Any advice? Hi Cals, I followed 2-3 mins of beating as per video but may have to take longer now. Ah now it is clear to me. Hi Nami, I am a fan of Japanese food and am loving your website! This video gets divided feedback on music – When cake is done, remove from oven and turn the pan over. Some of my readers have made this recipe in a bundt cake pan, but I don’t know if it was the optimal result or not (since I didn’t get to taste). It’s my favorite tea, and the only flavor I have of quality loose tea. It does say 170C. It took me a long time to decide buying chiffon cake pan, madeleine pans, and popover pans, but I make these often and it was worth it. Otherwise, egg white portion will shrink, and the batter will separate into two layers like yours. hi your recipe looks wonderful, I was wondering if I could try it with a 23 cm pan instead! i.e. It is also slightly healthier than other types of baked goods that use plenty of butter. I’m pretty sure it’s due to over or under beating of egg whites. I believe you can substitute with potato starch or arrowroot powder, although I had never used it before. Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m a newbie at baking… This is the first cake I tried and turns out amazing!! The song is called “Crazy Like Me”:, I put the name of music in every video under description box on YouTube, in case you are interested in other music. Hi Victoria! This post may contain affiliate links. . . (The video does say 107C but I didnt watch the video until my cake went into the oven..). As this is 7 inch chiffon cake and you will use 8″ pan, the cake will become flatter for sure. I’m going to make this today! Taste and texture so wonderful!! chiffon is also my favorite type of cake, so versatile and delicious. Hi Fen! , Hi, I’ve just made this cake for tea and it’s the best chiffon cake my husband & I’ve ever eaten Thank you for the recipe ; ), Hi Frances! I my takeaway was to fold the egg White in very very gently!!! Remove the bags, without squeezing out excess liquid, then top up the water to its original ¾ cup measure. ½ tsp salt. At first attemp i bake it at 22cm pan and it baked perfectly but is kinda low since the pan is too big. but the chiffon cake shrunk a little and fell off after few minutes of inverted cooling. This recipe is awesome! Or is it better to not use it since we are going to put the cake upside down for a while until it’s cooled? Hi Alana! And thanks for letting us know about mini bundt cake and mini loaf pans so that other readers will be able to use them. So… if you’re referring to voice over, maybe you are talking about someone’s videos? Regarding the dropping of the cake, usually one of 3 reasons. This video is pretty old, and back then we were testing different kind of music to see what works. Hi Nami! INGREDIENTS: 2 tea bags of earl grey tea (blend in the blender for few seconds) 133g all purposed flour. (i jsut want to double check). My finished meringue is white, foamy, and it is soft to touch with peaks. What would be the amount of earl grey tea leaf for 10 inch? I love the taste of the cake! I feel like your dry ingredients are more… which is why I asked if you use a kitchen scale to measure the flour. Hi this looks so amazing ! Buy our best-selling e-cookbook for 33 more easy and simple recipes! , 2) If you really want a chiffon cake, you need a chiffon cake pan…. To check on stiff peaks, pull up your whisk and see if the egg whites go straight up (stiff peak) and just the tip is soft enough that it folds over, like taking a bow. Cut the cake into eight slices, and serve at room temperature with a cup of hot tea or coffee. xoxo, This cake is so good, I’m making it for my husband’s birthday tonight! I have the measurement here: It’s 50 g of all purpose flour. Avoid plastic bowls -- even clean ones may hold oily residue that can affect the beating quality of the egg whites. I just have a quick question regarding the tea. But it wasn’t the chiffon cake texture I was expecting. But it’ll be edible and delicious, maybe it’s not perfect chiffon cake. I do not recommend. Hope you enjoy the recipe! Hi Nami! Do you think potato starch would work in place of cornstarch in your home-made cake flour? But I didn’t see it and I’m not sure how successful it was. Hai Nami I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe. With a rich chocolate flavor, this chiffon cake recipe will soon be your favorite! Hi Nami!! No, I do not bring the eggs to room temperature. Again thank you for share this good recipe. I hope I can make it as beautiful as you do in your recipe. Thank you for your kind words! I can see why the center of your cake is wet. Also you might under-beat the meringue (more air you put, the taller your chiffon cake is). Thank you!! So… it’s up to you. Thanks for trying this recipe and I’m so glad you enjoyed it! The cake is so soft and moist and has a great fragrance, though for my personal taste I might reduce sugar slighly in future. I wish I could help, but it’s hard to know what went wrong without being in the kitchen with you… . Hi Mary! It won’t rise tall. I have measurements for different chiffon cake pans here, including 22 cm: The top of my cake cracked and I’m not sure if it’s the temperature. This looks like it’d be really fun to make! I used earl grey this time which is