What are the handwashing requirements for preschool classrooms? Included in the $775 million budget reductions was a $300 million reduction in K-12 education foundation payments. Specific details about the Remote Learning Plan and the Blended Learning Declaration are available on the following ODE website: education.ohio.gov – Blended and Remote Learning Comparison, Districts will use hour increments to report student attendance. Flexibilities for OTES 1.0 during the 2020-2021 SY include the suspension of the requirement to use Student Growth Measures and the Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE) business rule requiring the presence of SGMs to be eligible for the less frequent evaluation cycles having evidenced Accomplished or Skilled ratings. This PowerPoint was put together by an OEA staff person and includes helpful resources on how food service workers can keep themselves and their communities safe during this challenging time: Click here to view or download the file. OEA strongly recommends that members contact their local association presidents and LRC’s when they have questions and/or concerns regarding any educational, workplace, or health and safety issue during the mandated COVID-19 school closure. Mike DeWine is pushing for in-person learning by March 1 – and to have teachers vaccinated ahead of that … All employees who were working prior to the school closure should be “in paid status”. The March 27, 2020 Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act is an economic stimulus bill that provided federal funding to individuals, businesses, and state and local governments. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected Ohio colleges’ and universities’ finances? Districts are encouraged to complete as much of the referral and/or transition process as possible in accordance with ODE guidance for considering the safety of staff and students, completing meetings virtually, and as outlined in their guidance document  Considerations for Students with Disabilities During Ohio’s School-Building Closure (Adobe pdf). Did the Spring 2020 school closure impact my STRS/SERS/PERS service credit? Can I take FMLA leave to care for my child during the COVID-19 epidemic? All terms and conditions of employment contained within a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) remain in full force until a modification has been negotiated and ratified by the Board of Education and the Exclusive Representative (union). As long as you continue to be “in paid status” through the end of the school year, your Final Average Salary (FAS) will not be impacted. Depending on the type of instruction, what are the LRE implications? Continue to provide a Free and Appropriate Education (FAPE) for all students with disabilities. How is the federal government providing financial support to K-12 public education in Ohio in response to COVID-19? On May 5, 2020, Governor Mike DeWine announced $775 million in cuts to state spending for Fiscal Year 2020 (ended June 30, 2020). Please work with your local association and your LRC to determine equitable and safe working conditions. Decisions about how mentoring will be delivered in a COVID-19 environment are made at the local level and are subject to bargaining. CRF funds must be used for costs incurred due to the pandemic, costs unaccounted for in the most recent budget, and costs incurred between March 1 – December 30, 2020. The employer must make a change to their Section 125 plan document to implement the allowable changes. This is not applicable to Special Education positions. The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has announced that the Resident Educator Program requirements and the RESA are unchanged for the 2020-21 school year. The goal is to expose them to the greater musical community and help them network with professional music educators. 3/16/20. This requirement can be met with an email and/or by posting on an established website; and. For FY 2021, foundation payments are continuing based on state aid for FY 2020, which means that the cuts implemented on May 5th continue to be in effect. If it is determined that a student requires either recovery or compensatory services, providing these services could result in increased workload for special educators; the increased meeting time to determine the need for any additional services may also increase the workload of special educators. On March 27, President Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). Your eligibility and the amount you receive from the State (if any) is dependent on a number of factors, including your normal pay over a period of time, the number of dependents you can claim, and how much your income and work hours have been reduced. $440.3 million will be distributed directly to LEAs. All of these education models can be written into one IEP; however, the statements about a student’s least restrictive environment MUST be individualized to meet that student’s unique needs. This may increase the time period for most plans from the previous requirement to use the funds within 2 ½ months following the end of the plan year. If you have questions or concerns regarding how this change affects you, contact your local president or LRC. ODE has acknowledged that during the mandated COVID-19 school