A fee you may be charged if you check your prepaid card balance at an ATM or if you call customer service to ask about your balance. Finding an integrated list of financial terms and definitions is only comprehensively possible with the aid of a financial dictionary. May 22, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Prof.Stella Maris Berdaxagar- . Bonds with an elevated chance of default and, usually, an elevated yield. A salary is a fixed sum paid for a specific period of time worked, such as weekly or monthly. Financial literacy is the education or at least basic understanding of different financial areas including managing personal finance, or topics concerning money, trading and investing. To receive something on loan with the understanding that you will return it. Online bill paying may or may not also be offered on a bank’s or credit union’s mobile application. A type of investment that gives people a share of ownership in a company. Bank . In such cases, the buyer is the policyholder. You'll start receiving the latest news, benefits, events, and programs related to AARP's mission to empower people to choose how they live as they age. The larger the security deposit, the higher the credit limit. Financial literacy. Download everfi financial literacy glossary term 3 document. His taxonomy allows educators to categorize activities by their level of challenge and complexity. It is not the amount of money your family will have to pay for college nor is it the amount of federal student aid you will receive. Components of financial literacy. Can be a synonym for occupation. Building Credit Toggle Dropdown. A financial plan that helps you track your money, make informed spending decisions, and plan for your financial goals. Improve Your Financial Literacy With This Glossary Learn how to talk about finance with these Wall Street buzzwords. Financial Aid Glossary; Financial Literacy; Salary Surfer - California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office . # A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. The Financial Aid and Scholarships Office does more than connect you with sources of financial aid—we can also help you learn how to use your resources wisely with an eye toward lifelong financial stability. Each share represents an investor’s part ownership in the fund and the income it generates. Financial Literacy Glossary Annual Percentage Rate (APR): The amount of interest averaged in a period of a year. A fee charged by a lender, and paid by a borrower, for the use of money. Loan - a finance agreement where a person borrows money from a lender and pays it back in instalments (plus interest) within a specified period of time. Examples of networks are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. What is the definition of financial literacy? These are common financial jargon which you will encounter in your financial literacy journey. An item with economic value, such as stock or real estate. Money that employers withhold from employees’ paychecks. Financial literacy refers to a variety of important financial skills and concepts. Home / Financial Literacy / Glossary. An optional or extra payment a customer gives to an employee. It is a number your school uses to calculate the amount of federal student aid you are eligible to receive. A profession that may span your lifetime and includes your education, training, professional memberships, volunteering, and full history of paid work. Personal Loans from Marcus by Goldman Sachs®. A financial institution such as a bank or credit union that is authorized to accept checking or savings deposits. To make sure that somebody or something isn’t harmed, injured, damaged, or lost. A tax on retail products based on a set percentage of the retail price. Compensation received by an employee for services performed. Honcho: Slang term describing the leader, manager, chief or person in charge of an organization or a project. Financial Literacy for Financial Stability A college education is one of the most important investments of your lifetime. In the meantime, please feel free The individual or firm that acquires and wants protection from the risk and generally in whose name an insurance policy is written. Savings Terms to Know The process by which loan payments are applied to the principal, or amount borrowed, as well as the interest on a loan according to a set schedule. A fee charged every time you use the card for a certain type of transaction. The unauthorized movement or disclosure of sensitive information to a party, usually outside the organization, that is not authorized to have or see the information. The person, group, or organization whose life or property is covered by an insurance policy. Letters that look real but contain fake promises. Federal, state, and local taxes on income, both earned (salaries, wages, tips, commissions) and unearned (interest, dividends). Like a 401(k) or IRA retirement plan, your account could go up or down depending on market performance. The Strive Glossary provides a helpful list of common financial terms that can help you learn more about managing your money. Automatic Teller Machine (ATM): An unattended electronic machine, at which a customer can perform bank transactions 24 hours a day. The federal government collects taxes based on the earnings of individuals and businesses, called an income tax. Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timebound. www.aarp.org/volunteer. Peers can answer basic money management questions and help you create a personal spending plan. Not all prepaid cards charge inactivity fees. Definitions to the Financial Literacy Terms. Banking services – services such as checking accounts, savings accounts, automated teller machines and online banking provided by individual banks. These cards can be used at any location that accepts that card type. Difference between total imports and total exports of goods and services. A percentage of a sum borrowed that is charged by a lender or merchant for letting you use its money. This financial glossary gives better, more precise, and simple-to-understand meanings of financial terminology. Individuals must be able to balance a checkbook, comprehend personal income taxes, and understand the concept of budgetingin order to make wise decisions with money. Generally, states use one of two methods to determine income tax: the graduated income tax or the flat rate income tax. The lack of financial literacy can be a detriment to a person getting ahead financially. The minimum dollar amount that must be paid each month on a loan, line of credit, or other debt. Upgrades and other things that would be nice to have but aren’t necessary for living, earning, or protecting what you have. For instance, life insurance policies might be bought by employers of key employees, or a husband may buy and be the holder of a life insurance policy on his wife. A fee your prepaid card provider may charge to replace your card if it is lost, stolen, or damaged. Marry a mutual fund to a stock and this is their baby. In the investment context, it is the amount of money you contribute with the expectation of receiving income. Building Credit Toggle Dropdown. It can cause you to spend more money than you can afford. ADR: … Glossary of Terms. The skills and knowledge an individual may have that help in the effective management of financial resources, thereby achieving lifetime financial security. A degree usually awarded for at least three years of full-time academic work beyond a bachelor’s degree. Also called purchasing power, it is the amount of goods and services that can be purchased by a given unit of currency, taking into account the effect of inflation. The provider’s terms, conditions and policies apply. Someone who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise. everfi financial literacy glossary term 3. A tax-advantaged savings plan designed to help families save money for future educational costs. The holder is not necessarily the insured. Honcho: Slang term describing the leader, manager, chief or person in charge of an organization or a project. To receive money in exchange for goods or services. Cost of the next best use of your money or time when you choose to buy or do one thing rather than another. Posters, signs, television commercials, radio spots, and other media that businesses use to promote products or services. The most famous is a digital ledger recording all bitcoin transfers. It’s the amount paid before insurance coverage kicks in. Banking overview Compare accounts; ... look up their definitions using this handy glossary. An illegal act that occurs when people try to trick you out of your personal information and your money. Financial literacy is the knowledge and ability to successfully manage one’s finances. banking basics articles. Get insider access to our best financial tools and content. Countries — notably China, India, Brazil and Russia — that Wall Street deems as having less-mature economies than ours but greater opportunities for growth. A money order can be used instead of a check. Financial Literacy. There is no fixed time to repay the loan as long as you make the minimum payment due each month. A person or organization that borrows something, especially money from a bank or other financial institution. The practice or arrangement in which a company or government agency provides a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a premium. An account at a bank (sometimes called a share draft account at a credit union) that allows you to make deposits, pay bills, and make withdrawals. Home Toggle Dropdown. PLAY. Money that is made in a business after all the costs and expenses are paid. This type of card has a network logo on it. Penn State Financial Literacy Center Glossary of Basic Financial Terms Adapted from: Financing Your Future. Rebranded as “high-yield” bonds, they typify Wall Street’s love of a good euphemism. A debit card is linked to your checking account. All definitions found on : A tax-advantaged savings plan designed to help families save money for future educational costs. Be sure to ask about fees or read the cardholder agreement associated with your card. Something that an employer, the government, or an insurance company provides that’s often used only for a particular purpose, such as food or medical costs. Financial literacy breaks down into two parts: knowledge and skills. The combined holdings of the mutual fund are known as its portfolio. Additional Resources. payments are made on a timely basis, and how long the borrower has had various credit accounts. When you set a financial goal, you are deciding what you want to use your money for. For example, you would use an exchange rate to figure out how many pesos or euros you could get for one U.S. dollar. The practice of comparing prices, features, benefits, risks, and other characteristics of two or more similar products or services. Businesses, on the other hand, must have management who understands financial stat… In the U.S. insurance market, coinsurance is the joint assumption of risk between the insurer and the insured. Financial Literacy WashU Glossary Search this Guide Search. … … AARP members receive exclusive member benefits & affect social change. Liabilities –things that are owed; financial obliga-tions that must be paid. Tips go beyond the stated amount of the bill and are given voluntarily. The federal income tax pays for national programs such as defense, foreign affairs, law enforcement, and interest on the national debt. A type of prepaid card you get from your employer that you receive your paycheck on. Understanding your financial situation is an important part of living a well-balanced life. You could want to use your money for reducing debt, saving money for later, making an emergency fund or buying something you need. Something you spend your money on that you expect will earn a financial return. Savings tool with fixed maturity date and fixed interest rate. A guide on understanding finances and becoming fiscally responsible. The nine-digit number on a Social Security card, an important piece of identification issued by the federal government that you'll need to get a job and collect government benefits. financial literacy meaning: the ability to understand basic principles of business and finance: . This plan, also called an education savings plan, is typically sponsored by a state and may be available from a private investment firm. amount that credit card companies can charge for the use of a credit card. A measure of the ability and ease with which you can access and use your money. The CEO of a company could be referred to as the honcho or "head honcho." Generally, an informal term for situations where people are hired for single projects or tasks or for short-term jobs, often through a digital marketplace. Something that is a disadvantage, money owed, or a debt or obligation according to law. Financial Literacy Terms Dictionary. A health insurance program for people who are 65 or older, certain younger people with disabilities, and people with permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a transplant; financed by deductions from wages and managed by the federal Social Security Administration. When you earn interest on both the money you save and the interest you earn. A loan that does not use property as collateral (such as most types of credit cards). Usually, wages are computed by multiplying an hourly pay rate by the number of hours worked. Inconsistent amounts of money you receive through work or investments; both the schedule and the amount may vary. Something, such as an outcome, you wish to achieve or accomplish in a specific amount of time. A financial institution and business that accepts deposits, makes loans, and handles other financial transactions. A scary test, an obscure scoring system and frightening consequences — it’s the SAT for adults. Actions that a person does for someone else, such as cutting hair, giving a medical checkup, or fixing a car. A bank or credit union may also pay you an interest rate if you deposit money in certain types of accounts. Money that students receive based on academic or other achievements to help pay education expenses. A company that pools money from many investors and invests the money in securities such as stocks, bonds, and short-term debt. Coinsurance in insurance, is the splitting or spreading of risk among multiple parties. A fixed or limited period of time for which something lasts or is intended to last (for example, a five-year loan, a three-year certificate of deposit, a one-year insurance policy, a 30-year mortgage). A measure of how popular or necessary an item is and how many consumers want to buy it. Also: An advantage; something that is good. A bill-paying method you set up with the merchant or service provider. financial literacy and to address the issue of access to financial products and services for those with literacy and numeracy difficulties. Financial literacy is not an absolute state; it is a continuum of abilities that is subject to variables such as age, family, culture, and residence. A bank or credit union may also pay you interest if you deposit money in certain types of accounts. Money you have set aside in a secure place, such as in a bank account, that you can use for future emergencies or to make specific purchases. Access the National Financial Educators Council financial literacy dictionary and activities that improve financial vocabulary - complimetnary. When someone steals your Social Security number to file a tax return claiming a fraudulent refund; may also be called tax-filing-related identity theft. Refunds are received from the government. Usually it means you’re using a credit card, but it might also mean that you got a loan. One common example of a wire transfer fraud is the “grandparent scam.” This is when a scammer posing as a grandchild or a friend of a grandchild calls to say they are in a foreign country, or in some kind of trouble, and need money wired or sent right away. Borrowing money, or having the right to borrow money, to buy something. On this page you can read or download everfi financial literacy glossary term 3 in PDF format. For example, if you get a home loan, the bank's collateral is typically your house. Most prepaid cards are open-loop cards. by: moneyweek. Glossary and Financial Literacy. You use online banking to give your bank the merchant or service provider’s information, and your bank makes the payment according to the amount and schedule you set up. There are two types... A. Not all states and localities have income taxes. A. If the loan is not paid back as agreed, the lender can also start debt collection, file negative information on your credit report, and can sue you. Fixed Rate Mortgage - A mortgage that provides an interest rate that does not change over the life or term of the loan. … Budget. A single project or task for which a worker is hired to work on demand. You can also manage your communication preferences by updating your account at anytime. Among financial advisers, one obligated to put your desire to make money ahead of the desire to make money from you. The act of giving something to someone with the understanding that they will give it back to you. It considers everything you own or have certain interests in at the date of death. Credit rating: A rating that indicates how good a credit risk you are. Sitemap. An official website of the United States government, Explore guides to help you plan for big financial goals, Taskforce on Federal Consumer Financial Law, Explore Financial Education Resources and Research. 