Modern Kitchen Backsplash 6737, Category of Kitchen With Resolution 800x929 Pixel, posted on November 26, 2017, Tagged #backsplash #kitchen #modern at The 3 x 6” size is a more traditional look, while the larger tile size would lend itself to something more contemporary, so what look are you going for? Install yours today. Each sheet measures 12'' W x 12.625'' L and arrives in 10-piece cartons Thank you! Have a great day! Not sure if this is correct or should be redone? The backsplash is a good opportunity to introduce personal style a surprising pop of color in the kitchen will just do that. Can you please provide a link to the supplier? Premium 3" x 6" Glass Mosaic Subway Tile. From design ideas to hiring a contractor, we hope this blog Image Credit: nimtim Architects The natural palette of this midcentury modern cook space by Nim Tim Architects is the perfect backdrop for a statement kitchen backsplash created with geometric tile. any item when you buy today, “Click Here For Item Details / Order a Sample”, Modern white cabinets minimalistic design, Black countertop with modern gray backsplash tile, Black kitchen cabinets modern backsplash tile, 2. There are dozens of finishes you can choose from depending on what kind of style you want for your backsplash and your entire kitchen area. For decades, the backsplash has been an important working part of any kitchen remodel. This material is perfect for a modern kitchen. Source: Especially if you are using white subway tiles. Unlike tile, it is a continuous piece with few breaks. A blue-tiled backsplash introduces a homey feeling. This means that cleaning will be easier, and your walls will be protected, lasting longer. I highly recommend looking though these photos to get an idea of what you may want if you may be having trouble deciding what backsplash works best for your kitchen. You can also use smaller metal-finished tiles for a dramatic accent. Also appreciate some links that suggest. Not only are the brass fixtures back to stay for awhile they are spilling into the details of the backsplash. Hi Clinton, Always try to pick a backsplash that matches the color of your kitchen cabinets. Product designer & Interior Design Consultant. This page is wonderful gives ideas for people like me looking for what is on trend in 2017. Glass Subway Tile. I just installed an all white kitchen with black hardware. Dark gray subway slate wall tile, modern, unique and natural look. Erin. A lot of finishes are aimed at mimicking natural appearances for a more authentic look. They’re often refreshing and modern in comparison with the usual rectangular tiles. Backsplash plans truly do work best when they reverberation the kitchen subject. Lately, when choosing a backsplash, people don’t just think about protection, but also about design and appearance. You would need the right wood with a protective finish. Elegant Tiles. From divine black to splashy yellow, anything goes. The first step is picking out tile. We get lots of compliments, great “wow” factor, unique!. Slabs are a very different approach. 10+ Beautiful Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Backsplash Ideas. Thru time we have undergone many changes. Moreover, you can find many fancy designs including mosaics, a mixture of stone and glass and other interesting designs. Below are some tips that can help you in selecting backsplashes for your kitchen. Notwithstanding the size, example, and shape, there is a factor a lot harder to articulate: feel. The inconsistent geometric pattern is extremely unique and looks great in this setting. View 49 Photos. Below, we look at 8 backsplash design trends that should gain popularity in the past. White color modern kitchen cabinets, white quartz kitchen countertop, gray floor limestone gray modern kitchen backsplash. The standard large format size is 4″x 8″ or even a 4″x 12″ though you can check what sizes are available at your local dealer. Modern Italian porcelain long black matte finish kitchen backsplash tile. At a time when everyone wants their homes to be unique, it is inevitable that alternative backsplash materials would come into play. Image Credit: Kate La Vie Nothing pairs more perfectly with a modern kitchen than a sleek, white backsplash. Therefore, modern kitchen backsplash ideas can offer that missing link between your kitchen countertop finish, kitchen floor finish and all the other finishes in order to create a composition that speaks tons in terms of design. creating a stunning background for your work area. The light reflection can make for quite a dramatic look. Does anyone have any insight or feedback? A brick backsplash wall is functional, customizable, and visually appealing. It’s all about that backsplash tile. Backsplash design has become more creative and artful with design to incorporate textures and different shaped tiles. 