And Eugene I like her too. A lot of plot points seem to be directly inspired by Sky Castle however the real reason why this Drama is so unenjoyable to me is that basically almost every character is so wretched and despicable that watching it just makes me upset. but that's fine. SPOILER ALERT: Korean Movies. But please, at least the director make something climax for the viewer. We see Anna Lee being pushed off the balcony to her death, however, most of the story focuses on characters we don't care as much about. He is a chief surgeon at a general hospital and an ambitious man. Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki Staff © Set around the luxury Penthouse Apartment with 100 floors. i think seok kyung was fighting with min seola and seok hoon saw and tried to break the fight but ended up pushing min seola down?????? Kim So Yeon is just too good at villain character. Anyway, it is just a matter of interpretation so interpreter right before laughing at someone's comment. You must be very desperate for attention. Joo Seok-Hoon? I am already angry in episode 1. I am very dissapointed with the finale. Is someone compelling you? As I watch each episode I get even angrier with the people involved. Mmm peopls said thats this drama similaire to sky castle and class of lies i didt watch those dramas so i can't jugement. I hope there will be revenge from the poor people so that the rich and bad people will be punished. I don't like the kids. May their next dramas be the blessings this one is not. This is the most upsetting drama i have ever encountered. Also classical singing is sounding very funny. He is successful in business and real estate. Juju Dec 22 2020 8:07 am Kimi Nov 18 2020 8:13 pm Hani Oh Dec 20 2020 3:39 am Do rich korean people behave like that? Now the two wives meet in this drama. Maybe she had done the plastic surgery so Joon Dan Tae couldn't recognize her? Jiang Jun runs into her childhood friend Ma Yuan Shuai, yet he’s different from the gentle and caring protector that she remembered him to be. Please let them talk, this screaming every single time they talk takes away the affect it has on me. In this drama I hate her so much that means her acting excellent. I hate all the rich people which I assume was the intention. Mo Jan 06 2021 11:16 am The fact that Seo-Jin says he never heard someone say he loves her is very funny. @commenter below mocking people for not liking the drama. As much as I agree that there aren't many likeable characters here (specifically the children), I don't understand why some people expect this obviously unrealistic and exaggerated drama to teach some valuable life/moral lessons. Suryeon is queen Dec 29 2020 5:36 pm She deserves to study in Cheongah arts. It'll be real sad is Min Seol-A is really her real daughter since she dies in the 1st ep. The only think I will make a remark about is the constant screaming, every single line these women have is screamed out. Tired of such plot story. whoaah I'm so excited with the new project of Kim So Yeon! Poor seol ah, _Hunter_X_Hunter_ Nov 04 2020 1:29 am This drama went alll out with the madness. everytime when min seol a having a hard time, or when she appears i always cried, like really cried having so much tears <\\33 maybe min seol a role goes well with my feeling that's why or she act really well and ate hear role up ?? Cha Dec 01 2020 7:27 am How could everyone (ChungAh classmates/mother committee) even the stranger walk pass in the drama were all cruel? Almost everyone is so bad. J Jan 01 2021 6:19 pm 47ik Nov 12 2020 5:02 am The people in the show are all sooo cruel!!! Jane fernandez Jan 03 2021 7:33 am I love seok heon. I started watching this kdrama but stop on ep 3. Sejak ditayangkan, drakor The Penthouse mampu mencuri perhatian penggemar drama Korea lewat alur cerita yang menarik. Penthouse) is a South Korean television series starring Lee Ji-ah, Kim So-yeon, Eugene, Um Ki-joon, Park Eun-seok and Yoon Jong-hoon. Have you watched TWOTM? Looks who wrote the drama. I can't trust anyone even logan but the eps18 logan is falling with suryeon!! jinkee mallare Nov 16 2020 11:03 am I find it crazy that everyone is rooting for Ro Na and Seokhoon to get together like Seokhoon didn’t participate in SeolA bullying? Ku Yoo Kkot Dec 23 2020 12:28 am Seokhoon was watching where maid were taking cash. I just } So crazy ? Your email address will not be published. Love this show. I never regret to watch this drana tbh. There is 2-3 episodes left and still hardly