But this wasn't his true calling. Throughout the Netherlands, places selling marijuana are called "coffeeshops." But he also wrestled with his inner world, capturing spiritual scenes with surreal colors, twisted forms, and dark outlines. But they couldn't protect their haven from the Nazis. And courageous moms with strollers did their part as well. It was built to showcase the art of the Dutch Golden Age. In Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands you'll find in-depth Rick-tested information on:. When the Netherlands won its independence from Catholic Spain back in the 1500s, the Dutch government outlawed Catholicism. Its many other offerings include a Sunday afternoon program of silent films with live musical accompaniment, special exhibits on film-related themes, a free permanent exhibit in the basement, a shop, and a trendy terrace café with great waterside seating. Rick Steves on pedaling through bike-friendly Amsterdam. By Rick Steves, Gene Openshaw, ISBN: 9781641710749, Paperback. Rick: Beautiful. While in the hospital, he found peace painting calm scenes of nature. ▲▲▲ Anne Frank House Young Anne's hideaway during the Nazi occupation. Enjoying this dimension of the city is my idea of a good time after dark. This article was adapted from his new book, For the Love of Europe. Surprising to me, anyone can hire one of these electric boats for a little independent exploring. With this corset, stuffed with ration cards, a woman who looked pregnant helped feed both hidden Jews and resistance fighters. (Rick Steves (www.ricksteves.com) writes European guidebooks, hosts travel shows on public TV and radio, and organizes European tours. Rolinka: Well, the soil is very swampy. Her handwritten diary inspires visitors, and her book has been translated into 70 languages. In Rembrandt's Nightwatch we see another group portrait. We'll remember Anne Frank, we'll feast on Indonesian food —Dutch style, and we'll relax in Amsterdam's Vondelpark. The larger complex includes the Ladies Gallery, the candle-storage room, and the ritual bath, where women purify after menstruation. The connection! Bulk books at wholesale prices. These Dutch "masters — actually the drapers' guild — all paid equally and expected to be portrayed equally. ▲ Hash, Marijuana, and Hemp Museum All the dope, from history and science to memorabilia. Rolinka: Yeah — put the rice in the middle, and the different dishes come on the side, so that it doesn't mix… The city's founders built a dam on the Amstel back in the 13th century. Their 17-dish, classic rijsttafel spread is as good as any. Rick Steves / Times Colonist January 9, 2021 06:00 AM Bikes are lined up on the canal bridge in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where cycling is the preferred mode of transport. Oscar: Yeah. If you're a confident boater, consider renting a serious vessel. Rick: So wait a minute — Indonesia was originally the "Spice Islands"? You can hop on a free shuttle ferry to see this evolving district, or you can cruise a different way, by joining the hedonists and tourists on Amsterdam's myriad canals. Rick: What's the age limit for people buying marijuana? Today, it's a thought-provoking memorial that makes an indelible impression on its visitors — whether tourists or school groups having a thought-provoking field trip. Rolinka: Oh, today it's one of the most popular places to live. This art is really all about money. Rick: Oscar, this is beautiful. The third floor shows works that influenced Vincent, from Monet and Pissarro to Gauguin, Cézanne, and Toulouse-Lautrec. Coffeeshop worker: Yeah — we got all our sativa ones, make you happy, giggly; we got the indicas — that's more of a sleepy; got the organic ones; outdoor; and I've got a whole bunch of pre-rolled ones. Coffeeshop worker: Eighteen. The Rijksmuseum has four rare and precious paintings by Johannes Vermeer. Dutch merchant ships would sail right up the main canal, loaded down with material delights — silks, spices, and porcelain — from faraway lands.