t use buses. Arriva getting a much-deserved slagging off here. But, it gets worse. Surely a site should provide help to people who don’t already know the answer? …. Then finally there’s a Sunday block. When the timetables change, I normally end up collecting a couple of dozen from the Travel Centre (which is not centrally-located in Leicester) to hand around and they are gratefully received. But you’d never know from this presentation. Two linked routes running a town service withdrawn and alternative provision made by altering the route and timetable of two interurban routes Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by sharksmith on Aug 28, 2020 12:34:21 GMT 1. I suggested he read this review and sprinkled some German in there to make it a little light-hearted. I know my blogposts can be riddled with spelling mistakes from time to time, but it’s just me tapping away on my keyboard for a bit of fun, and I try and get posts out within a matter of hours of a visit, so sometimes they’re a bit rushed and written on a smartphone while on a train or bus with a poor signal (that’s my excuse anyway). I pay about 70 pounds for a monthly ticket that usually doesn’t work. It's quick, easy and hassle-free. We have a cool new function for you: In our app, you can now directly track your bus. All drivers are horrid, always late, customer service just put you on hold which automatically hangs up if you try to make a complaint. I would hazard a guess that the development work of this website was outsourced to developers in a country where Track your bus in real-time and much more! All the same functionality as on the Arriva site. In my mind the best ever website was Metrobus, which had absolutely everything you could possibly want (including full farecharts) in a very clear easily understandable presentation. They’re very much legacy I’m afraid. I had a little look myself yesterday. I’ve wondered that as I usually go up to St John’s Chapel once a year.Explorer didn’t come into it last year as I got the train to Bishop Aukland and then the Weardale 101.even prior to covid 19 the frequency of the 101 had been cut back.Arriva North East where doing an evening service from Newcastle via Durham City up to Stanhope and one from Darlington, presumably via Bishop Aukland?,too but only 1 trip which I’d guess was/is aimed at people living in Weardale but working in Darlington or Durham City?Teesdale has a much worse service, Wednesday only, Middleton to Langdon Beck but beyond Middleton the population is much lower than Weardale or Swaledale. Our own web app. to “Service changes in the Wakefield area”. Explore new Apple accessories for a range of Apple products. The good news is that journey planning and live bus info is still available on our new app – where you can purchase tickets and plan your journeys all in one place. 01 Jan 0001. What useless rubbish. ... Track your bus, plan your journey, find bus stops near you and purchase tickets - all in one app! Business. Welcome to a new way to get on board Arriva buses, available across the UK (except London). What about the fundamentals? Plan Your Journey. Another failure of the website is that it hasn’t been programmed with any future changes. It provides a lot more functionality than just bus real time, such as journey planning, route maps and timetables, so it’s perfect for the traveller that needs extra information. I mean, the old website didn’t either, not really – there was a page that outlined roughly what the changes were going to be but no actual timetables, but now they have lost even that page. At least it wasn’t offering comlete gobbledygook. I too despair; if the www is the way forward (which it is), then why don’t website developers get input from users during the development process . So the information, if you can find it, isn’t even up to date. The Arrival Bus. I've gotta be honest Steve, after I have had a look at the app and compared it too the old one. Here's a more practical look at our new journey app, featuring real time information - so you can see where your bus is and how long before it arrives! Bad luck if that’s your school. Much too often large organisations think they know best, but it is not always clear how they generate this confidence. The Latest News tab takes you to a page showing snippets of news ranging from a “Road closure in Mill Hill Lane, Derby” through a “Diversion on Service 321” (which one?) when I worked on computer system development in a large ex-public sector company, we got the department which would be using the system to write a Statement of Requirements, which after some discussion and amendment was converted to a Detailed System Specification which they signed off. ( Log Out /  Surely the worst failing is that, in my area at least, all the timetables expire today and tomorrow’s are not yet loaded. 56 School Bus Transportation Services Companies in Brooklyn, New York. How on earth is a stranger in any location expected to know which bus stop they want to leave from or arrive at? One factor not yet mentioned is the modern IT industry way of developing websites, which relies on the public to do the fault-finding rather than having a thorough in-house testing process. Don’t get me wrong – the Arriva site has lot and lots of problems. If you want your career to be heading towards teamwork, great rewards, opportunities and new challenges – make your next stop, Arriva. New arrival Multifunktionelle Android 10.0 Autoradios. Buses are very much a turn up and go service and are far more local than rail. Bus Times London also has something new for iOS 11, an AR View that guides you to your bus stop. The app includes times for Arriva bus services, location details for nearest bus stops and destination arrival times so people can plan their journey more efficiently. The Managing Director replied to me ‘I have forwarded your email to my team’. Products. What on earth does that mean?, “anyone not in the bus industry is using google to plan their journeys on their phone”. More so when I found that the downloaded timetable only had either the 71 or 71A in the off peak! shortest walk; shortest transit; best route; Service Updates read all. Ugh, there’s something else wrong with the PDF timetables … where you have long routes like the X93 (Scarborough to Middlesbrough) there are registered as separate services, they have at least combined them into one rather than making you look up three different pages (which I wouldn’t have put past them), but there is no indication that the journeys run through, no notes about connections being guaranteed or even a suggestion that you can make connecting journeys, and the onward journeys are not even always in the adjacent column.