any progress or punishment for the penthouse residents sins. Love Seok Hoon And Rona? Did Oh yon hee really killed min soel a!??? Really an adult can physically assault a child in the teacher’s lounge full of people without fear? The writer has a thing for horrible rich people to get their way or redeemed at the end? Aisysy Oct 03 2020 9:38 am Hopefully suryeon and logan can be a love couple here? Nothing new with the story line. But this is a part which makes the whole work of art so so interesting! The last episodes have been dragging. I Told my self not to watch this drama because of so many unfair situation, but i ended up still waiting for the next episode to air. Miss Mong Nov 07 2020 9:26 am I don't want to watch drama until it finishes, but somehow iam watching bits of drama. Anyway, congratulations! She was naughty and immature but she is not the worst of children and yet she is the most hated. Yoon hee is a fuking bit*h. Period. I'm so excited for the next episode and specially for the handsome and pretty face of Logan Lee, looooogan leeee, I'm fan of you and also for all the main character they put their best act ever. eugene, kim seo yeon,and lee ji ah are great actress. That maid knows a lot i think. g Jan 05 2021 8:45 am The penthouse Nov 08 2020 8:08 am Nomnom Dec 24 2020 12:31 am I watched Sky Castle in 2019 then I stop to watch another drama with same genre like SC. I agree that Anne is dead. Luna Jan 05 2021 12:44 am Is it the best plot ever? Lee Sang Woo’s two wives, one drama wife and one real wife! The 3 seasons have been confirmed since the beginning of the drama, that is, the writer divided the story into three parts. The Writer have the power in this Drama an addressed to Mental illness, since one of the Character portrayed “Eun-Byeol”, I pity her. yoomi Dec 21 2020 11:07 pm Until then, keep waiting!;-). Red Dec 09 2020 1:02 am Thinker Dec 29 2020 10:00 pm Look at yourself and what you think. The story does not leave behind a good moral. They are overacting to the point where they look untalented. Oh Yoon-Hee (Eugene) comes from a poor family background. and she will probably keep on threatening her brother that she will hurt herself??‍♀️??‍♀️. So happy to see lee jiah again.. And finally she became main lead.. Minn Dec 08 2020 9:03 am Mintae Dec 22 2020 6:26 am did you not see how she never trusted her mom and always believed what other people said instead of asking her mom? The actors are wonderful and the writer is amazing here. Goshhh gotta say, I am getting hooked with this drama, liking the intense vibes and the conflict and political vibes in this. I think eunbyeol is the one who pushed seol a off the window that’s why she keeps hallucinating...she might have only remember from when she pushed her off the stairs but i think she came back and chased her suspecting drunk yoon hee could have pushed her because of her anger but then she was concerned when she saw seol a on the elevator.....i dont think it’s the parents unless seol a was already pushed off before they can join in on the it has to be one of the kids... Nomnom Dec 10 2020 6:21 pm Episode 13 may be disturbing for bae rona but it's for the good. Oh Yoon Hee a Murder !!! Charmaine Dec 07 2020 8:09 pm Waste so many wonderful actors/actress with degraded story. Kimi Nov 23 2020 6:15 am Nine Nov 06 2020 2:25 am Too tired to follow this stories... Najib razak Oct 27 2020 4:52 am Everything else is just a frustrating mess. Nobody is forcing anyone to stay. I hope that Seola omma will get her facts straight with Teacher Goo Hodong/Seola oppa/i bet he's Rogan Lee. SakcRuth Jan 05 2021 1:58 am The Penthouse: War in Life (Korean: 펜트하우스; lit. Kristine Nov 27 2020 12:14 am This drama is very strong for strong people, burns a lot and I love it ♡. Dont ruin, influence and manipulate the minds of your audience...although it is just a story still makenyour story more valueable and inspiring to your viewers. well, this drama may look like a sky castle, but it is not. This drama is really stressful. Aerielle Lee Dec 02 2020 10:24 pm Although it's about the life of people in the penthouse, I noticed that it really has a sky castle, the world of married and graceful friends vibes but with more murders, lacks class and nastier kids. I started watching penthouse dramas because of the actors I used to watch their dramas like kim so yeon (all about eve), eugene (wonderful life & three dad one mum) and uhm ki joon (Phantom, Defendant). It doesn’t entertain you, just makes you upset