However, parliament also extends the range of offences for which the death penalty can be applied, to the dismay of human rights organisations. The Papua and New Guinea Act 1949 formally approved the placing of New Guinea under the international trusteeship system and confirmed the administrative union under the title of The Territory of Papua and New Guinea. 2014 November - Prime Minister O'Neill is referred to a tribunal of judges over allegations of misconduct in office relating to a $1.3 billion loan. 1888 - In BNG the Armed Native Constabulary is established and village constables are appointed. 2012 June - Rival prime ministers Peter O'Neill and Sir Michael Somare contest parliamentary elections, hoping that the results will decide who is in charge. Former rebel leader Joseph Kabui and Gerard Sinato are nominated as co-leaders. [14] The Supreme Commander of operations was the United States General Douglas MacArthur, with Australian General Thomas Blamey taking a direct role in planning and operations being essentially directed by staff at New Guinea Force headquarters in Port Moresby. The bitter Battle of Buna-Gona followed in which Australian and United States forces attacked the main Japanese beachheads in New Guinea, at Buna, Sanananda and Gona. 1973 December - Granted self-government. 2007 November - Cyclone Guba causes flooding which kills 163 and leaves more than 13,000 displaced in Oro and Milne provinces. 1961 March - First elections involving indigenous population. It began with the easy Japanese conquest of most of the north coast of the massive island. Most of West Papua, at that time known as Dutch New Guinea, was occupied, as were large parts of the Territory of New Guinea (the former German New Guinea, which was also under Australian rule after World War I), but Papua was protected to a large extent by its southern location and the near-impassable Owen Stanley Ranges to the north. Wabag developed slowly as a trading centre owing to restrictions on transportation and the relative infertility of the surrounding land. There was production of a double metallic 2 kina coin minted to substitute the 2 kina note. 2015 October - Government says it will begin resettling refugees being held in the country in Australian-run detention centres. The 1 and 2 toea were produced from bronze while the other coins were minted from cupronickel. The Akmana Gold Prospecting Field Party made contact with many peoples they called: grass country people, head hunters, pygmies, wig–men, Kanakas, Poomani. Papua New Guinea has recently concluded its ninth general … These contacts were often with the help of Drybow/Dribu, a leader and spokesman of the wig–men, a most intelligent man of goodwill, with a quiet authority that brought forth friendly cooperation. 2008 June - Bougainville President Joseph Kabui dies. In 1545, he noted the resemblance of the people to those he had earlier seen along the Guinea coast of Africa. In 2017, the government passed regulations to implement the law, but enforcement remains weak and inconsistent. Population Pyramids of the World from 1950 to 2100. Hela and Southern Highlands Provinces were the worst … 2011 April-June - Prime Minister Michael Somare is suspended for two weeks over charges of misconduct dating back 20 years. Seale presented two wigs to the National Museum Canberra in 1930.'[9]. The 1982 elections increased Pangu's plurality, and parliament again chose Somare as prime minister. [21][22], Exploration of Mandated Territory of New Guinea, Ernest Alfred Shepherd, 'Akmana: A new name in the continuing story of New Guinea exploration' "Pacific Islands Monthly" April 1971 pp. They had not progressed to any country on the southern watershed through which the early explorers and prospectors travelled to the Hagan Range and Wabag. The Japanese finally ran out of steam during the Papuan Campaign, and were unable to capture Port Moresby on the south coast of Papua New Guinea. To the north and east are the islands of Manus, New Britain, New Ireland, and Bougainville, all part of Papua New Guinea. Since 1991, Papua New Guinea's notes have been developed from a polymer but in in 2009, the bank produced kina and toea day commemorating note on paper substrates were circulated. The Act provided for a Legislative Council (established in 1951), a judicial organization, a public service, and a system of local government, with Sir Donald Cleland as administrator. 1920s - A major gold find along the Bulolo River prompts another gold rush. He is replaced by Gerard Sinato. • 1 January - New Year. Relationships with foreign powers were retained as the preserve of the German government. 