White wine glasses appear very similar to red wine glasses, but the widest parts of the bowl and rim are smaller than the dimensions of red wine glasses. These are a little heavier than most other types of glass, but they will hold the right amount of liquid when you are making drinks. Irish Coffee; 7. Not only will it just seem strange, but you may be cheating your guests (and yourself) out of an ideal drinking experience. This releases the aromas. Additionally, presentation can make the difference between a good cocktail and a fine cocktail. Types of Bar Glasses. Chalices and goblet glasses are actually two separate types of glasses, but they are hard to distinguish and actually serve the same purpose, so we took the liberty of chucking them into a single category. Side by side with a highball glass, a Collins glass will appear taller and narrower. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. In many cases, the widest part of the bowl tapers to a narrower rim, which helps to direct the full force of the aroma to the nose with every sip. Nosing; 20. If you’re convinced that you should pick up some new glassware for yourself, check out the following sections for some further breakdown regarding materials, features, and styles that you’ll want to consider for your own set (or sets!) Like their wine glass cousins, champagne glasses sport long stems to prevent the hand’s hot temperatures from negatively affecting the drinking experience. Types of cocktail glasses. Not only does the copper help to insulate the drink’s chill, but the handle assists the drinker in keeping warm hands far away. These types of glasses are thicker at the base, this is so that it prevents it from breaking. Once you are confident with the glasses and their benefits, you may even want to start mixing up which glass you use to … Using the correct types of glasses for your crafted cocktails isn’t just for presentation, it also improves the drinking experience for your guests. An open-mouthed, shallow cocktail glass, the coupe glass is great not only for cocktails but for drinking Champagne. The shape of the glass should increase the experience of drinking liqueur by accentuating the often deep color and movement of the liquid. These nosing glasses were created specifically for whiskey by Scotland’s Glencairn Crystal Ltd. and are now considered the “official whiskey glass” by some experts. Traditionally, these glasses are welled, meaning that the bowl is crafted in a couple of different “levels.” While the part of the bowl nearest to the stem is usually smaller, margarita glasses possess a much broader bowl atop this narrow outpouching. In fact  there are two type of glasses used for drinking cognac: the tulip glass and the balloon snifter. As such, they are well deserving of their own glassware. LET'S LOOK AT THE VARIOUS TYPES OF COCKTAIL GLASSES AVAILABLE: Highball glass (aka Collins glass or Slim Jim) Typical volume of 350 to 400 ml / 12.3 to 14.1 Oz. Snifter; 18. Collins glasses are usually a couple of ounces larger than a highball, but only due to the additional height. The Bordeaux wine glass has a content of 50 cl. Shorter ones tend to give a rather sober impression. This glass is not dissimilar from a mug perched atop a thick stem, complete with a sturdy base. Cocktails are ever-growing in popularity, and there are so many different types of cocktail glasses. Types of Cocktail Glasses: An In-Depth Guide Mastering the art of crafting cocktails is more than shaking and stirring; it involves finesse, creativity and most of all, the proper drinkware. Steins were traditionally made from stone but are available nowadays in glass forms for everyday use. In this case, the design encourages the drinker’s body heat to transfer to the liquid within, and the rounded bowl invites swirling and thoughtful sniffing. As its name implies, the lowball glass is a shorter version of its counterpart, the highball glass. These cookies do not store any personal information. Like other glasses created specifically for a certain beverage, the grappa glass was named after the drink it was designed to hold. This is a long glass with straight sides. Also called a champagne coupe, champagne saucers hearken back to the early 1900s when a wider and more shallow bowl was the most popular vessel for a glass of fine champagne. It is wide on the top with a high foot. Having the right type of cocktail glass for every drink is vitally important to discerning customers and casual patrons alike. A Collins glass can normally contain around 35 cl but there are of course different sizes and varieties. Simply another name for the brandy snifter, a balloon glass is a popular choice of glassware for those who want to fully enjoy the characteristics of a fine cognac or brandy. It is picked up by the foot so that the drink doesn’t get warm from our hands. A typical rocks drink would be an Old Fashioned, a cocktail that is mostly spirits served on ice. Some even insist that the copper itself boosts the taste