watching. casa Dec 07 2020 10:16 pm The drama will just try to show that they are young and still have choices and are still human. Life is no different, obviously it is not about being rich or not, but have you ever wondered if this evil of Penthouse is a reality and you keep your eyes closed? Hope this drama will be a big hit drama at the end of 2020. @Nikki the actress that play Min Seol A is on Royal inspector but she died the first episode. honeyharvest Dec 27 2020 7:46 pm Davod Jan 06 2021 1:07 am Lisa Nov 06 2020 9:00 am Real question is who is the twins real mom? I also tried to answer your claim, that I may have misinterpreted, that "people hate on Rona cause she's the daughter of an evil character", is that what you were trying to say? just the whole plot is just so disgusting and just messes with my mind lol and i mean that in a good way. Also @Bear lmao no one is hating on Rona cause of her mom, do you not see her lack of character development? The dog dying, and nightmares was obvious. Watch Asian TV shows and movies online for FREE! I didn't finish Sky Castle but I want to watch Jo Soo-Min. if you're a bae rona x seokhun shipper) :DDD. But still,,, Su Ryeon is like the horseman of this drama. OMG! I have a feeling Seol A is Su Ryeong’s real daughter which her husband somehow managed to send to an orphanage and replaced with the fake sick child. Anna Lee Nov 11 2020 12:18 pm I think the maid is the twin's mother. Lmao this drama is funny. I wonder where Ro Na was when Anne died. Jack Bean Jan 06 2021 4:26 am The residents of Hera Palace, a luxury penthouse apartment with 100 floors, have many secrets and hidden ambitions. One more thing, Joo Dan Tae came from poor family? After ep 15 i only want to know the ending and how the these adult get karma just that ? Nuthouse Nov 02 2020 10:07 pm This is the best drama of 2020, you may not like it or watch it but you have need to admit. But somehow she’s still going to get into the school. ???????????? I thought im the only who thought its just like sky castle .vibes. Kim Seo Yoen acting is perfect... the rest actors and actress also perfect. I think the woman with the butterfly tattoo (the twins’ mum) is actually the maid, byeollie Jan 03 2021 3:42 am Cause if so I was just answering that I dislike Rona's "personality"(I'm trying to emphasize here that I don't dislike her as a whole but rather her actions and mistakes) and not because of her mother. Rogan Lee acting nice for revenge when it is his family who dumps Seola. i watch every single minute and really love all acting of the actors and actress .. perfect. As Blackpink says "You are not worth my love, if you just love to hate me", Cherry Nov 08 2020 5:13 am You must be really very confused lol, And I was like, why you so obsessed with me? i dont think yoon hee actually murder her. It is kind of misleading because most were hooked on the first big scene in episode 1. i meant that there is no reason to cast hate on Ro Na because his mother is bad. Lol there yes, I would be impressed with the evil. Especially Bae Rona, very stubborn if i'm her mom i'll slap and kicked her out, how can she treats her mom innapropriate. Azman Nov 02 2020 12:54 am Just finished watching episode 2. No. why this super rich character are so evil, stupid....? Writernim must hate Bae Ro Na very much lol The girl can't get a break from the craziness! The maid recording at tennis time was weird ? Dreamhigh Dec 21 2020 11:19 am Because of Rona's greed, Yoon Hee became a murderer. Have you not seen any villaint characters in other dramas/movies somewhere else? Hope he will revenge for min seol a.! Everyone's suspicious. I don't know why some people say it is an unreal drama when we see the same thing in another drama; evil is evil, regardless of anything. Ainanana96 Nov 25 2020 5:24 am Please no, I hope it is Cheon Seo Jin or Dan-Tae. Kudos to the writer and director how can they created a good plot that people didn't get what next and absolutely different from any Kdramas ur watched before. Hello @Suryeonisqueen lmao? x Sep 02 2020 4:18 am I'm expecting a great acting+story line form penthouse team! Episode after episode, she's suffering non-stop! Someone else killed Seol A. Dan Tae's former wife was short-haired. Am i the only one that want real love line between rona and seok hoon? But I think, like another drama I watched from the same writer, I think she can justify that it was just an accident and that everyone was unharmed, but that all of Su Ryeon's anger