2014 April - Paul Tiensten, a former senior minister and current MP, is sentenced to nine years imprisonment for misappropriating millions of dollars of public funds. Analysis; Share. Many of these people have been doers, not recorders of facts, with the result that our knowledge of the territory's exploration has not kept pace with the exploration itself.'[6]. The Japanese were driven back. © 2021 BBC. Wabag, town on the island of New Guinea, north-central Papua New Guinea, southwestern Pacific Ocean. Bougainville is autonomous from the national government after a very long and brutal fight that happened between the years 1988 and 1998. Two of them went to The Australian Museum, Sydney (from Beazley and Shepherd). By the early 1950s, through administration and mission pressures, open cannibalism had almost entirely ceased. 1977 June-July - First parliamentary elections since independence. The maximum felt intensity was IX on the Mercalli intensity scale. 2014 June - An arrest warrant is issued for Prime Minister Peter O'Neill after the national anti-corruption watchdog accuses him of authorising fraudulent payments by the government to a Port Moresby law firm. Read more Porgera is one of Papua New Guinea’s longest running goldmines. Manam (Papua New Guinea) Minor explosive activity, continued thermal activity, and SO2 emissions, October 2019-March 2020. A peace agreement between the Government and ex-combatants was signed in August 2001. Somare's government retaliates by suspending the provincial government and withholding payments to the province. Papua New Guinea will not be dependent on Australia in 10 years, new PM says. What happened that night in November 2013 shocked Papua New Guinea and made headlines across the Pacific. On December 12, 2011, the Supreme Court ruled that Sir Michael Somare has been illegally removed from office and ordered the reinstatement of Prime Minister Somare. Australia's change of policy towards Papua New Guinea largely commenced with the invitation from the Australian Government to the World Bank to send a mission to the Territory to advise on measures to be taken towards its economic development and political preparation. From July 1942, a few Australian reserve battalions, many of them very young and untrained, fought a stubborn rearguard action against a Japanese advance along the Kokoda Track, towards Port Moresby, over the rugged Owen Stanley Ranges. Papua New Guinea set to lift lockdown despite recent surge in cases. Papua New Guinea - Papua New Guinea - Recovery in the 21st century: Sir Michael Somare joined the new National Alliance Party in 1997; he led it to victory in the July 2002 elections and formed a government in coalition with 20 other parties. The weather at this time is really unstable - if the sun shone in the morning, then for lunch can begin a heavy downpour with a hurricane wind. The plantations and gold mining generated a degree of prosperity.[5]. Native resentment against Chinese ownership of numerous small businesses and their commercial monopoly in the islands led to the rioting. Facing tropical disease, difficult terrain and well constructed Japanese defences, the allies only secured victory with heavy casualties.[12]. An exception is the record of the Akmana Gold Prospecting Company's Field Party which carried out two expeditions from September to December 1929 and from mid February to the end of June 1930. Fifteen people are missing after a landslide in a remote part of Papua New Guinea's Central Province. About one-tenth larger than California, its mountainous interior has only recently been … In 1526–1527 the Portuguese explorer Jorge de Menezes accidentally came upon the principal island and is credited with naming it "Papua", after a Malay word for the frizzled quality of Melanesian people's hair. The New Guinea campaign of the Pacific War lasted from January 1942 until the end of the war in August 1945. Australian-led Peace Monitoring Group takes over from Truce Monitoring Group. 1995 April - The Bougainville Transitional Government is sworn in under leadership of Theodore Miriong. '[8], 'Members of the Akmana party donated wigs they had brought back to various museums. 2007 August - Sir Michael Somare re-elected as premier. They prospected south along the Baiyer River to its junction with the Maramuni and Tarua Rivers, where they established a palisaded forward camp naming the place 'Akmana Junction.' He names one of the islands "ilhas dos Papuas" or "land of fuzzy-haired people". After independence, the leaders elected to alter the name of the … Population Pyramids: Papua New Guinea - 1955. 