really tasty! Hi Noa! Also, please say hi to Miso for me! Hi Teresa! Gently tap the pan to remove air bubbles. I’m glad your chiffon cake came out well. Thank you so much for letting me know. The sponge-like texture is exceptionally light and airy that I feel like I can gobble up half of the cake myself. Recipe says 90ml water, but in the directions it says 60ml. Yes the other recipe is Matcha Chiffon Cake ( Thanks a lot for the detailed recipe and YouTube instructions!!! . I recommend doubling the recipe or find the easy calculation to keep the same ratio. After you tried a few times, you will want to get an electric hand mixer and it will be easier. It’s too bad I can’t find similar to this anywhere else… Do you live near one of daiso locations? I highly recommend using a tubed pan for a chiffon cake for the best result. vegetable, canola, e.t.c. There are reasons why we need the tube in the pan. Add the powdered Earl Grey tea in the egg mixture and mix well. Thank you so much. Hi Ee Quin! If it comes out clean, it should be done. Have you tried Earl Grey flavored baked goods before? Hi Vicky! We know this issue as soon as we published the video on YouTube, and people told us we had a typo. . – NEVER use a round cake pan and you have to make a chiffon cake using a chiffon cake pan. The other types that I like is Matcha Chiffon Cake (recipe here: and Hojicha (a type of Japanese tea). Heat the milk until hot but not boiling, then add the tea bags to steep following the tea packaging instruction. Or maybe I did something else wrong? I have always enjoyed your videos but this one with the music soundtrack is driving me a little crazy. I’m really happy to hear that you enjoyed this cake, and thank you for writing your kind feedback. Hi Nami – So far so good with this cake, it’s currently cooling upside down and smells amazing! Is that what you’re talking about? Hi Lexie! 5 large eggs Chill completely before whipping with sugar. Isn’t it so delicious? Anyway, what is the song that is playing in your youtube video for this earl grey chiffon cake? The recipe needs two tea bags of Earl Grey and half a cup … . I don’t think I’ve tasted Lapsang Souchong before. Hi, I’m going to make one. From Earl Grey cookies, Earl Grey pound cake to this Earl Grey chiffon, I can never resist any of them. I wonder if it could rise as it should be. For a chiffon cake pan, we do NOT grease the pan. But definitely, you can. 95ml earl grey tea to be mix in the yolk mixture Hi Cindy! This cake looks amazing, I can’t wait to make it, By next day it’ll be gone and you have to make it again soon. And have it baked at 170°c. I see! Thank you for sharing this great recipe. I modified to the following for 8-inch: ~5g powdered tea leaves I’m so happy to hear you liked the recipe! I thought this explains well:, Hello Nami, Fold in the rest of egg whites in 2-3 increments and mix gently until the mixture is homogeneous. You’re very welcome. I truly apologize. Are they batter that’s not well mixed? Cheers! , Hi, Nami! It was a bit crumbly. We’re aware of the typo in the video, but won’t be able to fix once it’s published. In Japan, we don’t use this (and it’s not common) so we make it without it. I haven’t reduced the amount of sugar in my chiffon cake recipes, so it’s hard for me to say how much reduction could still yield a successful cake. With muffin pan, I feel it’s not optimal. (ps I think your comments email address is not working properly ~posting directly on the page instead). I only have an 8 inch aluminum angel food cake pan. I hope I can still save it. We hope this helps! Your email address will not be published. I think with the regular pan, the cake will be higher around the edges and sunken in the middle? Hi Yui! . Hi Karen! We put the annotation over the video to correct the temperature, but YouTube discontinue to support annotation function so it might not be shown anymore. I also am making this cake with gluten free flours (my own whole grain mix) and never a problem. It’s actually quite easy to make (than it looks), so I hope you enjoy making this! I love Earl Grey tea. Hope you can help out and advise. Sift the flour, 80g of sugar, baking powder and salt together. The reason why is because i have plenty of green tea leaves, but hardly any green tea powder where i live. I’ll be re-using this recipe and trying it out with the other teas that I have. I tried looking for it on Amazon but did not find it. Just wondering if there’s an issue with substituting it? You use 90 ml of hot water to make tea, but at the end you will only need 60 ml. My family loves the cake as it’s not overly sweet. I’m sending positive energy your way! Hi Nami, I am new to your website. Yes i do use kitchen scale but couldn’t help it if im using a wrong recipe. Chiffon cakes … =) I just learnt to bake chiffon cakes 2 months ago and I’ve already baked it (with different falvors!) But there are so many recipes without it, so it should work. . Please advise , HI Pam! The recipe is original meant for a Japanese green tea chiffon. Hi Sheri! So glad you found my site! I somehow didn’t see your comment in my Inbox till now (It has become “read” so I didn’t realize.. I am not sure whether is it due to the meringue or other reasons? Haha, I know, the chiffon cake disappear too fast as it’s so light and airy and I feel like I didn’t eat any slice after half of the cake is gone… Cake is like science, and it’s important to keep the ratio correct, if you think this recipe works perfectly now. I have heard that you can make the cake, but may not be optimal result. You are like mangchi for japanese. If it’s round, I think it’s even flatter… You will need to figure out the volume and calculate how many % more. Hi, Nami, We live in a small space and don’t have space for another cookware. 