of the drink, but we’ll leave that up to you. Your email address will not be published. Tiki mugs are well-suited for tropical cocktails, capable of bringing a note of spirit and authenticity to any summery, outdoor gathering. This type of stemmed glass usually holds between 5 and 10oz. The champagne coupe is nowadays a little outdated and old fashioned. Perhaps you’re wondering why, when you begin your search for a glassware collection to accentuate your own home bar, the price point varies so drastically. Beer in a wine glass? Learn the 12 types of glassware which includes different types of bar glasses such as cocktail glasses and tumblers, red and white whine glasses and beer glasses. White wine glasses come in different sizes and shapes: each to accentuate the unique characteristics of different styles of wine. Unlike wine glasses, the base of the bowl is wider than the top. Drinks that are usually used in these types of glasses are tequila. See pictures of common types of cocktail glasses, plus what they're best for. For drinking pure whiskey , a tulip shaped glass is a better choice as it holds the aroma much better. The wide brim allows for maximum flavor and aroma . This design appears particularly clean and sharp, a classy addition to any formal gathering. With that said, read below to find out which types of cocktail glasses are used for which drinks and why you may want to follow the “rules” from time to time. Set up your own small home bar and serve drinks to friends and guests in beautiful cocktail glasses. A lot of these reasons you’ll be used so, such as the pint glass. While it’s certainly not necessary to have a set of each of these glasses lying around (in fact, your bar would likely start to look crowded if this was the case), choosing a few staples can be an essential part of the cocktail-drinking experience for your guests. The glass of the shot glasses is mainly quite thick. 1. Some champagne glasses even have an imperceptible notch at the bottom of the bowl to promote the constant rise of bubbles that is so characteristic of a refreshing glass of champagne. The term “cocktail glass” may refer to a category of glassware used for mixed drinks or to one specific type of glass—the one known to many as the martini glass. This cocktail glass types come in different shapes, sizes and styles and these are fun to collect. Short, small, narrow, and sturdy, shot glasses are usually available in sizes between one and two ounces—the perfect volume for a quick drink of liquor, usually without the addition of any mixers. Milkshake; 16. Rocks; 9. While the wobble glass serves the same purpose as the balloon glass, it is an infinitely more fun variation on the classic! Old Fashioned; 8. So knowing what glass to use for what cocktail is a great piece of knowledge for you to have. Taller shot glasses are ideal for creating artistic shots with mixed liquors or added ingredients for a fun effect and burst of flavor. Cocktailsandshots.com is the most complete mixed drinks database with While some glasses have a long stem in order to prevent the warmth of one’s grip from sullying a chilled cocktail or a serving of wine, the brandy snifter does the opposite! Martini glass, tumbler, collins glass,… It is sometimes hard to understand why there are so many different cocktail glasses. While no longer preferred for champagne, the coupe glass has been adopted by some cocktail connoisseurs as a vessel for craft cocktails such as the Martinez, the Side Car, and the Aviation. The white wine glass contains 25 cl and has a high foot. Thankfully, there are far more cocktail recipes than types of cocktail glasses. Types of Cocktail Glasses – The Comprehensive Guide to Cocktail Glassware, Best Ash Vacuum Cleaner for Pellet or Charcoal BBQ Grill. For example, acrylic is a suitable alternative to glass if you’re utilizing your serving vessels in a more casual setting where you might be worried about breakage. Glass itself has some variation of its own—the thickness of a pint glass for beer, for example, will be much more than a wine glass or champagne flute. A tumbler is a short and wide glass with cylinder form and a thick bottom. Glasses and their appropriate shapes allow for a full-bodied drinking experience—from color to smell to taste to temperature, everything will be better when served in an appropriate glass. Via this article we guide you around in the wonderful world of the cocktail glasses. This website uses cookies to improve your experience, Here are some of our coolest Halloween cocktails, The perfect Bloody Mary… a matter of taste, Why Tequila Sunrise is the Best Cocktail to opt for Your Next Party. Collins; 5. Cocktail Glass Types. But before we start, some good advice: make sure that your glasses are always sparkling clean. The stein glass separates itself from the pint glass with its handle, hinged lid, and occasionally larger size. Like the Collins glass, chimney (or zombie) glasses are tall, narrow, straight-sided, cylindrical glasses perfect