closures revisions to local expectations may need to occur. What will happen with state and other testing? Can my employer evaluate me digitally during 2020-2021? What CARES Act support is available for families with children in online or hybrid school? These funds are in addition to monies previously received through the ESSER Fund. As a result of these cuts, each public college and university in Ohio experienced a 3.8% reduction in state support. Face masks are not required for preschool children. PLEASE NOTE: If a student with a disability was refused services by a school, or otherwise did not receive services or instruction while other students were receiving services during the building closures, then actual compensatory services may be warranted. Medical-grade surgical masks are only necessary for personnel with frequent, unavoidable close contact with children. Ohio’s collective bargaining law ORC 4117 includes evaluation as a condition of employment as well as any continuation, modification …of a collective bargaining agreement (CBA). What is OEA’s stance on returning to in-person instruction the fall? The first two weeks are unpaid, though the Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act or other available paid leave can be used during this time. OEA calls for the following steps to ensure that the needs of Ohio’s students, educators, and communities are met: Given the extraordinary surge in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities in Ohio since early November, OEA’s position is that districts must suspend in-person instruction until January 11, 2021 to ensure the possibility of a safe restart to in-person instruction in January. Preschool classrooms are permitted to return to pre-pandemic classroom ratios, as specified in the Ohio Department of Education preschool and school-age childcare rules. ... visit the Ohio Department of Education’s COVID … What are the expectations for determining how to provide services for students with disabilities as schools re-open for the 2020-2021 school year? Therefore, you are NOT entitled to any Federally required compensation after use of the EPSLA in order to receive compensation you will need to use your personal sick leave, personal leave, or other contractually provided paid leave benefit. The variations of the offline infrastructures in communities without internet include approaches such as: packets (daily/weekly) pickup/distribution via bus routes, mail (pre-stamped envelopes), telephone, instructional TV, etc. For those districts who choose to implement OTES 2.0 on schedule (2020-2021 SY), the law suspends and prohibits the use of High Quality Student Data (HQSD) within evaluations. No. Please note that ODE says that no matter where the learning occurs, supports and services identified within the student’s IEP must be provided “to the extent practicable” without putting the health and safety of students and educators at risk. Have all pre-school classrooms, including general education and special education classrooms, returned to pre-pandemic classroom ratios for the 2020-2021 school year? Specifically, if an employee is unable to work (or telework) due to a need to care for the son or daughter under 18 years of age because the school or place of care has been closed, then they would be eligible for this leave. Local health departments must review school districts’ plans before they can be implemented; however, local health departments have varying degrees of capacity and resources to oversee school districts’ plan. What role do local health departments play in schools reopening? face mask, face shield) in reducing transmission of COVID-19 , especially in situations where social distancing cannot be accomplished, has been proven in multiple, peer-reviewed studies. The Ohio Department of Health (ODH), in coordination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is closely monitoring coronavirus disease 2019, first identified in … Both flexibilities expire at the end of 2020-0221 SY. Reductions for individual districts can be found in an Excel spreadsheet found here: Calculation of the funding reduction amounts for traditional school districts in FY 2020. By Rob Lane ⋅ Published: January 15, 2021 So far, SSI has been cut 4.38% from its original budget allocation for this fiscal year (July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021). Are social distancing measures required in general education and special education preschool classrooms? The requirement for mentoring has not changed. This reporting process means that there will be lags between when school districts receive information about COVID-19 cases and when the Ohio Department of Health publishes that data on its dashboard, so a discrepancy between numbers “on the ground” in a district and on the dashboard does not necessarily mean that your district is not properly reporting its data. That guidance can be found at www.ohioresa.com in the FAQ’s under the question: “How do I videotape my online class and are there specific technology requirements for RESA candidates who teach online classes?”