Member dues are the union’s only source of funding; it is the members themselves who provide the resources necessary to operate their union. Read more. By investigating the standards and practices of employers, we equip ourselves with valuable information in negotiating fair, equitable contracts for workers. Community-created profile of Local Union number 330 in Menasha, WI including executive profiles, news and insights, videos and contact information. Metacritic. Democracy Union members elect union officers, executive board members, stewards, and rank-and-file bargaining team members; negotiate and ratify their contracts; and vote on changes to the union’s Constitution and Bylaws. There will be three choices on the ballot: SEIU-UHW, NUHW, or No Union. Research By investigating the standards and practices of employers, we equip ourselves with valuable information in negotiating fair, equitable contracts for workers. It’s simply not true. Stern said no. These are important decisions that require unity among the membership. The ousted leaders of a large California SEIU local, the United Healthcare Workers-West (UHW), have regrouped to form a new union, the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW). CNA’s agreement covering 17 , … Third, we have a simple standard: all union members have the absolute right to be judged based on their own actions and behavior, regardless of what they look like, where they come from, what language they speak, who they love, or what religion they practice, if any. One common misunderstanding — one that is often encouraged and reinforced by employers — is that a union is an outside entity, a third party that intervenes between management and workers. Historic ties to labor Our history — and future — are deeply connected to labor unions. No details have been released, but Amalgamated Transit Union settled with Port Authority after working without a contract since June 30. Not only does organizing the unorganized bring new opportunities to more workers, but raising the wages and benefits of your employer’s competitors helps you win higher economic standards from your employer. related. (510) 435-8035, About  |  News & Press  |  Member Resources  |  Workplaces |  Search  |  Store  |  Contact Us, Fountain Valley Regional Hospital – EVS & Food Service, Kaiser Integrated Behavioral Health – Hawaii, Kaiser Integrated Behavioral Health Services, Providence Tarzana Cedars Sinai Medical Center, San Rafael Healthcare and Wellness Center. Monroe Community Credit Union Number. 2009 Number 55 Publication of the Revolutionary Organization of Labor, USA The National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW) — A New Union For Workers In Hard Times [The Newsletter presented below was written in early June, prior to the just concluded union election of Fresno, California home care workers. Most healthcare employers are large corporations where the CEO and other top administrators command millions of dollars per year in salaries and benefits — typically more than two hundred times what the average worker earns in a single year. Check how VAT number is called in national language of each EU country . The National Union of Healthcare Workers The National Union of Healthcare Workers’ constitution and bylaws were adopted and ratified by a membership vote on October 29, 2011. On October 7, the NLRB announced that SEIU-UHW had prevailed with 61% of the vote. Employers then have to compete based on the quality of care they provide rather than how cheaply they provide it. 225 West Broadway, Suite 400 Though we took the name NUHW in 2009, we have a long and storied history that reaches back eight decades, to the origins of the modern labor movement. Tech Republic. It is only when workers actively participate in building the union that we have the power to force the employer to provide quality patient care, safe working conditions, and good pay and benefits. The prospects of Medicare For All may not be bright in the current political environment; even the gains made under the Affordable Care Act are at risk under the new federal government. Recent Articles Gamespot. Local 11. This is the Queen’s third appeal of the NUHW union election. UHW has tried to capitalize on Kaiser’s refusal to settle with NUHW. NUHW conducts regular training sessions for stewards to develop their representation skills. But when healthcare workers come together and form a union, the workers have the collective power to demand a voice in these important issues. €€€Although the NUHW calls the action a “week-long statewide strike,” it is actually a series of one and two-day piecemeal strikes affecting different facilities each day. Editor's note: When the SEIU International trusteed the giant United Healthcare Workers-West local in California in January, UHW leaders and members vowed to form a new union. By joining and participating in a union, you are taking part in a movement that has a long history. Nearly all of the components of the healthcare industry — from insurance companies and healthcare systems to doctors, medical suppliers, and drug companies — are organized to promote their interests. It is the union’s job to see that they don’t. SEIU has obtained a $1.57-million civil judgment against NUHW and its officers for improperly using union money and property to stage their insurrection. But the attacks on the Affordable Care Act have actually helped our cause in California by galvanizing healthcare reform advocates to push for a statewide single-payer system. The NUHW splinter union is led by Sal Rosselli, the former UHW-West leader who was ousted after speaking out against what he called authoritarian policies of the Washington-run SEIU. The union won back protections against subcontracting, and stronger job security. Without a union, the employer can cut pay, eliminate benefits, change working conditions, or fire employees for no reason. CBS News. So when the employer attacks the union, the employer is really attacking you and your co-workers and your right to stand together and use your collective power to make your voice heard. In Ferguson, officers of a local union actively opposed the imposition of a trusteeship by their parent union. NUHW has also taken a leading role in pushing for mental health parity by holding healthcare providers accountable for offering mental healthcare that is on par with primary healthcare. In other words, you don’t pay dues based on overtime; you pay dues only on your regular pay for regular hours. Search Independent Unions Only: Search Active Unions Only: Union Name by Abbreviation Spoke is the definitive source of curated information on millions of companies, people and industries. 272485194 The Local Credit Union Sterling Heights MI 48310. Employers often use unions and union dues to frighten workers. Workers make up a majority of the population, but employers and their administrators and managers, who make up just a small part of the population, exercise tremendous influence over the rest of us. The conflict between management and workers does not exist because managers are inherently bad and workers inherently good. […] That number includes 4, 000 nurses and other Kaiser professionals who did switch from SEIU to NUHW three years ago and are still negotiating new contracts. Find executives and the latest company news. There are a few common misconceptions about union dues. The problem may affect Regional and HQ office main line numbers.

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