14 Jul 2020. Budget- A budget plan is a chart that shows you the flow of money in your everyday life. Includes both personal and business or corporate income taxes. Inflation occurs when the prices of goods and services increase over time. Consolidation means that your various debts, whether they are credit card bills or loan payments, are rolled into a new loan with one monthly payment. This money is deposited for the government and is credited against the employees' tax liability when they file their returns. Once you confirm that subscription, you will regularly The ability to manage financial resources effectively, understand and apply financial knowledge, demonstrate healthy money habits, and successfully complete financial tasks as planned. Using your personal information — such as your name, Social Security number, or credit card number — without your permission. The act of using money to buy goods or services. Liabilities - A financial obligation or amount owed. by Bruce Horovitz, AARP Bulletin, October 8, 2018 | Comments: 0 Understanding basic money terms and concepts that affect your financial health is the first step toward financial literacy. This fee is also called a currency conversion fee. This includes all the income, wages, and tips you get from working. Buying things without having planned for them beforehand. When you buy a bond, you’re lending to the issuer, which may be a government, municipality, or corporation. For knowledge, financial literacy is defined by an understanding of the core concepts of personal finance—interest rates, credit scores, and the purpose of an emergency fund, for instance. Financial Literacy Terms and Definitions (ON) Subject Area: Language Arts. Up to 25% off device and online privacy protection plans, Help from experts & resources to get started. You must be logged in to leave a comment. Generally, you can deposit checks into your account using this service, but not cash. Financially sound enough to justify the extension of credit. Money owed to taxpayers when their total tax payments are greater than the total tax. The insured’s request for payment due to loss incurred and covered under the policy agreement. A tax on products imported from foreign countries. Employers withhold money for federal income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes, and state and local income taxes in some states and localities. Scholarships generally don’t have to be repaid. A service that allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to manage your bank or credit union account without the aid of a teller. A summary of how you've used your credit card for a billing period. Numbers created by mathematical formulas that use key pieces of your credit history to calculate your score at a moment in time. Loans in which your property (things you own) are used as collateral; if you cannot pay back the loan, the lender will take your collateral to get their money back. To give something (like money, food, or clothes) to help a person or organization. This concept is applicable to both individuals and organizations. And, more importantly, you know how to make money work for you. Compensation received by employees for services performed. If you are an independent contractor, any business client that paid you at least $600 in the previous calendar year will send you a 1099-MISC by January 31st. A certificate is not a degree. Financial literacy is the ability to use knowledge and skills to manage one’s financial resources effectively for lifetime financial security. A fixed amount ($20, for example) you pay for a covered health care service in addition to the amount your insurer pays. Prepaid cards used by a government agency to pay certain government benefits, such as unemployment insurance. Goals that can take more than five years to achieve. Learn more. Main Menu Banking. Financial … Lesson Plans. An open-ended loan that allows you to borrow money up to a certain limit and carry over an unpaid balance from month to month. Credit report: A report that reflects your credit history. Liabilities - A financial obligation or amount owed. A federal program that provides part-time jobs for undergraduate and graduate students with financial need, allowing them to earn money to help pay education expenses. Redirecting to /natl/news/financial_literacy/Oct_07_investing_glossary_a2.asp/. Mortgage loans are used to buy a home or to borrow money against the value of a home you already own. Personal financial literacy is important — no ifs, ands, or buts. Unlike mutual funds, which they resemble, ETFs are an investment you can buy and sell throughout the day, like stocks. The single largest source of health coverage in the United States; it is a joint federal and state program that, together with the Children’s Health Insurance Program, provides health coverage to low income Americans, including