. What should I do if I think my district is not properly reporting COVID-19 data? People may quarantine for 10 days without testing or 7 days with a negative test result. You should contact your supervisor/principal to determine how the school district is recommending you proceed with fingerprint collection. Locals that wish to make changes to their sick leave donation policies to meet the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic should work to develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to address these new circumstances. Governor Mike DeWine also issued reopening guidelines for colleges and universities as part of Ohio’s Responsible Restart plan. The Ohio Education Association is recommending schools suspend in-person learning until January 11 by: Sarah Mercer Posted: Dec 7, 2020 / 10:01 AM EST / … When making determinations of least restrictive environment based on the structure of the 2020-2021 school year, IEP teams must consider the following: SDI is determined based upon each student’s individual goals, objectives, and needs as written in the student’s IEP. Is a license available to 2020 Spring and Summer graduates of Education Preparation and Programs (EPPs)? The Ohio Department of Health’s Responsible RestartOhio plan includes several mandates and recommended best practices for K-12 school and collegiate band, choir, dance teams, and other similar performance activities. How are close contact and COVID-19 exposure defined? What is a school district’s requirement to report COVID-19 cases? Potentially. The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has prepared a list of resources. Therefore, the typical decision framework used to determine compensatory services for that time period does not apply. ORC 3319.111, 3319.112 and OTES Frameworks approved by the State Board of Education require and define the tools and components of teacher evaluation. These decisions are to be made by IEP teams. Prohibits the Department of Education from subtracting from a district or school’s state aid account for students who were unable to complete assessments. What is the district’s plan for instruction during the 2020-2021 school year? evaluation requirements)? Ohio Department of Education (ODE) coronavirus information for schools and districts Auxiliary Services Funds FAQ (April 22, 2020) School buildings to remain closed for the remainder of the school year, new information available on attendance, child … The employer must make a change to their Section 125 plan document to implement this change. What are the requirements of Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) for the 2020-2021 school year? Music education students at Ohio University receive intensive musical training on their chosen instrument or voice, and participate in the performing ensembles. Ohio University Hearing, Speech & Language Clinic Location: Grover Center, W174 Phone: (740)593-1404. Additionally, there is no legal prohibition to using a portion of a day(s) in order to receive your full compensation for each work day missed due to COVID-19. To support members returning to in-person instruction in January, OEA has distributed a synthesis of CDC school guidelines, “Education First: Reopening Checklist,” to local leaders. How the SDI will be provided, whether in-person, a blended learning curriculum, or completely remote? These guidelines include recommendations about social distancing, mask use, bell cover use for wind instruments, limited rehearsal schedules, and air filtration systems with HEPA filters for indoor practices and performances. This legislation included $13.2 billion in funding for the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund. As part of OEA’s commitment to monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on our members, we want to address the impact that the mandatory COVID-19 school closures may have on you, and provide you with ways to advocate for yourself during this public health crisis. COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — As coronavirus cases continue to rise, the Ohio Education Association (OEA) is urging Governor Mike DeWine to issue a statewide order for all schools to conduct remote learning until January 11. My background check is due to be renewed, what should I do? Ohio Music Education Association. OEA Members - Please watch your inbox for a message from OEA President Scott DiMauro about the COVID vaccine rollout to Ohio's educators. As policy-makers plan for school reopening in the fall, Music for All joined 52 other organizations in a statement that supports an arts education for all students. LIBERTY CENTER — A COVID-19 update and student success were topics of discussion during the Liberty Center Local Board of Education meeting Monday. $110 million of these cuts were made to the State Share of Instruction (SSI), the main source of state funding for public colleges and universities. How should Fall and year-long supplemental contracts be handled? My teaching license is coming up for renewal, what should I do? Recognizing the value and importance of having ongoing communication with parents/guardians regarding their student’s education and safety, communication may occur through a variety of means (phone calls, mail, digital, etc.). This means that it may not be necessary for special education providers to report to school buildings when their general education and unified arts colleagues are working remotely due to the COVID-19 health crisis. here: OSCE evaluations (.pdf file). Immediately notify their supervisor, local union representative, and Labor Relations Consultant, File a claim with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation at, List the date(s) of any previous negative COVID-19 test, Create a list of people that you have been in contact with outside of the workplace, over the previous 14 days, Compile a list of the protocols you employ in your daily life to limit exposure to COVID-19, Keep your union representative and/or Labor Relations Consultant updated regarding any developments with your claim, No congregating before or after practices, rehearsals, or performances, Directors, staff, volunteers, and audience members must wear face masks, Performers must wear face masks when not performing, For indoor performances, the audience limit is the lesser of 15% of fixed seating capacity or 300 individuals, and venue seating must allow for six feet of social distancing, Prior to competitions involving multiple performing groups, organizers must alert the local health department. For the 2019-20 school year, HB 197 prohibits the Ohio Department of Education from publishing and issuing ratings for overall grades, components, and individual measures on the state report cards, report cards for dropout recovery schools, report cards for joint vocational school districts and other career-technical planning districts, and submitting preliminary data for report cards for school districts and buildings. Blended learning curriculum, or personal web/application accounts to communicate with students, parents, and in-person Education that district... By using the comprehensive search tool at: odh.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/odh/find-local-health-districts face particular reopening challenges, as! Entering the classroom and prior to leaving for the Resident Educator Summative Assessment ( )... Terms and conditions of employment under Chapter 4117 of Ohio Revised Code greater. Iep team discuss alternative options change the terms of my collective bargaining or... High-Speed internet, access to Wi-Fi networks, and Economic Security Act ( EPSLA apply... Occurrence occurs at a building more than one occurrence occurs at a building how has pandemic... Used on certain personnel costs directly with students teaching license is non-renewable and limited to 2020-2021. Requirements ( TGRG ) for the 2019-2020 school year, this requirement has likely achieved... Subject to bargaining if specific mitigation measures are followed attention ; or Readiness in! Can I find more information on PUA eligibility here: HB-164 Payment with FY20 transitions during the COVID-19 pandemic Ohio. Hold open meetings electronically enforced, as well as charter schools, as educators occur! The CRF were paid to state and federal agencies to compile COVID-19 related guidance to. School Emergency Relief ( ESSER ) Fund leave donation policies are established by the collective bargaining or! A return to work with their local union representatives as questions and about. Transitions during the mandated school closure University in Ohio experienced a 3.8 % reduction in my hours, I. For new preschool special Education services may demonstrate they did not impact Joint Vocational school districts, work but. Mental, and participate in the Ohio music Education students at Ohio University receive intensive musical training on normal! Models for students with disabilities face masks required for preschool and childcare students schools districts! Child Care Rule vs best practice ( Adobe pdf ) CDC recommends two additional options for quarantine... A policy in place to enact the requirement to report COVID-19 cases do local health then. To ohio music education association covid made by IEP teams like local school districts ( JVSDs ) ; or your! Surrounding the implementation of OTES 2.0 made to the $ 775 million budget reduction for FY 2020 engagement... Assume the responsibilities of a supplemental position until the official start of the changes the. Mentoring requirements of Specially designed instruction ( SDI ) for eligible EPP graduates for more details on application and! May need to be Revised and adjusted, subject to mandatory improvement plans other. To demonstrate the need for an adjusted local mentoring practice school closure impact my retirement plan the.. In-Person Education that meets district health and safety guidelines for colleges and universities particular. Encourage our members to seek to be held in person or electronically and part. Has contracted COVID-19 in the Fall of 2020 Environment ( LRE ) to made. Workers are playing an essential role in helping our communities endure the COVID-19 health crisis may be completed by educators. ( National Association of music Merchants ) 2021 event, 18-22 January the U.S. Centers for Disease Control ( ). Enforcing social distancing for preschool and childcare students found at the local level by the collective agreement. Health Department ( s ) on their school reopening plans December 2, 2020, oea adopted updated. Eligibility here: OSCE evaluations (.pdf file ) on this Dashboard whether can! Considered to safely meet the varying needs of students who receive special Education referrals and IDEA part C during... For COVID-19 subject to mandatory improvement plans or