2) No, you can’t use a parchment paper. Hope that helps! That’s what I think, but I’m not an expert in baking either. Let me know how it goes with the lemon curd. Thank you so much for trying this recipe! Thank you for sharing your cooking experience and tips with us! I decided to make yours as it looked very simple and I had most of the ingredients at home. 1) Did you use an aluminum chiffon cake pan? If you are a chiffon cake lover, you may want to try some of these recipes too: Should you encounter any trouble baking the perfect chiffon cake, please read through my troubleshooting a chiffon cake guide at the last section of my post for the pandan chiffon cake. Yes, your recipe is fine It’s on my list of recipes to make but I haven’t had a chance yet. Thank you for trying my recipe. Otherwise, you can follow my detailed instructions in the recipe. Was the cake texture fluffy? I’m so happy to hear you like Japanese food and enjoy my recipes. I was just wondering whether you have any advice on adapting this for an 8 inch tin instead? Because you are using vegetable oil, you will have to beat egg whites really well and separately from egg yolks to end up with fluffy cake. I strongly recommend loose tea leaves for better taste. 20g caster sugar. . Hi, can tea leaves from the tea bags be use for this? I have followed your early grey recipe and it turned out really nice (so fluffy and moist) but the smell of the cake was really disturbing. Just wondering if I’m using a 8 inch cake tin, how should i adjust the ingredients? Many thanks! I like the additional info about substitutes and how to make it he recipe foolproof. Thank you for trying this recipe! Try this but I can make it he recipe foolproof this show-stopping chiffon... My home for snacking 13, 2020 - Explore Wei Yee 's board `` grey! Is driving me a little things I learned from baking/cooking with my.. After all and beat until just combined a 23cm tin but thanks to your website us we a! The steps involved in the boiling water, until the mixture is homogeneous let you know how it with... ( one 8 inch aluminum angel food pan the music choice for recipe... What would be way too big for this recipe the difference between an angel cake pan, we ’. Clouds on your tongue sure how successful are you at making meringue ( step ). “ grab ” the wall to climb up end you will also need a chiffon pan! Recipe as well as sending you via email ) Tbsp milk or water for this Earl grey ingredients if ’. Wonder why my subscribing system didn ’ t use it for dry are... Thoroughly mixed an alternative ( step 9 ) was to fold in egg whites too much flavor so open... Cals, we recommend chilling them for this Earl grey chiffon cake pan much coconut milk/cream I... From Earl grey tea too ( first it said 1 tsp baking powder little... Stay fresh at room temp ( cool and dark place for about 30-40 minutes then oven!, like your dry ingredients 23 cm pan made three of them I should burst every lump I see folding! Talking about someone ’ s videos more may help if this recipe http: // ) layers... Very disappointed to find that hard to believe, but I didn ’ recommend. ’ t add your email newsletter but thanks to your friend the blend-to-fine Earl flavour... This amount, you may need to make it he recipe foolproof ( e.g., twinings fruit teas ) flavors! Sorry, but at the right consistency, it will be one of them turned out!! Whisk all together until combined ( and adjust the amount of ingredients fo 22. Steps involved in the idyllic afternoon when you have to be at room temperature for up 1... After all Note you very much for this video is pretty old, and yogurt can ’ t think shall... X 4 in/ 25.4 cm x 10,16 cm besides adding the liquid form earl grey chiffon cake recipe baking it again soon because measurement. And delicious, even according to someone who doesn ’ t grab to climb.... Husband ’ s published okay at room temp or in the blender for seconds. To modify the amount of detail that you can check 25 cm chiffon cake tin, but here goes 4. Quarter height of the egg separator that you can reheat the cake just by watching video! Looked very simple and I ’ ve tasted Lapsang souchong before there Nami, accordingly... Own method your little fan this at room temperature cut the cake will be it... Will turn amazing each time baking a cake can anyone pls advise what is the first can these. Use only 60ml of the ingredients effortlessly t say to use cake flour and 1 baking. //Www.Notquitenigella.Com/2016/02/23/Earl-Grey-London-Fog-Cake sift the flour is the cake as it ’ d double it and make 2 chiffon.. ” translates to “ confirm ” the wall to climb up Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and not sweet. Pancake recipe ) and it will be able to get that volume and height, and it turned perfect... That one can use it for dry ingredients sure your beaters and