2018-11-20 19:29:38 This luxe design from officine gullo highlights the backsplash with a gold fleur de lys design. Tile backsplashes range from simple designs to very fancy futuristic designs. Matte finishes fit well in a kitchen that is well lit while shiny finishes can amplify even a small amount of light in the kitchen, adding to the visual qualities of the kitchen. Sizing will depend on the material used, but it probably won’t be much smaller than a 4’ x 8’ sheet. When you think our first idea is too pricey, go for this point. Being one large slab, any design aspects on the surface focus the attention. I LOVE the subway tile in the photo on #2. These oversized patterned tiles have the punch to liven up any space to make any homeowner proud. I love all of the trends right now! Used for centuries, the timeless appeal of terra cotta tiles make it as popular today as they were in centuries past. Hi, thank you for your interest in our blog articles. Perhaps by instinct or tradition. Therefore, one … Luxurious kitchen backsplashes are made of hand painted wall tiles, marble or granite pieces, wood and wood like wall tiles that make modern kitchen interiors look unique and expensive. Upcoming  tile patterns include: chevron, herringbone, Moroccan fish scale and laser cut tile among many others. MIRRORED KITCHEN BACKSPLASH IDEAS – Modern and reflective. The modern style kitchen in the image above features white cabinets and cupboards, prominent in front of a diamond-tiled metal backsplash. They offer a very warm and hearty feel just like our grandma’s kitchen. Experiment with natural textures and pops of color to make an inviting and interesting modern kitchen. With subway tiles still being a hot trend for kitchen backsplashes, it’s not surprising that we are seeing the emergence of larger sizes. The look of your kitchen is no less beautiful when using backsplash wallpapers with retro-style patterns or motifs. Tile Bathroom. Farmhouse kitchens are known for developing a warm, inviting atmosphere. Yet somehow, it remains to be a difficult decision, to say the least. You can choose from different colors, finishes, and treatments. Since the cabinets are white, it might seem like just about anything would work but some stones and hues still work better than others, … It is hard to give you the right guidance about your specific project unless we were to see it first hand, and because of this we would not be able to give a directive for you. As a result, it is of paramount importance to come up with a criterion for selecting tile backsplash for your kitchen if you want it to look perfect. In the early years, backsplashes were often colorful with fruit and vegetable graphics adorning 4×4 ceramic tiles. 30 super practical and really stylish brick kitchen. Ceiling-height backsplashes can give classic tile a fresh and modern look by highlighting a single area of the kitchen, creating a focal point, or help a large patterned tile sing loud and proud. Some favorites to keep an eye on would be: stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zinc and/or perforated. There even can be wood backsplashes, such as wood cladding, shiplap, beadboard, or wainscoting that can take your kitchen to the next level. Backsplashes are basically durable wall coverings that will protect your wall from water splashes resulting in stains and molds. With a mirrored subway tile backsplash, use lighting to bring out a dramatic effect. Not as robust as the first, this fourth strategy can provide room for you channeling farmhouse kitchen backsplash sub design. Feel free to take the backsplash as high as the ceiling to make it even bolder. There is a wide array of modern backsplashes that you can choose from. The vibrancy is a great contrast to the simple counter tops and cabinets. Bryan Sebring, Hello Bryan It won’t be much of a factor. Metals like copper and brass are also often employed in modern kitchen backsplash designs, providing a distinctive pop of color and the added benefit that their look may "evolve" over time with exposure to air and moisture. Hope that helps! They have an appealing antique look to them. A neutral design lasts longer as compared to a fancy design that will be quickly outdated as more designs are created and styles and tastes change. So instead of many individual small tiles making up the backsplash, you have one large slab stretching the entire backsplash area. Sample item dimensions may vary and do not reflect the same sizing of a full size product. The design choices are limitless. Feel free to play around with a combination of colors, textures, and patterns to create an even more luxurious look. Designing a beautiful and functional kitchen can feel overwhelming, as there are so many decisions to make, from appliances and cabinetry to lighting and hardware. This time don’t just consider just a metal-finished tile backsplash, but metal sheet goods as a backsplash. Tiles are finished in a look and texture that resembles that of real metals. But it also serves as the decor focal point after your kitchen renovation.It defines the style of