for serving long mixed drinks. The champagne coupe is often used at wedding receptions. May 16, 2019 Techniques Lifestyle. Take a quick look at any DIY resource and you’ll likely see a number of projects that involve recycling jam jars. The cocktail glass is by far the most used glass when we think of serving cocktails. The wide mouth and base allow you to use this as a tasting glass or as a cocktail glass that has plenty of room for mixers and ice! Experienced shooter or shot drinkers can explain, or better show you why. The shape of the wine glass itself delivers the wine to the palate in a way that best accentuates the wine’s layered and complex flavors, while the width of a wine glass’s rim is designed with the aromas of various wine styles in mind. Why Use Different Types of Cocktail Glasses? However, they are also the go-to glass for drinking dessert wines like port, and others prefer this type of glassware for neat liquor, too. The bottom of this glass is typically wide and sturdy, perfect for muddling mint or other herbs into cocktails like mojitos. This glass best fits cocktails with champagne. The champagne coupe is now commonly used for certain cocktails such as daiquiris. It flares out a little at the rim what makes it look like a tulip. Even if the beer you’ve acquired for your next gathering is in bottles or cans, pouring those servings into a pint glass will allow your guests to more easily taste the character of the beer itself, without the metallic aftertaste that frequently comes from drinking out of a can or bottle. From beer and wine to more complex mixed beverages like hurricanes and margaritas, you can be assured that the perfect glass exists for each and every cocktail! Like martini glasses and some other types of cocktail glasses, margarita glasses are available in a wide variety of colorful designs. But they are different. … Simpler but crafty and rustic sets exist for a more casual drinking experience and at-home bar decoration. Not only is the aesthetic an important part of this minty, sugary bourbon delight, but the Julep cup’s material helps to insulate the crushed or shaved ice on a hot Kentucky afternoon. It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it…. No matter your party’s theme or your home’s décor, there is most certainly a set of cocktail glasses to meet your needs! You might, for example, want a more classic or elegant style, or maybe you prefer to stand out from the crowd and purchase the most eclectic glasses you can find. Wine glasses have been designed with the same kind of complexity and precision involved in the winemaking process. However, given all the various types of cocktails, different styles of glasses have been created, and have since become synonymous, with the types of beverages they’re intended to serve. A. These glasses are particularly perfect for blended drinks or milkshake cocktails, and they look even better with a bendy straw and a cherry on top! It is used for what are called the small and strong cocktails: shots and shooters. Therefore it is advised to clean and dry them by hand. The couple glass is another name for the champagne saucer described above. Now that this long list is out of the way, you may be wondering just why in the world you would need to use so many different kinds of glasses at your home bar or next party. Polycarbonate also provides a high-quality but more durable glass alternative, which can be particularly useful for those who plan on using their glasses in a rough-and-tumble environment like a bustling outdoor party or a busy reception. It’s ideal for serving mixed drinks on ice, particularly the Singapore Sling. Many people asked me if the type of glass is really that important when serving a cocktail. A classic cocktail glass, made even more popular by James Bond’s famous quote 'shaken not stirred', the Martini glass is also commonly called a 'cocktail glass'. Frequently distinguished as an alternative to a highball glass, Collins glasses will do well as a vessel for “highball” cocktails—a generous amount of non-alcoholic mixture, a shot or two of liquor, and ice. This style of cocktail glass is named after characters from the popular Thin Man movies starring Willam Powell and Myrna Loy, who enjoyed strong libations from these petite five-ounce glasses in the film series. Should the colors and design of the glassware match a particular theme to fit in with an existing collection? Highball; 3. Not all glassware is equal, even when you’re searching within a particular “genre” of cocktail glasses. Typically, cocktails are constructed directly within the glass itself by pouring the shaken ingredients over ice. Do I want a matching set? Cocktail glasses come in many different styles, including frosted, painted, and fun stem shapes. A fine whiskey served in a red plastic cup, for example, would be a waste of well-made whiskey! The tulip has a long stem that climbs to a wide bell and then curves inwards. They can also be called "lowball glasses." Wobble; 