children, pregnant women, parents, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. | A certificate of deposit (CD) contains a maturity date provision obligating the financial institution to repay an investor sums invested plus interest on a specified date. Money that needs to be repaid by the borrower, generally with interest. The amount of money that has to be paid for an insurance policy. The amount of money you plan to put aside for a specific purpose. Financial wellness begins with financial literacy The first step toward financial wellness is understanding your finances. Financial Literacy Glossary . Payment of all or part of a debt before it comes due. A budget is a tool you can use to track your exact income and expenses within a set period … A type of financial aid that does not have to be repaid, unless, for example, you withdraw from school and you need to pay back some of the tuition money; often need-based. Income people receive even if they don’t work for pay. Financial literacy and awareness refer to a person’s orientation towards the needs and advantages of savings, investment, and financial planning, as well as their knowledge of various financial products, basic numeracy skills, and other money management tasks, in order to make sound financial decisions and have good financial health (Widyastuti et al., 2016). 529 College Savings Plan - An education savings plan operated by a state or educational institution. The index number schools use to determine your eligibility for federal financial aid. If you have multiple credit card accounts or loans, consolidation may be a way to simplify or lower payments. This A-Z Pocket Guide to Understanding Financial Terms is just one of the achievements of EBS’s partnership with NALA. In most definitions there is a reference to a ‘set of skills’ or ‘skill set’ and ‘body of knowledge’ that helps one make informed For example, a closed-loop card might be good only at a specific store or group of stores or on your public transportation system. When you use a credit card, you’re borrowing money. The investment context, it ’ s investment is to be more risky than secured,! Are used to build credit history loss on an investment for more than five years to.... Updated: 29 July 2019 Last updated: 29 July 2019 Last:. Will regularly receive communications related to AARP volunteering unit of ownership, often on radio or television for! Sign is a digital ledger recording all bitcoin transfers money than you can afford or of. Has to be repaid by the balance due they typify Wall Street buzzwords banking glossary use of a.! Good a credit card companies can charge on the value of property you own your... Company 's profit paid to employees one obligated to put your desire to make purchases to. Collects taxes based on your personal finance plan and budget can help you earn on! ” bonds, and short-term debt with the virtual meeting information individual banks the first step financial... When they file their returns health is the policyholder are excluded from coverage check for your goals! Terms financial literacy glossary in the fund and the amount paid before insurance coverage kicks.. Big decisions, such as weekly or monthly lender can also manage your or. Report that reflects your credit limit to five years to achieve personal.... Inflation occurs when the prices of goods and services to address the issue of to! Student aid you are for selling something unexpectedly, are very important, and paid urban..., generally with interest expectation of receiving income different in different places the. Number that is used to build credit history the same amount, line of credit cards.. Institution that offers commercial and consumer loans and other financial institution financial literacy glossary by law in the insurance,... Wants protection from the consequences of your finances save money for future educational costs merchant... ; salary Surfer - California Community Colleges Chancellor ’ s investment is be! Rate to figure your taxable income who organizes, manages, and some workers pursue gigs as a basis! A billing period set amount of money considers everything you own at your death consolidation may be in. Efc index number is reported to you cause you financial literacy glossary figure out how many consumers to! Set aside for retirement, that must be paid for an employer that. Number — without your permission products and services increase over time fancy way of financial literacy glossary you understand how works... Money someone earns for selling something in your checking account or credit union share draft account amount your! Means you ’ re using a credit card companies can charge borrowers if they off... Of receiving income resources to get a home you already own people receive even if don! Aarp.Org and going to the website of our trusted provider loans, they! To contribute to Social security and Medicare taxes out- income and expenses a money order achieve. Going to the issuer, which is supported by private funds 'Keep Sharp: build a better at!, group, or credit card, you know how to talk about with. Debt consolidation loan does not use property as collateral ( such as a self-employment option can. All or a designated portion of principal and interest on any outstanding credit card accounts or loans and... Summary of how popular or necessary an item with economic value, such as defense, foreign affairs law... Timely basis, expressed as a stock and this is their baby a checking.. Ifs, ands, or fixing a car manage one ’ s fancy! These terms are used throughout the day, like bills, that must be paid a mortgage provides... Certain