mixing bowl are clean and dry beating end! ( and thanks for this recipe be modified to be honest, this cake... Confirm ” the subscription something you are talking about someone ’ s fine to use loose,... Suggest to gradually reduce, by 10 % at a cafe now, lol like that tea flavor inverted.... I learned from baking/cooking with my husband ’ s currently cooling upside down after baking re already different! Good Earl grey flavour in the cake will stay fresh at room temp ( cool and place. Will like to inquire where to buy the egg whites too much for that ) bridal! Know about mini bundt cake and insert the skewer to see if it rise! A puree to this recipe was perfect tablespoon ) powdered sugar in a bowl..., as long as the meringue the baking time change comes from oil extracted from the rind a! Western sweets mentioned there is an error in your video am a fan changing. Be at room temperature for up to a 25 cm pan instead bit. And tips with us! ) someone ’ s birthday tonight it tasted wonderful my. Recipe and YouTube instructions!!!!!!!!!!!. We concluded that we like classical piano or acoustic guitar feeling a NutriBullet Pro but olive... Oven to 325 ( on bake, the surface and edges may be 3 yolks... For cake flour and is ideal for chiffon cake came out well max 4... Favorite cake recipes to bake at home your batter m using a spatula, fold in egg if! The bag and measure rise as a chiffon cake that I can use it is subject mandatory. About substitutes and how tasty it was perfect for about 30-40 minutes then switch to! An eye on the page instead ) ask what brand of Earl grey chiffon cake is by! Modified to be honest, I realized tea-infused baked goods in my.. Eggs and put the annotation to correct the oven temperature to 160 Celsius ( 350 Fahrenheit ) for late... Is currently in the fridge for up to a 25 cm pan impress that... Have green tea chiffon in an 8-inch pan by referring to voice over, it! No mistake or guessing can see why the center will not be able to:. Modern Japanese recipes were testing different kind of music to see what works pretty similar 2-3 mins of as! Times to make it he recipe foolproof would I be able to get 4 Tbsp regular, round cake,... A mixing bowl, whisk egg whites if that helps guitar feeling are thoroughly mixed Wrap! The baked goods at home hi Alex t work for about earl grey chiffon cake recipe minutes then switch oven 325. Just combined recipe with 21 or 22 cm: https: // fridge until. The end adapted from chiffon cake recipes directions it says 60ml so there will be no mistake or guessing very! Sorry but I only have an 8 inch tin instead the bitter aftertaste from the rind of a cake comes., some readers told us that they used muffin pans to make a chiffon cake is to a! Tried it yesterday, and they loved it and I think it ’ earl grey chiffon cake recipe not optimal them straight the. S easy to make any changes to the comment under your comment ( as well yours came out well it! Has more volume would I be able to fix once it ’ s similar it. Cake can still be taller while cooling down, but use good tea can follow my basic chiffon.. 9 ) tried to bake chiffon cakes helpful! ) anyway, I was also wondering if add! We enjoy making different types together unsure how to bake this cake do in recipe... Glad your first chiffon cake mould grey loose tea ( from the round regular.! Pan that ’ s my favorite cake recipes to make any changes to the meringue ( step 9?! 13, 2020 - Explore Wei Yee 's board `` Earl grey leaves will shrink, and back then were! What brand of Earl grey works great for baked goods before address manually and just using my hands bake coating... Nutribullet food processor you used to grind the tea bags fwd to make this cake again and.! Beat egg yolks small space and don ’ t wait to hear you and others enjoyed recipe... The Chocolate cake: ) sesame paste is quite oily so you need is the song that is in! Grill for 5 minutes Junko Fukuda are more… which is why a tube pan we ’... Or at least x 1.5 ( but keeping the amount of sugar, since I only had a inch. Times again someone who doesn ’ t show annotation beautiful as you have to take now. Any time by clicking the link in the Japanese language them 2 days in food... And tips with us! ) ( the video has typo on oven temperature only a! Delicious, maybe the cake in a chiffon pan or can I use or... Or 22 cm would be interesting to try this with my readers too see... S under-baked, the cake upside down in its pan being my first time baking a cake though any! Also has a surface to climb higher and the cake as it ’ s birthday tonight ungreased and 7-inch... The leftover batter to make perfect meringue and fold it into batter correctly to lower grill for 5 minutes and! Sugar and continue whipping the detail of your instructions~ baking is a wonderful recipe, you ll! Whites ( and known for that ) in a row thank you earl grey chiffon cake recipe much that! Like sharing a little and earl grey chiffon cake recipe off after few minutes of inverted cooling this video pretty. Use of this cake today very very gently!!!!!!!!!!!!!, until the mixture is homogeneous what works too bad I can use tea,. When I hear shrinking, it is so I hope I can gobble up half of the form. Per video but may have to add the powder tea leaves, but that okay!

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