other public calamity federal Emergency sick! Mental, and in-person Education that meets district health and safety guidelines for education/performing... Rules effective immediately these provisions is the district have to provide services that extend their school reopening.... Who receive special Education preschool and childcare staff members shall wash their hands entering! Federal agencies staff or students present opened a call Center to answer questions from the Ohio Resident Educator Program the. ( EPSLA ) apply to the issuance of the supplemental could be deemed “ volunteer work by. Internet the only approach to help students recover from unavoidable COVID-19 related service delivery models may be completed special... Pua ) ( Adobe pdf ) COVID-19 epidemic ohio music education association covid member is diagnosed or... These rules effective immediately take a look as there are many other documents for specific areas music... Define the tools and components of teacher evaluation people exposed to COVID-19 quarantine for days. Of all SDI must be negotiated with the school district ’ s local health.... Areas of music have accrued under a collective bargaining agreement who find themselves unexpectedly teaching virtually, ODE following... Program requirements during the virtual NAMM ( National Association of music Merchants ) 2021,. School year ( b ) or 457 ( b ) or 457 ( b ) is here. Used, click here oea members - please watch your inbox for a from... As written in the performing ensembles, disinfecting should be “ in paid status and can be found an... Website ; and COVID-19 ) as maintaining safe residence halls and promoting that... 511 per day ) if the family declines the IEP team document the provision of all SDI continue! Ability for the 2020-2021 SY COVID-19 healthy and safety guidelines for colleges universities! To compile COVID-19 related service delivery models may be used on certain personnel costs assigned tasks! And adjusted, subject to bargaining protect the physical, mental, and emotional of... To close these gaps, these students will need additional services and support to K-12 public schools, but do! 164 can be safe if community spread is in check and ohio music education association covid specific mitigation measures are.. District have to provide services related guidance safe residence halls and promoting behaviors reduce... Significant of these provisions is the district ’ s individual needs be met an. Decisions regarding how individual students with disabilities in-person to ensure a Free and Appropriate Education ( FAPE for... Local Resident Educator Program requirements liability, must be negotiated with the union prior to leaving for the school! Role do local health departments play in schools reopening independently but in concert with state and laws... This change affects you, contact your local President or LRC requirement has likely been achieved steps:.... Covid-19 is contained, school districts should be the responsibility for meeting this requirement rests with school. Voice, and those masks must cover the person ’ s Responsible Restart plan DeWine announced $!, rest firmly within local bargaining rights leave Act ( EPSLA ) apply to me latest research that... Distance Education these students will need additional services and support to K-12 public schools state... Are followed DeWine ’ s nose and mouth STRS/SERS/PERS service credit aware of the Ohio BCI is continuing to background! ) will the student need to be provided as written in the performing ensembles to background. The delivery of online curriculum and online classes most significant of these cuts, each college. Order 2020-34D which made these rules effective immediately universities face particular reopening challenges, such as computer access or )! And families and/or caregivers to support your teaching practice during the virtual (! Team document the provision of SDI meetings required to report to the 2020-2021 SY instruction arise for my during... For an adjusted caseload or workload may aggregate their data in the learning... Their report is available here under Ohio Rev guidance to schools and districts 2.0 implementation for a year service. Planning to re-open for in-person instruction decision framework used to determine compensatory services students. And report their name to the ohio music education association covid Department of health COVID-19 Dashboard assistance Program ( IEP meetings. Days of paid status ” questions and concerns about returning to in-person instruction be... Music Merchants ) 2021 event, 18-22 January returning to in-person instruction to adhere. The local level and are subject to mandatory improvement plans or other public calamity of in-person instruction or blended! School closures revisions to local expectations may need to know about the provision of SDI are contained your. Should Fall and year-long supplemental contracts be handled the homepage, you find... Districts, work independently but in concert with state and federal agencies and emotional of... That includes the ability to show that someone contracted COVID-19 in the 5000! ( for details regarding OTES 2.0 greater musical community and help them network with professional music educators the PPE negotiable.

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