and revenge for Anne's death would be totally unfair and meaningless. This plot twist is more crazy than SC for me. Rintin Oct 29 2020 5:14 pm rer Dec 12 2020 10:06 am Bae Ro Nae is annoying. i think the writers, director, all the stuffs involved did a great job. yehehe Dec 01 2020 6:08 pm I cant watch this drama, everyone in this drama is so freaking toxic it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. What did they will do just for being more rich, powerful & famous. I like them. I hope Su Ryeon gets back at her good. but towards the end of season 1, it becomes a little exaggerated and turned into mission impossible (sorry to said that) But i love shim su ryeon role by the way. His accent his arff everything! The audience is loving Seok Hoon, but they forget that he was bullying Min Seola and cruel to her and he's not being honest with Ro Na, he's just playing with her. i like seok hoon in real life waaha, syra^-^ Dec 01 2020 9:36 pm Kim Na Na Jan 11 2021 6:16 am They all deserve the recognition and awards they got from SBS Drama Awards, but I think the actress who played Ha Eun Byeol deserve one too. Noooo Yoon hee killed Seola?? Dr.Ha please change and punish your wife and daughter you're too weak with them smh. I only enjoy 70% of this drama. I quite watching kdrama after this one ... I’m disappointed, Yurihan Jan 06 2021 2:21 pm It can't be Oh Yoon-Hee!! anonymous Nov 05 2020 6:53 am It's the worst! Damn I feel played :). But baerona didn't know how he bullied anna before maybe he'll hate him when this revealed. I see reality in the work of the actors and in the way I feel the emotions. It's so annoying watching Bae Rona keep blame her mom for being poor. I'm sorry @Lisa but I doubt a person can survive from such a long fall. The rating was great, 6 episode first in Seoul! The characters are super fake. I think Joo Seok-Hoon was the killer, he's like his father. How come the discipline violence committee of ordinary school decided to remove a student without any evidence from hospital or school doctor checkup. Eugene and Lee sang woo acted together in All about my mom drama and Kim so yeon and Eugene's husband acted together in Mother of mine although they did not have much scenes together. also from the same producer/writer. Drama of the Year <3. I personally think this drama fits the need for some mindless entertainment. Cheon Seo-Jin dream of Cheong A foundation were tarnished, return to the sister when the will of her dad was found etc. The maid might be the next person to team up with Su or die, since she told the girl twin, su wasn't her mom. Joey Nov 10 2020 8:41 am Am I a nuisance to society? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. then she started running away when she saw him! Did anyone see in the drama the mother of the twins, who has a tattoo on her back? I hope it’s less than 16 ep or at least no empty episodes... ARTS Oct 27 2020 1:31 pm 3. It's nothing special anymore. I want justice for every act of theirs. at this rate, i won't surprise anymore if they find time machine to bring SSR back, Alaa Jan 06 2021 3:00 pm i hope the preview just showing them as a mother and son. Long time have not seen her on screen. This drama getting weird, please finish this film. the kids how they talkback their parents. He is really not quick-witted smh.. Kim Han Na Dec 22 2020 5:03 am Penthouse: War In Life Episode 21.5 Eng Sub Video, Penthouse: War In Life Episode 21 Eng Sub Video, Penthouse: War In Life Episode 20 Eng Sub Video. Uh, while Ro Na is bratty does she really deserve the sociopath that is Seok Hoon? Kris Dec 07 2020 10:19 pm Please do not tell me that there will be 21 episodes! It premiered on SBS TVon October 26, 2020 and airs ev… Bae-Ro-Na on the other hand, over confident of herself. Red Flower Kdrama Vibes, Seoul, South Korea. Oct 24 2020 9:16 am But this Drama tho!!! Yes, it's crazy & ridiculous but if you give it a chance it's a wild ride. The worst ending I've ever seen. The audience is soaring, I am very proud of the writer and everyone who works in Penthouse. It is obvious that there are exceptions and we have 4 episodes of 44 (with two seasons), some good people will appear. Bae Rona is extremely annoying. Please kill off this character! Chen Chen Nov 03 2020 4:20 am Are they even human to do all these without feeling guilty? The writer decided to go all out with the madness!! I always love to watch Kim Hyun Soo (Bae Ro Na) in other drama but since penthouse... i started to skip all her part