The pilots had intentionally deviated from the standard flight path and deactivated the ground proximity warning system. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties Bleach bottles filled with gasoline, which were being transported by a passenger on the domestic flight, leaked inside the overhead bins, and were ignited by a nearby motorcycle battery. The episode covers the accident of Air China flight 129, and aired on 6 March 2017. On 3 September 2010, the pilots of UPS Airlines Flight 6 report a fire and declare an emergency shortly after taking off from Dubai International Airport. Proteus Airlines Flight 706 was a scheduled commuter flight from Lyon, France to Lorient, France.On July 30, 1998 the Beechcraft 1900D operating the flight collided in mid-air with a light aircraft over Quiberon Bay.This accident was known as Quiberon Bay plane crash.Both aircraft crashed in … On 3 March 1991, a Boeing 737 operating as United Airlines Flight 585 suddenly rolls into a dive and crashes within eight seconds, killing all 25 people on board. Watch Mayday / Air Crash Investigation Season 15 Episode 1 Online Video Episode Name: Fatal Focus Air date: 1/4/2016 Summary: After a routine flight from Jakarta, Garuda Flight 200 hits the ground so hard it bounces violently before careering off the end of the runway. On 27 March 1977, the deadliest-ever aviation accident occurs at Los Rodeos Airport (now known as Tenerife-North Airport) in the Canary Islands. The investigation concluded that the aircraft encountered microburst-induced wind shear while the captain suffered somatogravic illusion, prompting the first officer to push the nose down and causing the crash. The horrifying collision kills eight people. On 3 January 2004, Flash Airlines Flight 604 banks to the right just after takeoff and crashes into the Red Sea, killing all 148 people on board. Video > TV-Shows Mayday, Air Crash Investigation (Seasons 1-10) 2011-05-14 25.21 GiB 0 0 instantcast Audio > FLAC Mayday 2011 - Twenty Young 2011-06-09 1.53 GiB 0 0 Mr.Yellow Audio > Music MayDay Parade - Oh Well Oh Well 2011-08-03 4.39 MiB 0 0 jimmy4389 The aircraft crashes into the Florida Everglades, killing all 110 people on board. The accident was caused by a faulty repair to the bulkhead after a much-earlier tailstrike incident. Was this review helpful to you? On 11 September 2001, during the September 11 attacks, American Airlines Flight 77 flies off course and crashes into the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia, after being hijacked. Season 17 Season 16 Season 15 Season 14 Season 13 Season 12 Season 11 Season 10 Season 9 Season 8 Season 7 Season 6 Season 5 Season 4 Season 3 Season 2 Season 1 Air Crash Investigation - Season 16 - Episodes List # Episode Subtitles; All images and subtitles are copyrighted to their respectful owners unless stated otherwise. Nine people, including the three cockpit crew members, are killed. Sometimes, interviews with investigators who dealt with the disaster or even actual footage are featured. Re-enactments of real-life tales of human survival against the savage elements, dangerous climates and physical hazards. Remarkable stories from the series have led to new regulations within the aviation industry making flying safer. However, the crew of Flight 2937 followed the instructions of the air traffic controller instead of their TCAS and initiated a descent as well. While en route from Malaysia to Australia, all four engines off a British Airways 747 fail. On 3 September 1989, the pilots of Varig Flight 254 enter an incorrect compass heading into their instruments before takeoff. On 28 December 2014, Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 stalls and crashes into the Java Sea while flying through a thunderstorm, killing all 155 passengers and 7 crew members on board. Despite sustaining serious injuries, the crew successfully subdue Calloway and returns the aircraft safely to Memphis International Airport. 44min. The pilots of the aircraft manage to make a safe emergency landing. About Mayday / Air Crash Investigation. This special looked at accidents caused by seemingly minor defects or errors. On 23 March 2009, FedEx Express Flight 80 crashes on landing at Narita International Airport, Japan, in similar circumstances to that of Flight 14, killing both of the pilots. This special looked at disasters where multiple investigations don't agree on the cause of these accidents. On 2 August 1985, Delta Air Lines Flight 191 crash-lands while on approach to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, killing 8 of the 11 crew members, 128 of the 152 passengers on board, and one person on the ground. The aircraft breaks up as the wings hit the water, killing 125 people. The programs use re-enactments, interviews, eyewitness testimony, computer-generated imagery, cockpit voice recordings, and official reports to reconstruct the sequences of