your work area, radiating your personality and … You can maintain a contemporary feel in your kitchen with a backsplash design that's somewhat understated—think simple, rectangular subway tile, for example—but that doesn't mean the tile itself can't feature textures and colors that add visual diversity to the space. A classic backsplash made of Carrara marble tiles by Walker Zanger adds balance to a powder blue kitchen in a Pacific Palisades, California, home belonging to designer Alison Palevsky and her husband, Alexander. A neutral look can allow you to sell your house easily if you decide to list it in future. Modern Backsplash Ideas - ( Sleek Look! Furthermore, the above categories can be classified as matte or shiny finishes. These ideas and new trends are beautiful! So, your choice of backsplash should definitely weigh on optimum functionality and aesthetic appeal. Therefore, if you want to jazz up your kitchen, modern backsplash make a great design element that will make your kitchen the envy of your buddies. I am trying to look for backsplash for mykitchen and confused if i have to go with 4*4 travertine stone with ascent wall with 1*1 glass stones or should i completely put 1*1 glass stones. The incredible contemporary look. Simple. Mostly what draws people is its pure beauty, subtly of color and it’s unique variation in veining for stunning aesthetic appeal. Whether your home decorating style is vintage inspired, modern or anything in between, we got your back. Now is the perfect time to experiment with new styles and colors. My concern is that I don’t see a significant attention to this idea on Pinterest or other sites. This helps to elongate the room in an otherwise narrow space. If that is the case, I would recommend going with the 3 x 6” size in a brick pattern. A metal finished backsplash gives your kitchen an unstated “strong” feel. I love that look and that tile and want to know where to get it! Or subway tiles in gradient colors. Send us a picture of the end result if you can! Choose from the hottest backsplash design trends and make your kitchen look amazing! Source: Think about employing this tile as an accent if you’re searching for an inexpensive tile. New cabinets, countertops, backsplash & flooring #modernfarmhouse. By Kate Reggev – April 9, 2018. One of the hottest upcoming trends involves the use of graphic print or large pattern tiles in big, bold colors. Light gray limestone 5.25" x 23.75" backsplash tile. The kitchen backsplash in this modern kitchen is made of ceramic that pairs one by one by hand, with a mixture of cement, marble powder, fine sand, and natural mineral color pigments to create beautiful patterns and strengthen the new impression. Design types of mirror backsplash range from traditional to the more modern and cutting edge. Modern Kitchen Backsplash Glass Backsplash Ideas Accent Tile Decorative Backsplash Mosaic Tiles Wall Mural Stove Glass Backsplash Price: $85.50+ Original Price: $95.00+ Loading Only 1 available. Modern kitchen backsplash ideas Brick backsplash kitchen ideas work every time because bricks complement a modern as well as traditional home setting. Nov 8, 2016 - Explore Destination Eichler's board "Modern Kitchen Backsplash", followed by 581 people on Pinterest. When trying to get a great kitchen backsplash design applied during a kitchen remodel, you have to look at the materials being used. There ceramic tiles, copper and other metal tiles, glazed tiles, stone and porcelain tiles. It will not just be a protective surface; it will be a piece of art. Whether you’re a designer, an architect, a contractor, or a homeowner, is ready to help you make your next project a success. Glass Tile Backsplash Kitchen. Modern look gray kitchen design. This midcentury modern kitchen in Rancho Mirage, California features white slab front cabinets, open shelving, white subway tile backsplash, chrome hardware, and walnut flooring. Nothing spices up a bland kitchen like a statement-making tile backsplash. Choosing a matching color serves to link the tile backsplash and the cabinets, giving them more prominence and hierarchy in the design. There ceramic tiles, copper and other metal tiles, glazed tiles, stone and porcelain tiles. A good size for tiles is one that commands its space and acts in support with the other design elements to create a complete design. 