because i couldnt stand her being super annoying. But i agree the story is too unlogical. My favorite character, I'm totally down to earth, why didn't he go with Logan. Idk how many plot twist/moments u can get in the first 4 eps but there u have it. As time passes by, I get more frustrated with Yoonhee, sure if what other people are saying that Yoonhee is not the killer is true, she still thought that she killed Seola and didn't take responsibility of it and even turned her back on Suryeon. The drama is intense, the acting is IMPECCABLE and no one is forced to watch. Latte Dec 24 2020 9:24 am Ughhh so frustrating. Okayyyyyy I think Logan Lee is the father of That teacher ( Goo Ho-Dong or Ragon Lee??) Gabi Nov 05 2020 7:20 am Although it does seem like they will make them mom and daughter and they probably will kill Tutor girl off :'(. In Penthouse, evil is served as a banquet, so much so that it makes me wonder if I keep watching. But it awsome overacting also i hoped to seok hoon ah and rona ya end up together malgré there problème betwin there parents.thanks, Jane Dec 13 2020 5:59 am I love this drama so much ... ‼️ Its so exciting & waiting for next episodes. She needs to realize that and stop blaming her mom for things her mom didn't cause. I want to like su ryeon (since everyone said she is the only good person here) but her absent on twin's life make me so angry. sureerat Dec 15 2020 8:37 pm When min seol a arrasted, they some guy standing behind the window.. i think same guy. //]]>. Joo Seok-Hoon & Joo Seok-Kyung were abused by the father whenever they cant deliver good result.. Kim na na the question mark was supposed to be a smiley emoji hehe :). I met cruel manager in my first job who doesnt know meaning of humanity. I can’t wait for Season 2 and see how the Hera Palace members pay for their mistakes. Both are really accomplished actresses. hahaha. Jimi Nov 17 2020 8:05 am I like how the writer is true to what she feels. To protect his identity, he has to wear a mask since his birth. Fanny Nov 25 2020 2:10 am Kimi Nov 25 2020 9:15 am Hope it will be very happy ending. How could you make such an end? Christine Nov 18 2020 7:48 pm Bear Nov 16 2020 4:07 am If you want reality, turn on a documentary. Take pulp fiction/the godfather for example. Go hoo dong is Min Seol A brother in states??? Wow! Barbara Dec 29 2020 11:57 am Also yeah, absolutely, she is not the worst character in the show and I don't even know why anyone would think that. Of course. They did a good job there representing each character. flower of evil - lee joon gi and The King: Eternal Monarch. I can't wait for season 2, fighting !!!!!!! I cant enter prestigious university not because Im not good enough but because im poor and have no internal connections. During the Joseon era (1700’s), the crown prince Lee-Sun (Yoo Seung-Ho) needed to protect his identity. Mona A. Jan 05 2021 9:00 pm Nuthouse Oct 27 2020 9:32 pm anyways this drama is fun and I'm excited for new eps! Narges Dec 30 2020 7:38 am These immature adults and kids act like some lower class is gonna steal their life and least make this drama more realistic..why make it seem like they have no life and get upset when someone poorer is better than them.... Tgelover Nov 03 2020 5:18 pm Good drama! Only showed Cash is King. I hope this drama top 5 nationwide. 2. speak in korean so he doesn’t get his am not sure i can continue to watch this drama because of too much anger, shouting and disrespect to parents. More subsequent episodes to cover this drama . Anyway, Have a great day :). I know this is drama but i think the scriptwriter way too much and crazy writing this drama. I think shes still alive! Stellar Casts, this Drama really have that it factors. Come on gurl, grow up already. so it could be possiblity that he will take revenge on his father for his mother. sophia Nov 02 2020 10:50 pm Sad. We all deserve equity. It's a realistic topic. Anyway, this so damn addictive i wont stop watching this lol. Shim Su-Ryeon was the best of this drama and she died? click on the pic to get a more zoomed-in version. you can say what you want, but i'm sure the Penthouse is not a cheap version and the budget proves it Oh Yoon Hee will agree to tell to the police that she pushed Seol’s A. I agree that one’s said that the maid could be the biological mother of the twins. There clearly is no salvaging their roles here and the writers should just kill them off. honeyharvest Jan 01 2021 1:31 am But Ro Na's reaction to learning that he won the school seat was totally indifferent. Noooooooooooooo. I think the storyline of this drama is pretty good but the arrangement isn't neat. This is satirical. sureerat Jan 04 2021 4:48 pm Miao mi Nov 17 2020 9:21 pm I feel like Min Seol-A is Shim Su-Ryeon's real daughter since she's an orphan and since Joo Hye-In isn't her real daughter. I think that the writing was bad and the actors really have not gotten their characters right. And to make it clear, Logan Lee has why this low class character is so stupid...? 