Bake at 350 for 10-15 minutes or until the cheese is melted. The ingredients look long just because there are three recipes coming together as one :) but I promise, it’s super easy! Homemade pickles should do the trick. Recipe: Slow-Cooker Pork Tacos with Fresh Tomato Salsa. There are lots of favorite sides to add to these sandwiches to make a meal, like: If you make this recipe, please let me know! Slow cook the pork butt roast on low for 8 hours for the most tender, fall apart pieces then use the sauce for flavoring the shredded sandwich meat. Dinner has never been easier than this five-ingredient, hands-off recipe. Make sandwiches or platters with our favorite barbecue side dishes for a complete meal. And in the world of recipe making, how many can claim that distinction?! Heat oil in a large Dutch oven or high sided skillet over medium-high heat. I definitely recommend a hamburger bun (or mini buns if you’re doing sliders). A taco night recipe this delicious calls for a pitcher (or two) of homemade margaritas. Your slow cooker helps slash hands-on time to make this recipe incredibly easy. Toss the coleslaw mix and red onion with the canola oil, apple cider vinegar, sugar, caraway seeds, celery seed, kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper. I am a huge fan of coleslaw but I never ever made coleslaw myself. Make one batch on Sunday and heat it up at lunch for the week. Jump to: Teriyaki Bowl Ingredients ⭐ Family Foodie Tips Serving Size How to Make a Rice Bowl Make it a Rice Toppings Bar Pin it for later! Recipe: 5-Ingredient Slow Cooker Pulled Pork. Rub the paste over the pork butt and place the pork in a heavy pot with a tight-fitting lid. Whether you’re celebrating a promotion or the end of a long week, any excuse is a good one to throw an at-home fiesta. The burger was great, pulled pork bbq tasted pretty generic but it was still good paired with everything i got on the burger, Beef was good, and the bun was also quality, ill omit the lettuce next time though as it made my bottom bun a little soggy. A great kid-friendly dinner idea and an inexpensive way to feed a crowd! Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour for flavors to blend. Would you believe you could have a cozy stew ready in just 20 minutes? Photo: William Dickey, Credit: Photo: Greg DuPree; Prop Styling: Mindi Shapiro Levine; Food Styling: Torie Cox, Credit: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. You want a softer bread to capitalize on how tender the meat is, and buns that are strong enough to hold a heavy sandwich without ripping or falling apart. This meal is comforting and impressive. It’ll win the game at every tailgate you attend. This Cheesy BBQ Pulled Pork Recipe was actually our son’s idea, and we’ve gotta hand it to him, it’s pretty legit. Top with the remaining chips, the remaining pulled pork, jalapeños and BBQ sauce. Massage the spice rub into the pork butt, coating on all sides. If you’re serious about authenticity, our hickory-smoked pork shoulder should be your weekend recipe. But when you stir in a few cups of sharp cheddar cheese it becomes – well, amazing. 2. That's it. Recipe: The Southern Living Pulled Pork Sandwich. Perfect for lunch or a lazy dinner, these sandwiches … Cover and cook on LOW for 8-9 hours or HIGH for 4-5 hours, or until fork tender. Combine the garlic, olive oil, and salt and mix into a paste. Place pork in skillet and cook until brown on all sides, about 5 minutes. Greg Dupree, Credit: Even better news? Add enough water to just barely cover the meat. There are a few tricks to make slow cooking one of your fastest weeknight or weekend culinary secrets. With a light broth and summery additions like fresh corn, lady peas, and tomatoes, you can enjoy this recipe all summer long. Recipe: 5-Ingredient Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork, Video: 5-Ingredient Slow-Cooker Pulled Pork. Kings Hawaiian rollsin particular are great for pulled pork sandwiches because they are a little bit sweeter than the average hamburger bun, … Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. Subscribe to FoodieCrush and have each post plus exclusive content only for our subscribers delivered straight to your e-mail box. All opinions are always my own. Skyler Burt, Pulled Pork Recipes for Every Occasion This Season. steak sauce, chopped onion, veggie burgers, hamburger buns, olive oil and 2 more. Try making Pulled Pork Nachos for game day or as a Friday night family dinner treat. Fresh cherry salsa is the ideal topping for these savory cornmeal griddle cakes and pulled pork. Photo by Beth Dreiling Hontzas / Styling by Lisa Powell Bailey / Food Styling by Pam Lolley, Credit: These noodle bowls come together quickly for an easy dinner or lunch recipe. Carolina-Style Pulled Pork Barbecue. Grill, turning once, 10-14 minutes or until internal temperature reaches at … Craving more life balance, less stress, and better health? Or, whip up some Pork Noodle Bowls as a cozy dinner recipe on cold evenings. This light recipe is an inventive way to use slow-cooked pulled pork. Born in the heart of barbecue country — Gallatin, Tennessee, our barbeque meats use only the purest smokehouse processes for genuine rib-sticking satisfaction. Thanks Amanda, I think you’ll really love it. Upgrade your pig-in-a-blanket recipe with pulled pork and a four-ingredient sauce that you’ll want to bottle and save for chicken fingers and barbecue sandwiches. This tender pork cooks in pineapple and chipotles in adobo for the perfect sweet and spicy mix. These whip up in minutes, literally. Photo: Jennifer Davick; Styling: Lydia DeGaris Pursell, Credit: Photo: Jennifer Causey; Prop Styling: Ginny Branch Stelling; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall, Credit: Meanwhile, in a 3 1/2-quart slow cooker, combine the onion, garlic, chipotle and adobo sauce, beer, … The Johnny Utah smoked brat with… If you love slow cooker tacos, then you’ll also love my Slow Cooker Korean BBQ Pork Tacos, Slow Cooker Ranch Chicken Tacos, or my Slow Cooker Hawaiian BBQ Pork … Give the pork between eight to ten hours in your slow cooker, and it will be fork tender and ready to shred by dinner time. This light recipe will be the prettiest brown bag lunch you ever bring. Rub seasoning all over the pork. Hector Manuel Sanchez, Credit:

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