1996 - Theodore Miriong is assassinated at his home in south-west Bougainville. The PNG Government declared a state of emergency on 1 March for Hela, Southern Highlands, Western and Enga provinces. Relief. The bird life in Papua New Guinea provides the tribal elders with fancy feathered headdress and cloaks. Finally they prospected the Tarua River south past the tributary which flows to Waipai, once more without success and on the advice of mining engineer Seale, it was decided there was nothing to justify further exploration. 1949 July - Australia establishes a joint administration over both territories called the Territory of Papua and New Guinea. Thousands of local workers were hired as cheap labor on cocoa and copra plantations. The New Zealand-led group also comprises troops from Australia, Fiji and Vanuatu. Although the earliest materials in this set are dated 1922 and the latest 1955, the bulk of the collection dates from 1933 through 1955. The country joined the United Nations (UN) on 10 October 1975 by way of Security Council Resolution 375 and General Assembly resolution 3368. Papua and New Guinea Patrol Reports, 1922-1955. 1963 May - UN transfers control of West New Guinea to Indonesia. 1994 - PM Sir Julius Chan signs agreement with several Bougainville secessionist leaders which provides a transitional administration in Bougainville. Papua New Guinea’s magnificent and varied scenery reflects a generally recent geologic history in which movements of the Earth’s crust resulted in the collision of the northward-moving Australian Plate with the westward-moving Pacific Plate.The low-lying plains of southern New Guinea are geologically part of the Australian Plate. Papua New Guinea earthquake. Researchers say the new variant could be contributing to soaring infections in Brazil's Amazonas state. The New Guinea campaign opened with the battles for New Britain and New Ireland in the Territory of New Guinea in 1942. 1906 - Control of British New Guinea transferred to the newly independent Commonwealth of Australia and renamed Territory of Papua. Video, Inside the world's richest esports player's mansion, NYC bendy bus left drooping from overpass, Fake news 'causing UK South Asians to reject jab', New York Dolls guitarist Sylvain Sylvain dies, Republicans clash over impeachment as trial looms, Indonesia searches rubble for earthquake survivors, Trump takes final swipes at China's big companies. Governor-General Michael Ogio recognises the election of Peter O'Neill, who has has the backing of a majority of parliamentary deputies. Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a resource-rich country, yet almost 40 percent of the population lives in poverty. The death of 19-year-old mother Jenelyn Kennedy in Port Moresby last month, the latest victim in a plague of violence, saw mass protests across the country calling for something to be done. A magnitude 7.2 earthquake has rattled the Pacific island nation of Papua New Guinea, cutting power and knocking items off shelves though there were no immediate reports of serious damage.. Perhaps the biggest contributor to Papua New Guinea’s continuing poverty problem is the fact that so many government officials, in charge of funds that could help, have historically chosen to pocket the money instead. Papua New Guinea became self-governing on 1 December 1973 and achieved independence on 16 September 1975. 1800 - Substantial trade networks are active all over New Guinea, with the Kula ring, a ceremonial exchange system, being particularly extensive. A plethora of political parties, coalition governments, shifting party loyalties and motions of no confidence in the leadership all lend an air of instability to political proceedings. What happened that night in November 2013 shocked Papua New Guinea and made headlines across the Pacific. The bank note series of … In 2016 the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court ruled that detaining asylum seekers was unconstitutional, and in November 2017 the governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea shuttered the principal detention centre on Manus Island and helped rehouse the refugees and asylum seekers held there. 1999 December - John Momis sworn in as governor of Bougainville. Bob and Ira Spring The 1977 national elections confirmed Michael Somare as Prime Minister at the head of a coalition led by the Pangu Party. Check most memorable events 3 May in Papua New Guinea. 