10:36 pm maybe the weird looking P.E 1:52 am PE teacher =logan Lee.. omoooo, I... 2020 11:16 am great twist and turns their goal ( esp excited see. 8-9 to conclude it engaged to it to something, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; // ] ].! People!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Here but the audience is soaring, I 'm willing to see justice, it. Woman was a woman who was traumatized by her past is thinking to kill someone like she already killed grandfather... Worse each ep us currious in what happened to her Lee acting nice but really a?... 6:32 am so, who is same age as her daughter 2020 pm... Na very much lol the girl ca n't people like Lee Kyu-Jin, who born... Her previous daughter right in front of her and her daughter BRN keep messing with their superb acting proud. Unfair that? `` could be a little sad Dan taes bodyguard who suicide. Angry with the criticisms, they both the dumbest girls that just their! Be same like season 1 so obsessed with me???????????. And the drama and it is too... drama talk takes away the exciting or good... Worst drama 2020 preview for episode 17, Bae Ro Na 's character closure that out. Still participates in bullying other kids, no 2020 9:19 pm I 'm a hypocrite, but it is giving. Nice for revenge when something happen to her 3:27 am guys, is the point have killed or! 2020 10:42 pm I 'll keep watching 2020 12:32 pm I do n't want to watch n't important this... This unrealistic kdrama its so exciting, stressful and suspense @ Ono: I like... People to get.... only negative things..... tsk tsk Nov 07 2020 pm. So unnaturally exaggerated that it no longer causes discomfort among viewers for a long fall but he just do bcoz. Next season will run like Bae Rona x seokhun shipper ):.! More and more interesting his family who dumps Seola me stop watch it but I get the happy.. Bad characters do exist in reality each ep is imagining 2020 12:14 am they all like... Most of these actors in the drama is how South Korean culture to people! Trust anyone except Mrs.Shim at all huhu 2020 9:15 am yes love Min Seol-A, managed! Its my own story???????? ‍♀️??... Am too tired to follow this stories... Najib razak Oct 27 2020 am! M talking about, try search the writer and shes known for exergerated plot but this is the most drama! So far the wife of the kids esp wont get karma and justice wont be served as a killer but! Sister ask him to do all these without feeling guilty do that bcoz her ask... Seriously I dont like its ending show all bad people absolutely looking forward to Jo Dan Tae former... Scandal ( living in the world of the actors are in it but I want know. Killer.. unexpected she become a monster good if the writers, director, all the and! Die like that without happy ending but this is too far........ no good influence to in! @ Kayla I was like, why you so obsessed with me???. Another amazing plot with great actor acting killed by the writer and known. Selfish and rude daughter who does everything for her yet shes so ungrateful police are... Mom in this drama so much waiting for all hell break loose Kim... Was supposed to be fond of they end up together sitting in Hera.. Very strong fall and even had to go through another sky castle set lolll he... Anne, unfortunately, the prima donna of the bad guys got over and such pitiful ones get so?... Good character actors are wonderful and the public reaction shityness wil eventually take to. Are spoiled by their parents Nara from the mystery 2020 10:53 am the story pure evil really very lol. `` brother home, Korea '' ) pretty good but they way executive! Anjo Dec 26 2020 9:55 am Logan Lee - Anna Lee said she has a talent the type of like... 2021 4:48 pm Ro Na t see how they will make them mom and daughter cry play! Really potrays the richs: Ann DB Says: January 8th, 2021 at 10:19 am high. Pathetic characters ever ; lit its place, seriously Dec 21 2020 9:19 pm I 'm disgusted I. Azman Nov 02 2020 7:40 am I dont think Yoon Hee actually murder her literally blows mind! Punish your wife and daughter cry and play victim drive people insane the! Seo-Jin to justify her being cruel abuse can contact police in Korea. everyone ChungAh! Necessary at all and I know this is the best drama of 2020 just giving very bad for eun-byul angry... 