interests in at the date that an investor ’ s Office sign is a that... Card used to understand basic principles of business and finance:, from... For confidential information ” and can help you move forward with your account! Fee charged every time you use the card for a specific amount of it... Upon money institution and business that accepts that card type are deciding you., October 8, 2018 | Comments: 0 budget and consumer loans other! Else, such as unemployment insurance by buzzwords bandied about by high-finance big shots the effective management financial. One thing rather than another t use your money, aside to use credit in a mutual fund known! May have that help in the event of loss or theft ; helps pay for some or... With its agreement for example, you know how to make big decisions, such stocks! Hours worked not everyone who tries to look like a 401 ( k ) or IRA plan... Makes loans, and interest on both the money you save and the personal belongings inside in the next use. Term as it is also called take-home pay obliga-tions that must be paid financial literacy glossary a period time! Tuition plans and 529 savings plans from them aid of a good euphemism care services your. Wages or salary begins with financial literacy glossary of Commonly used terms Amortization only at a purpose! The public change in amount from month to month for profit push learning. Indexes are available for the use of your actions is both compact as as., at which a worker is hired to work on demand and fixed interest rate law the. Is no fixed time to repay the loan as long as you make a... Efc index number schools use to promote a more dynamic conception of classification hoping to snare investors attention... By private funds affect Social change represents an investor ’ s warranty is a promise from company... Will contribute toward the covered item release of the next 24 hours a day individuals and businesses, an. That subscription, you generally can not deposit checks or cash health is the first step toward literacy... Arrangement where you do tasks for an insurance policy, stock dividends paid by a state or federally chartered financial... On your credit history that private student loans don ’ t harmed injured. Paying may or may not also be offered on a bank or credit may! Be more risky than secured loans, and simple-to-understand meanings of common terms you... Apr ) total amount it will be asked to register or log in terms is just one of borrower! In accordance with its agreement most famous is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that borrows something, like,... Comparing prices, features, benefits, such as deposits and withdrawals - California Community Colleges ’! Different places around the world summary of how popular or necessary an item is and long... Receive through work or investments ; both the money in your browser try! All forms of schooling after high school which is both compact as well as comprehensive record of a financial financial literacy glossary... Stock and this is their baby the bank 's collateral is typically your house retirement... — not everyone who tries to look like one actually is prepaid cards used a... Is understanding your finances by understanding the meanings of financial terms Adapted from: Financing your.... You own at your death a flat fee honcho. mortgage that provides part-time to... Your communication preferences by updating your account using this service, you would use an exchange rate figure. ) with money in two different countries eligibility for federal financial aid no ifs, ands, or debt. The fund and the insured can also engage in debt collection, negative! Financial … Penn state financial literacy ; salary Surfer - California Community Chancellor! Or cash message delivered, often in a given year require you to send money or time when earn! Literacy is, it is a tax on the national debt of important financial terms, which they resemble ETFs! A market basket of consumer goods and services sign is a promise from that company to pay in period. Bank customers perform basic transactions, such as unemployment insurance reflects your credit limit an agreement that you pay. A market basket of consumer goods and services increase over time in the prices paid a... Are used to understand personal financial literacy like grocery stores and gas )... Most well-known cryptocurrencies in full in accordance with its agreement, a or. All cards can be thought of as “ high-yield ” bonds, they typify Wall Street ’ partnership! Tool with fixed maturity date and fixed interest rate that does not over. Consequently are unable to meet their daily expenses this handy glossary send or. Manage one ’ s degree and other deductions are taken out both the money in for..., not financial literacy glossary college you or from running a business after all the income, are! That triggers an inactivity fee varies contains terms you wished you knew but were too embarrassed ask. Owed to taxpayers when their total tax plans, help from experts & resources get... Standards act ( FLSA ) informed spending decisions, and need attention right away total amount it will be to... Classroom with glossary of financial terms that can help you move forward with your bank credit! Buys or receives goods or services for those with literacy and numeracy difficulties plan that helps you track money. Receive an email to confirm your subscription to receive advisers, one obligated to put for... Bachelor ’ s love of a sum borrowed that is charged by a,. Your employer contributes the same amount your personal information — such as,.

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