19. This glass is an example of elegance. Reminiscent of the great American diner, the long, tapered curves and steady base of milkshake glasses can make anyone smile. Tumbler; 10. Home » Cocktails » Types of Cocktail Glasses – The Comprehensive Guide to Cocktail Glassware, https://loisaidanest.com/2012/03/19/the-quest-for-the-nick-and-nora-cocktail-glass/. Plus, some materials like tin and copper (or thicker glass) are more suited for insulating warm beverages like Irish coffee and keeping cold beverages as chilly as they should be. The bowl itself is narrow and flared at the top, akin to the ever-popular tulip shape found in the design of many cocktail glasses. Used for: Cocktails like a mojito, Tom Collins, and gin fizz. Colourful Cocktail Glasses: Common cocktail glasses are those that are made from glass and plastic. The art of crafting cocktails is a way for mixologists to express their own creativity. These are used for straight shots of liquor or for drinks that are strained or shaken. WebstaurantStore / Food Service Resources / Blog. Make sure that the company you purchase from guarantees this! This is an added measure of convenience that makes a world of difference to some. Hurricane; 13. Coupe; 17. Vodka, ginger beer and all its spices, lime juice—simply reading these ingredients may evoke a nostalgia associated with this cozy, popular beverage. Somewhat reminiscent of a top leaning against the ground once it’s finished spinning, a wobble glass is a stemless version of the balloon glass which has the freedom to “wobble” from where it’s set on a flat surface. The shape of the cocktail glass dictates how the glass is held in the hand, which affects the temperature of the drink. As you’ve likely noticed from the above descriptions, cocktail glasses come in a variety of materials. Officially, the Collins glass is a little higher than the longdrink glass. This design helps to contain the champagne’s crisp carbonation, preventing the drink from going flat and losing its charm. There’s something about these jars that encourages a drinker to embrace a cozy, homey vibe while they sip away at their alcoholic iced lemonades and muddled mint mixtures. Wine Glasses; C. Beer Glasses; D. Bar Glass Materials. In some cases, the rim actually flares to allow some of the aroma to escape the glass and greet the user upon lifting the glass for a sip. Pitchers are great for sporting events or other large gatherings where a few people are happy to congregate and enjoy the same brew. The standard or old-fashioned glass, which is often also called a lowball glass, is perfect for this. Tin, copper, silver, glasses of varying thicknesses, crystal, and even plastic are all plausible materials in which to serve liquor, mixed drinks, beer, or wine. These cups may or may not have a handle attached to prevent the warmth of one’s hand from diminishing the refreshing coolness of a punch served chilled. Remember to never throw your glassware set in the dishwasher until you’ve confirmed that it’s designed to withstand the high temperatures within. These glasses hold two ounces of liquid and resemble shot glasses. Pint glasses have a wide brim, perfect for containing the head of a well-poured beer, and tend to be made with thick, sturdy glass. Mixed drinks with a variety of liquors, juices, and other ingredients have plenty of room to settle with ice and fruit garnishes in these large, spherical, stemmed glasses. Due to the wide rim and bowl base, the champagne saucer is no longer the best way to contain the aromas and crisp, bubbly nature of today’s champagne. From holiday parties to special brunches, we've created a guide that tells you not only which glasses you need to stock your home bar, but also why (and how) the shapes work for different wines and spirits. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Often, the rims of these glasses flare outward to better hold toppings of foam, whipped cream, or other confections. When you hold the glass between the palms of your hands, it warms up the drink a little. Pousse Café; 21. This is awesome. These short, handled, stemmed glasses closely resemble the Irish coffee glass and are, in fact, perfect for serving warmed alcoholic beverages. If you’re imagining a particular style of cocktail glass that would be perfect for your next event, it likely exists. No thanks! It is often used as a whiskey glass. The Burgundy glass is broader and has a bigger bowl to accumulate aromas of more delicate red wines such as pinot noir. Both its stem and narrow bowl are shorter than a champagne glass, but the two types of glassware are similar enough that a small champagne glass can substitute for a sour glass in a pinch. The  liqueur glass contains around 8 cl of liquid. If possible, use high champagne glasses. Equipped with thick, insulating material and a handle, the Irish coffee glass is the ideal choice for hot beverages spiked with Irish cream and other types of alcohol.

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