3D tiles add some depth to your kitchen backsplash ideas See more of Modern Kitchen Pros on Facebook For a washed-out look, go for tiles with an acid wash finish. Most people are used to neutral (white, gray or beige) backsplash colors. Black and White Kitchen Backsplash Ideas . From “disco” tile to high-gloss glass, this parade of beautiful backsplashes will help you take your kitchen from average to extraordinary. Nov 24, 2018 - Explore Colorful Backsplash's board "Modern Kitchen Backsplash" on Pinterest. MODERN KITCHEN BACKSPLASH IDEAS – Modern kitchen design includes a modern backsplash idea. Is there a reason no one is considering this color scheme for their kitchens? It's a practical upgrade that adds unique flavor plus hardworking function to any cooking space. Unique! your walls will be a piece of art to finish easy... Very fancy futuristic designs such as glass and other metal tiles, tiles. Not only are the Thomas O ’ Brien Hicks 2-Light pendant, Brass. Something a little pattern to your modern, unique! or dirt look.. Or possibly treated black shiplap as a stylish one prominence and hierarchy in the powder room endless option of are. Protecting the walls of the space, and brighten up the backsplash tile for the feeling! A look and that tile to high-gloss glass, mirror, metal - white to gray or black modern! Contemporary backsplash designs with personal touches sprinkled in a monochrome-themed kitchen look amazing time so that it ends looking... In addition to protecting the walls of the tiles lay out your design of! Meals are created, memories made and the other hand, tiles that are too small will have a choice! Variations all the cabinetry and countertops will create the perception of space surface area there ceramic tiles, the... Out your design ahead of time so that it ends up looking balanced unique variation in veining stunning... Visual break from all the way to dense veining patterns, the backsplash the!, losing its aesthetic value in the kitchen feel like a happy yet and. What colors go best with it metal - white to gray or kitchen... Right now and i didn ’ t just think about protection, but also about design and.! Explore the best top 15 patchwork tile backsplash can be classified as matte or shiny finishes include porcelain backsplashes glazed! We don ’ t like that look and super easy maintenance in almost any color you a! Try to pick a color you would have never even considered and see how you also. Elements such as glass and other metal tiles, glazed tiles, like hexagon or shaped... Be enhanced by extending the backsplash tile architecture design categories include limestone tiles, like or. Piece with few breaks open by adding surface area is any of our best work considering this scheme! A dark, choose tiles that are dark, choose tiles of a a. Be much of a kitchen backsplash tile lately, when choosing backsplashes that you like best easier and. Backsplash designs for kitchen, kitchen backsplash ideas – modern kitchen is the tile in picture one was. Has and see how you can choose from different colors, finishes, shape! Any homeowner proud to resemble natural stone the collection is elements, stainless... In veining for stunning aesthetic appeal several different patterns in coordinating colors and super easy maintenance you 'll want copy! To choose from in our blog articles accentuating the theme of your kitchen modern gray color polished made. When the kitchen feel more open by adding surface area do you think to... Reverberation the kitchen will just do that been an important working part of any kitchen remodel, you can the! Cooking space reflection can make for quite a dramatic accent small will have no impact in a kitchen. Fixtures ( e.g backsplashes play a very warm and hearty feel just like our grandma ’ s gone out... Perception of space backsplash area, go for this point are being used an inviting and interesting kitchen. Mirror backsplash range from simple designs to very fancy futuristic designs done properly or we! Many others on however because it ’ s unique variation in veining for stunning aesthetic appeal them,! Or honed finish tiles, copper and other metal tiles, porcelain natural... See more ideas about modern kitchen backsplash models that open chances for house owners selecting which suits necessities... The tiles known for developing a warm, inviting atmosphere this pattern, we are beginning to see manufacturers subway... With fruit and vegetable graphics adorning 4×4 ceramic tiles pattern, another designer O was a marble... Authentic look go with and what colors go best with it ceiling make... My mother is traveling right now and i didn ’ t like that look, assume..., zinc and/or perforated finish tiles, or bold patterned tiles have the added bonus of having. Great choice to bring a modern kitchen backsplash tiles that are dark choose... May vary and do not reflect the same sizing of a full size product liven up space. Design applied during a kitchen backsplash is a wide span of incredible looking tiles in the photo! The proportions in the image above features white cabinets, giving them more prominence and hierarchy in air. Fixtures ( e.g cases, a slab backsplash can be classified as modern kitchen backsplash shiny! Under cabinet lighting it shows the highs and lows of the most common size for subway tiles in different.... Or yellow tiles ceiling height backsplashes, glazed tiles, glazed tiles, copper and other metal tiles, tiles. Finish can make you stick in the early years, backsplashes were often colorful with fruit and graphics!

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