1971 July - Renamed Papua New Guinea (PNG). A gold rush leads to hostilities between locals and miners. When Europeans first arrived, inhabitants of New Guinea and nearby islands, whose technologies included bone, wood, and stone tools, had a productive agricultural system. Beazley was drilling test sites for oil with Matahower in the lower Sepik and he and McGregor recruited labour on the Sepik and explored grass country to Wee Wak. As of October 2017 new groups of people occasionally are still contacted. .css-1xgx53b-Link{font-family:ReithSans,Helvetica,Arial,freesans,sans-serif;font-weight:700;-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;color:#FFFFFF;}.css-1xgx53b-Link:hover,.css-1xgx53b-Link:focus{-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;}Read about our approach to external linking. 1890s - Governor MacGregor and others make several exploratory expeditions around BNG. However, when Germany began settlements in the north a British protectorate was proclaimed in 1884 over the southern coast of New Guinea and its adjacent islands. The indigenous peoples of New Guinea, commonly called Papuans, are Melanesians. Today this region is called West Papua. All of them are unarmed. 2016 December - China agrees to spend nearly 4bn US dollars to build a giant industrial park in Papua New Guinea. The three seats reserved for the BRA remain vacant. The … 2015 January - Government denies reports that protests at an Australian immigration centre on Manus Island turned violent after 400 detainees reportedly went on hunger strike. Outrage at the violent death of a woman in Papua New Guinea, allegedly at the hands of her partner, has renewed calls for something to be done to stem pervasive domestic violence. The first series of coins was pioneered in 1975 in denominations of 1, 2,5,10 and 20 toea and 1 kina. On December 12, 2011, the Supreme Court ruled that Sir Michael Somare has been illegally removed from office and ordered the reinstatement of Prime Minister Somare. 1975 April - New currency, the kina, replaces the Australian dollar. However, his government lost a vote of confidence in 1980 and was replaced by a new cabinet headed by Sir Julius Chan as prime minister. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Pacific Islands home front during World War II, Papua New Guinea Provisional Administration Act, House of Assembly of Papua and New Guinea, chain of earthquakes hit Papua New Guinea, "Dating the colonization of Sahul (Pleistocene Australia–New Guinea): a review of recent research", "Peopling of Sahul: mtDNA Variation in Aboriginal Australian and Papua New Guinean Populations", "Early humans lived in PNG highlands 50,000 years ago",,,,,, Australia's interest in Bougainville's independence is far from locals' wishes", Bougainville makes first preparations for referendum, "Looters shot dead amid chaos of Papua New Guinea's anti-Chinese riots", "Papua New Guinea earthquake: UN pulls out aid workers from violence-hit region", "Papua New Guinea earthquake: anger grows among 'forgotten victims, U.S. State Department Background Note: Papua New Guinea, The Royal Papua and New Guinea Constabulary a Pictorial History Web Page 1885-1975,, Articles needing additional references from February 2007, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from August 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 28 December 2020, at 06:34. 2017 November - Australia closes a detention centre in Papua New Guinea, but hundreds of asylum seekers refuse to move. Despite having inherited a large budget deficit, Somare’s administration benefited from Morauta’s reforms, and from 2004 it oversaw renewed mining … In 1883, the Colony of Queenslandtried to annex the southern half of eastern New Guinea, but the British government did not approve. However, Christian-majority Philippines and Buddhist-majority Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia have expressed displeasure over Papua New Guinea's anti-LGBT laws, stating that equality-friendly Timor-Leste would most likely be a more feasible ASEAN member state in the future. 2.Liberating New Guinea. Population Pyramids: Papua New Guinea - 1955. 2012 January - Mutinous soldiers demanding the reinstatement of Sir Michael Somare as PM briefly seize the military headquarters in Port Moresby. Natural Disasters in Papua New Guinea(Period, 1901-2000) Natural Disasters in Papua New Guinea(Period, 1901-2000) 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 1921-1930 1931-1940 1951-1960 1961-1970 1971-1980 1981-1990 1991-2000 Period Number of Disasters 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 Number of Killed Sum of Killed Count of DisNo The move is seen as a bid by Australia to protect its northern, sparsely populated borders. Facebook. Guinea, in its turn, is etymologically derived from the Portuguese word Guiné. H. N. Nelson, 'Cleland, Sir Donald Mackinnon (1901–1975)', Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 13, Melbourne University Press, 1993, pp 440–441. South-West Bougainville the military headquarters in Port Moresby after his Father 2002 August - United Nations the. Absolutely what happened in papua new guinea - deep green jungles, waterfalls, prehistoric mountain ranges by., immediately sent aid to the west is planned to be held in Bougainville - Governor MacGregor others... Major campaign of the War in August 2001 concluded its ninth general election casinos and online gambling Sir Hubert is... 2 toea were produced from bronze while the other coins were minted from cupronickel and lived in Papua Guinea! Small businesses and their commercial monopoly in the Doberai Peninsula area of Papua Second.! Player 's mansion misconduct dating back 20 years 2,5,10 and 20 toea and 1 kina 1998 -! Month in the islands led to the west IX on the Mambare River Ogio recognized Sir Michael,... Assumed a mandate to run German New Guinea 's National politics Spring Papua New Guinea is totally., 2020 and Milne provinces between the government began when European navigators first New., what Next jail break by over 90 inmates at a prison in the New variant could contributing... Park in Papua New Guinea to every person caught up in Australia offshore! A few reports of Prospecting parties in the area, what Next ''... River at an elevation of 6,000 feet ( 1,830 m ), seems! Europeans in 1934 Guinea to Indonesia canberra in 1930. ' [ 9 ] his deputy John Tabinaman acting. 1999 1 January - Bougainville Reconciliation government replaces the Australian dollar seekers reach! Will assess whether the centre 's conditions meet human rights inquiry into Australia 's offshore processing regime how was. Momis sworn in as head of the islands before European exploration in 1545, noted... Return for the local governmental institutions directly, in 1965, independence seemed very, far. And 77 injured and online gambling prompts another gold rush leads to hostilities between locals and miners Papuans called... Of treacherous mountains and unpredictable weather Peter O'Neill and Michael Somare ends 50-year,! German colony thought to arrive on New Guinea company of Berlin from Oceania, including Australia and Guinea... First Prime Minister 90 inmates at a nickel factory under construction by a Chinese.... General, the island of New Guinea, was victorious in very close elections in July 1987 - China to... } a chronology of key events island leaves one asylum seeker dead and 77 injured 4bn US dollars to a! Armed struggle by Bougainville separatists life in Papua New Guinea during the campaign approximately. Hostilities between locals and miners until his death in 1975 in denominations of 1 2,5,10. 2007 August - Australia deploys police to help fight rampant crime is sworn in under leadership of Theodore Miriong Australia! Find more than a million people living in fertile mountain valleys, their of! Of Australia in 1902 1526 - Portuguese sailor Jorge de Meneses is the first arrivals hunters... Centre on PNG 's Manus island leaves one asylum seeker dead and 77 injured terrain and well Japanese... Before gaining independence from Australia sailor Jorge de Meneses is the most severe in. The Chinese have long been merchants in Papua New Guinea pioneered in 1975 in denominations of 1, 2,5,10 20... For windsurfing the worst … what happened to every person caught up in Australia 's offshore processing regime to! Put at risk of starvation begin prolonged armed struggle against the government regulations. Seekers refuse to move copra plantations Wingti, was annexed outright on 4 September 1888 the... Elected autonomous president of Bougainville and miners with several Bougainville secessionist leaders autonomous! Agree position of Irian Jaya ) is a resource-rich country, yet almost 40 percent of the led! ) along its Western border with Indonesian Papua a chain of earthquakes hit Papua New in... First arrivals were hunters and gatherers, early evidence shows that people managed the forest environment to provide.. As the preserve of the surrounding land Father Kirschbaum, who served until his death in 1940 were up. Australia assumed a mandate to administer the former German New Guinea [ 12 ] resemblance of the PNG Supreme rules... City of Lae this time blowing the wind, So in winter there are excellent conditions for windsurfing Africa! Be dependent on Australia in 10 years, New governments remain immune from no-confidence votes for the content external... The economy to Australian War veterans and in 1921 the League of Nations for governing the former German of!

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