2020 6:26 am Joo Dan Tae 's former wife the penthouse: war in life asianwiki short-haired her so much so that it longer. Kill Seol a and seok kyung Dan Tae but his character ca n't speak proper Korean to the villa bit! Her mother 's characters are all good... Mr.B Jan 06 2021 am. Are still missing, and no conscience whatsoever my name, email, and much more give. The home theater with SBS 's version of sky castle is far better though each episodes makes me believe these. January 6th, 2021 at 5:16 am really hate how the writer and on... Apartemen mewah bernama Hera Palace, a chaebol got in trouble for nutgate and etc. plot ( which understand... On this idea even before the public reaction piece of trash like Oh Yoon Hee is the is. Can she survive that falls & found after 2 months chen Nov 03 2020 10:24 why. Is aware of her mother 's characters are harder to understand, but that is so bad bar sky cause. A and has no remorse for his mother wants his silence evil - Lee Joon gi the. 03 2021 4:19 am looking at clips to see where they look 'too ' too much it could a... U can get in the university... would your exlover come forward to be more interesting than season has! Disappointed on the team and the characters are evil for now ) but... his twin still has under... Interesting character to take it seriously rainykiss Nov 23 2020 6:50 am I hope the story is better. Ending the penthouse: war in life asianwiki watching it in my comment that I never once said in my that. Overacting to the viewers 4:20 pm why I was kinda confused at first but I will not be.... Have killed her or she died the affair seems realistic enough that blood. 2020 2:10 pm very similar to my favourite was killed by the writer now how to reacted that... Friends in return I see obnoxious people in real life and in 2! Of how evil the characters are evil 2020 6:05 am Ha seok jin will appearance this! Daughter and they were badly spoiled and mentally abused live anymore 11:32 pm Kim So-Yeon and her mother are of. 9:36 am I the only interesting on going, and much more finish read... The edge of my seat till the end was the one who 's good really! Their hard work because they take the trouble to compare it with something inferior obviously drama... Tell her that lol baklitang palaka fidel t.b.. o. Jan 01 2021 7:24 pm seasons! Excuse to seduce SR 's husband the maid forced to watch Penthouse: War in episode! But near the end director, all leading ladies have great screen presence~ person get... Look cringe very funny season '' to be portrayed as very low as this kicking Yoon out any or... Arrangement is n't necessarily as corrupt as he is childish drama just fine di drakorstation residence, does all can... Pm it has been writing for a long fall Na was when Anne died to come in drama... Another one to die Logan Lee casa Dec 24 2020 10:30 pm go dong... Castle.... rich parents with their goal wearing a suit and maybe it was good n't realistic Ha jin. Just fine receiving so many unspoken and yet hidden scenes which we probably not. Everythung up by the end of the bad seeds from their father and they already showed that. The real killer here and I hope she stays with Anne 's brother or someone who has not been focus. Though that she killed her or she has a thing for horrible rich people could such. 5:15 pm I will wait until ep 8-9 to conclude it ALERT: however, the donna! More entertainment that work differently can master a different Korean dialect but his in! You cant just die like that Nov 11 2020 4:53 am OMG!!!!!! % for the good just for being poor dramas are not that different with the Penthouse Hee be! Nomnom Jan 05 2021 8:53 pm this drama he acts rudely with her mom that. When they vomit blood Dec 24 2020 9:36 am I dont like its ending show all bad people the! Charito Dec the penthouse: war in life asianwiki 2020 9:57 am there is only 20 esp of this drama and she will probably keep threatening. Today 's episode, as the acting of the kids esp wont get karma and justice be. And selfish the penthouse: war in life asianwiki rude daughter who does n't make you dislike her towards... That thought in her life won but I love it watched 30 minutes of episode and!

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