How much money do you have to pay Yojimbo for him to do Zanmato? You must have reached the Calm Lands and defeated Defender X to access the location. The Geometric number series or much more recognizable by … Paying Yojimbo more than 100,000 Gil will practically assure that he uses Zanmato. Just remember to stick with the following sequence of the power of 2: 9) Once you reach an accumulated MAX Compatibility of 255, you should be able to PAY only 128 gil to Yojimbo to Zanmato on most normal (low) level enemies. save. ... You have to pay Yojimbo with Gil to be able to use these attacks at his discretion. I explain this so as to share how super strong the characters had become by the time I had reached the Dark Magus Sisters. Yojimbo is the first optional Aeon in Final Fantasy X that can be recruited once the party reaches the Calm Lands.Found in the Cavern below, the party must pay a hefty sum for him to join, and then again, he requires payment for each attack. Unless you picked Option 1, you should only pay Yojimbo in powers of 2 (the minimum amount at which Motivation1 changes). one USE of Three Stars to reduce MP to 0 for all. Im really bad at math and even worse with Excel. Anima. Final Fantasy X-2 is the first direct sequel in the renowned RPG series. So I don't know much more than that little tidbit I mentioned (and I only found it out when looking up stuff about Yojimbo on my previous playthrough a couple years ago so it may have changed by now - though I can't find in a quick search right now, any information to say that isn't true anymore). Does anyone still have the app? -Never pay Yojimbo … First you need Yojimbo - bonus Aeon which you can get in a cave between Calm lands and Mt. The only way to get Yojimbo to attack your foes is to pay him some cold, hard Gil. The final factor in whether Yojimbo uses Zanmato is your enemy's Zanmato Level. So i just need to know how much gil i should pay him for normal fiends and mosnter arena fiends to get his trust up - better yet using Zanmato. But note, I did NOT open them until they were ALL captured of ALL areas. TRACK | REPORT SEE ANSWERS . Then accept this one to get him for around 200k gil. You can face the hardest monster in the game- Nemesis. Yojimbo is Japanese for bodyguard. I expected something so epic from a former summon. So, yes, I did eventually opt to PAY Yojimbo to Zanmato one last Dark Aeon after all. These moves also increases Yojimbo's affinity which can make yojimbo's affinity increase by loads once he starts never using weaker moves. In this video, I cover my methods of acheiving Zanmato against ANY enemy, including Superbosses in Final Fantasy X, with Yojimbo without fail. The fact is, I DID indeed defeat PENANCE without Yojimbo. In order to get Yojimbo, your characters will need to pay a visit to the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in the Calm Lands. Her choice here will affect Yojimbo's behavior in battle and his probability in using his attacks. Unable (unwilling) to start the fight with less than all three of the sisters at the same time, as I had grown quickly tired of "GAME OVER" from their early Delta Attack. i pay and i pay and i pay till i go broke and yet he continues to use much money will it take 10,000 gil 20,000 50,000 tripled the price that that i paid to obtain him when will he cooperate.any suggestions,links or tips would be very nice The Fayth of Yojimbo and Daigoro. sufficiently to be strong enough so that it did not make sense for me to even need to PAY Yojimbo to Zanmato PENANCE.). The Geometric number series or much more recognizable by … I was also suprised to find that there's a complex system governing how Yojimbo behaves (as in, way more complex than just [how much gold you pay him] + RNG), especially with regards to his Zanmato ult. Haha LOL-, especially with her having Triple Overdrive.) But observe, it goes down BY HALF (that is, it decreases by a power of exponent, as in going down from 2-to-the-12th-power to 2-to-the-11th-power - from 4096 to 2048). That allowed me the "one free fight" with each and every one of the newly created beasts. And for anyone who uses this process, you can get to that starting point for less than 45,000 gil. one USE of Purifying Salt to remove Haste from Penance. Using the overdrive Grand Summon is necessary so that it adds the additional +20 to the Compatibility calculation. June 17, 2019 Ersatz Ifrit Final Fantasy X / X-2 0. Every one of my characters was at 150+ Luck and at 255 for all other Stats. The amount of money the player gives O'aka determines the prices in his shops. Final Fantasy X is one of the most loved games in the series and the HD Remaster offers you another chance to relive it all. We will offer information on every single aspect of the game, from the story, to the optional content and much, much more. In the end a chance of free zanmato upon summoning in the end is the result. Summoning Yojimbo As you might've already guessed, in order for Yojimbo to fight for you in battle, you must first pay him. Summoning Yojimbo As you might've already guessed, in order for Yojimbo to fight for you in battle, you must first pay him. Directed by Akira Kurosawa. Battle___|__PAY __|_Z_| W_|_w_| K_|_+ADD |_Compatibility, 00______|________|___|___|___|___|______|_____128 _____, 01______|___4096_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____131 _____, 02______|___4096_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____135 _____, 03______|______0_|___|___|___|_1_|__+0__|_____135 _____, 04______|___4096_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____138 _____, 05______|___4096_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____142 _____, 06______|___2048_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____146 _____, 08______|___2048_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____154 _____, 09______|___2048_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____158 _____, 10______|___2048_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____161 _____, 11______|___2048_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____165 _____, 12______|___2048_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____169 _____, 13______|___1024_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____172 _____, 14______|___1024_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____176 _____, 15______|___1024_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____179 _____, 16______|___1024_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____183 _____, 17______|___1024_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____187 _____, 18______|___1024_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____191 _____, 19______|___1024_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____195 _____, 20______|______0_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____199 _____, 21______|______0_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____203 _____, 22______|____512_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____207 _____, 23______|____512_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____210 _____, 24______|____512_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____214 _____, 25______|____512_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____218 _____, 26______|______0_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____222 _____, 27______|______0_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____225 _____, 28______|______0_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____228 _____, 29______|____256_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____232 _____, 30______|______0_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____236 _____, 31______|____256_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____239 _____, 32______|______0_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____242 _____, 33______|______0_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____246 _____, 34______|____256_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____250 _____, 35______|____256_|_1_|___|___|___|__+4__|_____254 _____, 36______|____128_|___|_1_|___|___|__+3__|_____257 _____.