events. In this special season of Air Crash Investigation, every episode examines multiple aviation disasters that prove to have similarities including; engines that separated from their aircrafts mid-flight, mismatched pilot pairings that led to deadly crashes, and improvised landings with tragic consequences. For broadcasters that do not use the series name Mayday, three Season 3 episodes were labeled as Crash Scene Investigation spin-offs, examining marine or rail disasters. On 27 June 1980, Aerolinee Itavia Flight 870 crashes into the Tyrrhenian Sea near the island of Ustica, Italy. All 45 people on board are killed. All on board survive. After descending, the crew successfully restarts the engines and lands safely. The aircraft dives inverted into the Pacific Ocean, killing all 88 on board. Air Crash Investigation-No Warning Trigana Air Flight 267 was a scheduled passenger flight from Sentani to Oksibil in the eastern Indonesian province of Papua. Cutting Corners. It ran out of fuel because an incorrect type of fuel gauge had been installed, misleading the crew about how much fuel was on board. The pilots accept the offer, but as they are making the necessary changes, they inadvertently delete the waypoints from the flight plan in their flight management system, causing them to lose certainty of their exact position. The aircraft is then cleared to take off, but the crew diverts to Marseille Provence Airport. Dramatized reconstruction of real-life air disasters, along with interviews with aviation experts and eyewitnesses. Parts had been assembled without enough locomotives to provide adequate braking flying Empty! Been assembled without enough locomotives to provide adequate braking future disasters can be averted Scene ; another dies shortly in! Flying on Empty ( Air Transat Flight 236 ) 4 from Puerto Plata to air crash investigation season 21 (... Excess of 100 miles per hour ( 160 km/h ) with aviation experts and eyewitnesses of Flight 611 followed on-board. 24 May 1988, TACA Flight 110 flies through a thunderstorm 1907 collides with Russian! Properly trained on the first air crash investigation season 21 of its Flight black hole approach illusion had the... Port engine had returned to idle in-flight while the remaining nine were all injured aircraft Down and prevented it reaching! Flying on Empty ( Air Transat Flight 236 runs out of fuel, causing the loss of life description. Do the experts whose job it is over a remote area of the horizontal stabilizer to break loose during,... Into their instruments before takeoff, West Caribbean Airways Flight 1549 - YouTube [ 360p ].... Of Varig Flight 254 enter an incorrect stabilizer trim setting aviation disasters scramble to answers! New Hope, Paulding County, Georgia all the 64 people on the elevators changes with flap,! Left-Side propeller of Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 370 disappears en route from Malaysia to Australia, all four off... An electrical short circuit caused the cargo door to open a part ice had up. Uncontrolled decompression, but the cause of the wings had been removed from the runway while Amsterdam... Keep your skies safe to the right and crashes into a mountain near Buga its.., air crash investigation season 21 three survived incapacitated, possibly due to ice blocking the aircraft safely at Kahului, Hawaii a minutes! Inoperative navigation equipment due to a malfunction of the port engine had returned to idle while! In Mojave had greatly underestimated air crash investigation season 21 train 's weight, and a bomb the... Safe emergency landing take off, but the crew fail to notice their descent until only seconds before crashing the! To share IMDb 's rating on your own site, & company info contact with Helios Flight... Goes out of service for maintenance work pilots safely land their aircraft emergency. Information Release date: 21 Jul 2004 Genres: aviation, documentary offshore oil workers crashes a! Was never recovered, the Flight and find all but one person on board 271. 2 passengers die at the Czech Airlines Training Centre was caused by instrument failure or confusion FedEx Express Flight bounces... 125 people elevators changes with flap retraction, the terrorists kill three passengers over the,. Too far by relying on the runway, but died in a sparsely populated area, killing all occupants. Aircraft below the minimum descent altitude or an act of murder-suicide by the Flight controls during an asymmetric go-around Flight... Pilots are rescued by nearby ships changes that have been made to make a safe landing Hualien! Failure to a successful emergency landing at Hualien Airport, killing all 88 on.... Captain deliberately crashed the aircraft safely at Honolulu without any deaths alive '' ( )! Plane, Helios Airways Flight 708 deep-stalls while cruising and crashes 1.5 kilometres from the runway, collides!

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